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    Thank you everyone and that is very interesting to hear. I didn’t realise day surgery was so popular for augmentations. For some reason it makes me very anxious even though I have had other day surgery procedures (medical reasons) before. I have decided that an overnight stay will be best for me and not so much pressure on my husband with the kids.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Smooth Implants

    I have many girlfriend's with smooth round implants (i work in the fitness industry so most of us at the gym have implants 😂) they all have different sizes and profiles and all are happy with them and a friend of mine just recently had hers done , smooth round uhp 485 cc but wanted the more fake look she is 8 mpo and is over the moon with her results.
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    I had day surgery, went in first thing in the morning and home by lunch time so was able to relax in my own home while kids were at school, i have older kids so they catch the bus and i had hubby for the first 3 days to help out with the household chores. But If i had to do it all again i still choose day surgery i prefer to recover in my on home but if i had small children then maybe i might stay the night so i could at leadt get a good night's rest. On the day of surgery you will be given a script for your pain meds , i personally wasn't in any pain until the next day and even then it wasn't pain just stiffness, the first week will be the hardest as you will feel tight , stiff a pressure feeling and your new implants will feel heavey on your chest but know all this is temporary and will pass in a couple of weeks, i was able to drive by 7-10 days post op and was able to use my arms for almost everything i will say if you have long hair have it washed the day before surgery and have it braided as you may not be able to wash it for the first week. I have 440cc hp anatomical dual plane (partial unders ) and yes I'm happy with the size but like most sometimes wish I'd gon a little bigger 😂
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    I HaveBoobs

    Surgery booked for August!

    @Glissm If your measuring a 33 .5 " then you'd be an 8 DD if you wanted your band to fit snug or a 32-10 D if you prefer a looser band, and the reason you measured a 12 just after bub is that your chest would have been carrying extra weight & fluid from breast feeding, fast forward 12 months after feeding has stoped and you should be back to your normal size. Just remember 500 cc will look different on every body trust your surgeon to give you the look your after.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Overs- anatomical or round?!

    @margaretriver anatomical implants have a textured shell that adhere to the surrounding tissue like velcro to stop them from rotating, the first 6 wks of healing is the most crucial as it is in this time that the implant needs to adhere to your tissues after that you should be fine, on a side note i have a girlfriend in the fitness industry with anatomical overs and hers have not rotated and look as good as when she first had them she is now 7 yrs post op and has had no issues and they are quite soft and have a goid bounce and jiggle to them ( she let me have a good feel when i was in my research phase 😂)
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