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    Surgery booked!

    Congratulations @Crystal_ I’ve just had my one week post op check up and everything is going well! I got fitted with my bra and the scars are already looking great!
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    Surgery booked!

    Good luck fellow October buddies!! I’m booked for Friday 25th October 2019. So excited!
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    Pre and Post Op expectations and advice

    Hi @MellieMoo How did everything go with your surgery with Dr Kollias ? I have my surgery booked for 14th Dec. Looking at having 450 cc round smooth high profile dual plane
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    Pre and Post Op expectations and advice

    Hi @MellieMoo I know you said your family is far away, but hopefully your husband can get some time off to help (at least one week?) My husband only had 3 days leave, however my kids are 8 & 12 so were an amazing help for me. Just simple things like filling up the kettle, opening car doors, chopping veggies can be tricky in the first few days. Also are your going over the muscle or under? as that will determine your rate of recovery too. As previous posters have said just wear loose pants and button/zip up tops. I also booked myself in for a wash and blow dry one week post op which was just heaven!
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    My children are 6 and nearly 2. The 6 year old I was fairly honest with. I had problems with my left breast filling with fluid around the implant so had to have it drained twice before replacing my implants. I told her I had to have needles in my boob and was sore. Then I told her I was going to hospital for an operation as there was an overnight stay for me. I told her that the special doctor who is called a surgeon was going to do surgery because my boob was sore and he would make it all better. Post surgery I explained that he operated on both boobs (she saw the dressings on my crease incisions as we aren’t a modest household and my first shower she walked in to start chatting to me). I don’t know if she realises they look different or not. I did ask if she had any questions but she didn’t. Once the hypafix dressing came off she wanted to see where my incisions were (they were pretty much healed just tiny bits of scab in a couple of places). My nearly 2 year old is a real boob boy. The first time he saw me topless post revision he started pointing at my boobs babbling and I told him they were ow. He repeated the word ow then he started smiling at them.
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    @MellieMoo my eldest is 8 and to be honest she hasnt mentioned anything lol so i dont really have advice, when i went to hospital i got her watched so she didnt no where i went and when i didnt come home her dad just told her i was having a break, i dont no if she hasnt noticed or just hasnt felt comfortable asking questions lol.. id say just tell your daughter what ever your comfortable with, if u dont mind her knowing just tell her your getting your boobs fixed haha if u prefer her not to no then u could probably tell her anything and she will believe it, if she says your boobs are bigger just act shocked and agree oh wow your right they do look bigger maybe its my magic bra haha nah i duno i didnt want my daughter to no for 2 reasons, one being there were certain people i didnt want to no like my inlaws as they wouldnt understand or be ok with it due to being very relgious people and i didnt want her to be put in a position to lie or feel like she has to hide things and the other because i didnt want to promote this type of thing i dont want her to feel like you have to alter your body, not saying id be against it if she ever wanted to do the same thing one day just dont want the idea stemming from me hahaha.
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