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    I have to agree with the other ladies even though you were looking at women with simlar stats the same size implant will look very different on everyone as we all have our own unique breast footprint (like a finger print no two are exactly the same ), there is only 20cc which is about 2-3 table spoons between the two implants so like the others i think you'll still end up a C cup but the 295 might just give you that bit more fullness, wishing you luck with your surgery and welcome to the group šŸ˜Š
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    Do you compare your cc implant size to others?

    @pink butterfly and @sabP thank you both for your response. I think Iā€™m just starting to freak out as the countdown is now on for my surgery. Plus I need to stop comparing my proposed implant size to everybody elses! When I remind myself of how I felt in the sizers I feel really good about it all šŸ¤ž I will let you know how it all goes šŸ˜Š
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