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    Surgery booked!

    @Crystal_ I was able to walk around pretty easy the first day, just had to remind myself to take it easy. But I did have trouble taking deep breaths for the first day or so but it gets easier. Hope your pain settles and you feel better soon!
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    Getting back to pre op fitness

    I know that fitness is important to a lot of girls on here so thought I'd post about my post op exercise and getting back to pre op fitness. I had a pretty good recovery initially and live on my own so was completely self sufficient. I first went for a walk at 5 days post op (following instructions) which was a short slow one, about half an hour. Felt fine afterwards so extended to an hour from then. From two weeks went back to gym to walk on treadmill, gradually increasing speed and incline. Initially I didn't think this was doing anything but a mental thing but afterwards think it really did help. I kept to the leg cardio then until the six week post op point. I did treadmill, reclined bike and a circuit with lunges, glute bridges and air squats. I was so scared of damaging myself I followed instructions to the letter! At six weeks I saw my PT who has had a BA and specialises in injury and post op recovery. I got a 4 week program which at that stage focused on really light weights and lots of mobility work. Shoulders especially needed lots of mobility work. This had strength mixed in with cardio and strict movements rather than dynamic ones that might put more pressure on them. I set myself some goals for incorporating old routines. After those four weeks I started back at my normal pre op routine. Still building strength back up but participating in all classes etc with only a few modifications. However, the first day I went back I did something that hurt to my incision area on left side. Surgeon seemed to think it was unrelated to surgery. I went to gp who said it seemed some scar tissue had torn a bit maybe. I took a week off training then and that resolved after a few days. Still not really sure what it was but it hurt more than anything I had post op so was even more ultra cautious after then. I am now 4 1/2 months post op and yesterday got my goal of being able to do one strict pull up before Christmas. Just one but I was pretty stoked! My weights are all back to where they were pre op. The only modifications I make to workouts is the dynamic bar work - can't do toes to bar, kipping pull-ups etc. I can hang off the bar and do knee raises and l-sits but moving still causes a little pressure so easing back in. Push ups are fine and back to full chest to ground. I don't get any animation and it doesn't feel werid for me so that's good. My surgeon said no restrictions so my only hope now is that his advice is correct and in a few years I won't be posting about revision needed for lateral displacement etc!! I got dual plane placement as had no breast tissue but it was really important to me to be able to exercise as per pre-op so asked surgeon many times! This is a very long post already so not too specific but feel free to ask anything. also interested to hear of others experiences as to how long took them to get back to pre-op exercise and fitness.
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