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    I HaveBoobs

    Drop and Fluff

    So I'm 8.5 mpo and its about time i posted som D&F photos. I probably have some more changes to come but they look very different from post op to now the first pic is 4 dpo,then, 1 mpo, 5 mpo and 7 mpo
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    Was it worth it?

    Worth ever cent! I was so scared about it and had so many doubts and 'what if' moments. But after I came out of surgery I knew it was the best decision I have ever made. Dr Sam Cunneen in Perth did a fantastic job! I had an idea of what my BA would turn out like, but I never imagined they would be as perfect as they are now <3 Easy recovery, no nerve pain or numbness, no franken boob or boobs sitting to high straight out of the op, just a pair of epic tatas
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