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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    @Glissm oh that was same as me first guy I went to suggested anatomicals but I just didn't feel comfortable with him and no One really knew who he was lol then i found this form and noticed lot of girls on here complimenting another surgoen so decided I'd just go him and see what he says and like you with the second surgoen I just felt much more at ease.. I know I can't believe it either it's very exciting but also very nerve racking too I never thought id ever get to actually do it ?
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    Oh that is exciting!!
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    Do you compare your cc implant size to others?

    @pink butterfly @sabP @I HaveBoobs Thank you all for your well wishes! I am one week post op now and all went well and happy with size ? Now to be patient and wait for the drop & fluff!
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    @Glissm oh surgery buddies yay how exciting lol I'm in Adelaide. It is very hard and confusing to know what to go for, i didnt think I'd go as big as 450cc buT to be honest trying them on suprisingly they didn't look to big which my surgeon agreed with so I'm hoping once it's done it still looks that way lol I wana get to a D buT don't think i really wana be more then that lol.. I also have 3 young kids which has left me a small deflated B or large deflated A lol not really sure on my actual size now but before children I was comfortably fitting a c bra now I buy bz but not really filling them. My stats are currently 160cm tall and 53kg.. I think you could get the upper pole fullness still with an atomical as I've seen on here loTs of girls saying you do but if you are unsure with your doctors recommendation no harm in going for second or even third opinions you don't wana go first surgoen you see I almost made that mistake and now I'm so glad I did go for another opinion coz my surgeon now had a very completely different recommendation and has alot better qualifications and was just alot more sure of himself.. NoT saying your doctor isn't good but getting second opinion might just give you better reassurance especially if their recommendations are similar.. Any way best of luck with it all keep me updated ? @DDaa Oh that's awesome.. as I suggested to the girl abov3 if your feeling worried or uncertain just get another opinion if its same might put u more at ease and if not just tell your current surgoen the other ones opinion and see what he thinks.. I no it's hard not to look at others and compare I do it aswell lol I think all the stress and uncertainty is just part of the process but I think in the end as long as we have decent surgoens none of us will be disappointed in how it turns out just important to be aware of your sugeons qualifications and experience. Good luck with it all and keep me updated ?
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