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    Boob selfie!

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    Boob selfie!

    Wow everyone looks fab!! So many beautiful boobs πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ Just wore a bikini for the first time since getting them, 4 months post op. Edited to add: well it's the first time in public wearing a bikini, of course I've tried on 1000 of them since I've had boobs!! 😜
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    More recent pic: Day 1 post op and then 5 months post op
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    My BA with Dr Miroshnik

    Hi ladies, today is day 3 post op for me so I thought I'd share my journey so far. Just a warning this is an essay To be perfectly honest getting a boob job was never something I had ever considered. I have always had small boobs but they were full and perky and I had always told myself I would rather have small real boobs than big fake ones. I also tried to make myself feel better about small boobs by telling myself that when I got hit on by a guy at least I knew it wasn't because of my boobs! I had heard that after you have babies your boobs shrink but I thought I would not fall into that category as I didn't see how they could possible get any smaller......how wrong I was about that one!! After having two bubs and breastfeeding both my boobs not only shrunk but they sagged and became deflated. The only things that got bigger were my nipples. Yuck! A friend of mine who had similar boobs to my pre baby ones got a boob job while she was back in the US visiting family and they were amazing. Not large she got 265cc rounds unders but I thought they looked great and just what I wanted mine to look like. For me knowing someone who had such natural looking implants really changed my views and I started to think that maybe it was an option I would consider. I finished breastfeeding my baby in Feb this year and within a month got to see the true results of what my boobs would be looking like for the rest of my life. I hated them so much; even to the point where I didn't want my husband to look at them or touch them and I started wanting to have the lights off when we had "playtime". I decided that this was no way to live so I started to entertain the idea of getting a BA. I spent the next 6 months doing research. I started with all of the medical side of things first like the different types of implants you can get, how they are put in, side effects, horror stories, long term effects, longevity etc. Then I stated to look at where to get them done. I heard a lot about Thailand as I know they are well known for trans-gender surgery so have surgeons with great skill and reputations. My only reservation with Thailand was that I knew you needed follow up appointments which wouldn't be done face to face and also if there were any complications I would prob need to head back overseas or pay for a surgeon here to fix any issues. Also I have a friend from Thailand who is a nurse and she mentioned that all the Thai's are heading to Korea for their work now so I decided that was too much hassle to save a few thousand dollars. I then started to research here in Sydney. For me the choice between a Cosmetic surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon was a pretty simple one. If I was going to get this done I was happy to pay for someone I considered to be an expert in the field of Plastic Surgery. Google became my best friend and that is how I stumbled across this forum. The info on here is amazing and I loved reading everyones stories and searching all sorts of info to help me make my choice. Once I found a few surgeons I liked the sound of I started to check out their websites, instagram and facebook accounts. Their credentials and reviews were all great so it really came down to who's work I liked the best. Because I wanted to look as natural as possible and not go too large Dr Miroshniks pics appealed to me the most. I rung and booked a consult for Sept. He was great, had such an easy manner and was very matter of fact. Made jokes and put me at ease. Basically as soon as I took my top off he said "this is what we need to do and don't worry I'll make you look amazing" To me he seemed so experienced and knowledgeable. I went home and chatted to my husband and paid my deposit the next day. I booked for Dec as I knew my hubby would be off for two weeks to help look after the kids. Basically between Sept and Dec I became obsessed with this site, looking up as much as I could, reading loads of stories and going through a few emotions of whether I was doing the right thing or not. Everyone I told was really supportive and the only ones who had reservations were those concerned about that fact I was having surgery which always carries risks. I had a freak out on Thursday when I received the call from the hospital to tell me what time I had to be there the following day as I think that was when reality actually kicked in. I had to be at the hospital at 8 for a 9am surgery which I was happy about as there would be no waiting around all day. I went to the East Sydney Private Hospital and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff there. Everyone I encountered was so friendly, joked with me made sure I was feeling ok every step of the way and I knew that I was going to be in great hands. Dr M came in to measure me up and he caught me eyeing off his coffee and joked that it was a bit mean of him to bring it in so he'd put it on the other side of the room so I wouldn't try and steal it! We just chatted about stuff while he drew some artwork on my chest. They all seemed very good at keeping me distracted from what was actually going on. He gave me a wink as he left the room and said "don't be nervous everything will be fine" The anaesthetist Dr DaSilva came in next to chat about his side of things and again he was very professional and friendly. I was taken into the theatre which was a bit daunting as I haven't had surgery before. I lay down on the bed and they chatted to me about Christmas while putting the cannula in my arm and the next thing I knew I was waking up to someone calling my name. I was very groggy and just wanted to sleep and could feel a tight sensation on my chest. Once I was a bit more with it the nurses put on my sexy new bra, got me dressed and moved me to the recovery area where I demolished the food they gave me; yoghurt, crackers and cheese, chocolate cake, a bottle of water and a coffee. Dr M came to visit to tell me all went well and I just hung out till hubby came to collect me. We stopped at the chemist on the way home to collect my cocktail of drugs and then headed home. The pain was fine as I still had the local active so it wasn't until later on that I felt a bit more tender. The pain has def not been as bad as I expected. I feel like I have engorged Milk boobs and like someone has punched me in the ribs and I am surprised that I have pain below my ribs in the spot between ribs and belly button but with the meds its totally manageable. Have heard some bubble noises in my left boob but I know that's just a bit of fluid moving around. My boobs are high, hard and swollen. They seem huge to me but I know they will become smaller so I am very happy with the size (I chose 295cc dual plane anatomicals). Sleeping is a pain as I'm a tummy sleeper but the endone and vallium knock me out so I can deal with that. Not sure how my back will be after two weeks of sleeping like this but I'll deal with that when I need to. Have been doing my exercises and icing my boobs and am much more mobile than I thought. My biggest concern was dealing with my kids. My 4 year old is great as I can explain that mummy has a sore back and shoulders and he needs to be very gentle with me. (he's been stroking my back before I go to bed which is nice) My little one doesn't understand why I cant carry him or cuddle him so that's a little hard but he's been getting extra attention from his dad so that makes up for it. Had a bowel movement today Yah! Senokot, Baked Beans and a coffee seemed to do the trick! Overall I have had an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone. I am so happy with my choice of Dr Miroshnik and can't wait to see my end results sometime in the next 9-12 months. I have boobs YAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I have some pics of day of surgery in my gallery if anyone would like to have a look. If you made it to the end of this essay thanks for reading my story
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    I have round unders. They've turned out pretty natural looking 😊
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    Hey lovely forum Ladies!!! I'm so excited to tell you all that I have my boobies So here's a run down of my experience for those of you who are interested. Last night I was feeling happy because my surgery was up in the air due to breast pain in my right boob but after having an ultrasound I was given the go ahead. I stayed up late getting things organised and hubby and I managed to fit in some "alone" time after the kids went to bed as he will be feeling pretty lonely for a couple of weeks lol (sorry if TMI hehe) I had a pre-midnight snack, and then set my alarm to go off at 5:00AM and again at 5:30AM just in case I slept through the first one (no chance of that with all the excitement and nerves btw lol). This morning I showered using some Gamophen soap and dressed in some black leggings, a wide sleeve singlet and a hooded zip up jacket (thank you Danni for convincing me to bring warmer clothes as I couldn't comprehend the cooler weather I would experience in Sydney - being from QLD). Hubby and I woke the kids and carried them down to the car at 6:20. I was super afraid I would forget something but turns out I didnt even need the things I took (I packed my iPhone, iPad, and wallet). We arrived at the hospital and I gave my family a kiss and cuddle each and said goodbye then hopped out of the car and wallked into the hospital and up to admissions. once I checked in with the desk and paid my hospital fee I sat down and read the paper - I stumbled across this article on the 3rd page of the Daily Telegraph reporting about a link between a rare cancer and textured implants :-/ After yesterday's shamozzle with the boob pain I was seriously considering high tailing it out of there as I thought the universe was trying to tell me something lol (so glad I didn't). So after a little wait out in the admissions reception area, I was taken through to a room with an admissions nurse who tagged my ankle with a name bracelet, and asked me the routine questions about name, DOB, and the procedure I was there for. She also took my BP. Following this I was taken around to a change room and after pointing out the things I would need to put on (surgical gown, dressing gown, booties and told I could keep my own underwear on) she left me to my own devices to change. They left me a suit bag to pop my clothes and belongings in which was stored in a locked cupboard whilst I was in surgery. Now being the wally that I am I got dressed in my surgical gown, tied it up and walked out to meet my admissions nurse. We started walking through to the pre-op waiting area and on passing another nurse she says to my nurse "have you checked her gown?" I had the bloody thing on backwards lol duh! *Insert beetroot face here* My anaesthetist came in and greeted me after I had corrected the wardrobe dilemma and then I was taken through to another room and they sat me down to wait for my PS. He came in not long after and drew what looked like an American football game strategy on my chest. I must say how impressed I am by his thoroughness when marking me up. He was really fantastic. We briefly discussed implant sizes and he reiterated that the smaller implant (he was taking in 295cc, 330cc, and 345cc) may be necessary to get symmetry as I am only having a lift on the one side and he will do the non-lift side first then "match" the lift side to this. He also said he would see once in there if he could get away with a less invasive lift to prevent scarring as I was only a tiny cm off this being an option. I told him the scarring wouldn't bother me if I got an optimal result. Once done with the marking up my anaesthetist nurse came back in and fitted me with some lovely compression things that looked like deflated life jackets for my legs. She walked me around to the operating room with one hand around my shoulder and my chart in her other hand (she used this to block my view of another procedure which she said I "DO NOT" want to see. I was greatful for this as my head automatically turned that way. In the operating theatre it seemed very surreal. I hopped up on the table and my anaesthetist started doing his thing. His nurse put an extremely cold sticker on my thigh which I have no idea what it was for. They asked me a few questions about my children and then BAM!! Lights out Cricket - hello recovery room lol. I woke up really quickly apparently which is a credit to my anaesthetist. My eyes felt really blurry and I briefly remember informing the nurse about rememberence day as she was asking if it was a PH today. This recovery nurse was so lovely. She asked me how my pain felt and I told her okay but I felt a lot of pressure on my chest. After assuring me the pressure was a normal feeling but that pain meds would help she got me some pain relief. I took that and then five minutes later she gave me more medicine through my cannula as I was still sore. I felt better after this. she fitted me in my post op surgical bra (carefix Alice provided by my surgeon) and then grabbed my clothes bag and helped me to dress. I was a bit wobbly on the legs as she walked me over to the recovery recliners to have a bite to eat. I was given sandwich triangles (an assortment of three fillings and bread types), she brang me a green tea (which I could have married her for as it was amazingly just what I needed), a bottled water, some crackers, some sweet buscuits, and a hunk of packaged mainland cheese. Trying to eat was interesting as everything was so dry, pasty and hard to swallow after having a breathing tube in during the surgery. I needed to wash everything down with water after chewing. I drank three bottles of water and my green tea after waking up in recovery lol - thirsty work I guess My recovery nurse took me over to the toilets to see if I could pass urine and whilst in there (by myself) it seems I had stage fright and couldn't go lol. She knocked to tell me Dr Miroshnik had come to check on me so I gave up and came out to greet him. He was impressed with how fast I was up and about. He told me everything went well and that he ended up going with the 330cc implant to give the best symmetry to my non-lifted breast (yay). I ended up getting a short vertical lift on the left as he couldn't get away with the crescent lift (I was secretly happy about that as I want the lift to be the best it can be). I also do not have any drains in, which I thought I would have but oh well, one less thing to worry about After leaving my recovery nurse called my hubby to come pick me up I was in for surgery at 8:30AM woke up in recovery around 10.40AM and drifted in and out in my recovery recliner until hubby and my two little ones came to pick me up at 12:15PM. I was told yesterday that I could expect to be there until 2PM so I was pleased how fast I was coming good. After a rundown about my medications from the nurse we left to head back to our apartment. Pain was creeping back in and we had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to grab my medications and an ice pack which I was instructed to use for thirty minutes on and thirty minutes off. I had some of a yoghurt squeeze that we had in the fridge for the kids so that I could take my medication and am feeling awesome now. I have fIve different medications to juggle so I am writing down my dose and time taken and time it's next due. I had a sneak preview in the mirror to see what they looked like and OMG!! The man is a boob genius! I know it's only early stages but hubby and I are both already in love with them lol. I will try to attach some pics in my singlet so you can get an idea of size. Sorry for the humongous post ladies but if I didn't get it out now than my shitty memory would forget all of the details I want to remember hahah!! Apologies in advance for any spelling errors (I hate spelling errors and normally proofread my writing to fix them but can't be bothered ). I am soo soo thrilled with my experience so far. The feeling you get when you see your new reflection in the mirror is indescribable! I feel like a woman and not a kid lol I love it I hope this is helpful to some of you. I know how much I enjoy reading everyone else's surgey experiences and how helpful these were in the lead up to my own surgey.
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    Cosmetic surgeon v Plastic surgeon

    if you're comfortable with a GP wielding a scalpel performing surgery on you then that's great but you cannot compare the 2 in regards to skill, training and knowledge. The plastic surgeons are the masters cleaning up the cosmetic surgeons mess, they can get them in but what happens down the track in revision or complication? You may be happy with your GP cutting you open but they are not comparible to plastic surgeons and never will be.
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    I went to the movies recently and when I took my bra off to go to bed found a collection of popcorn in my cleavage. I've always been a grub but never had anywhere for it to go before
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    Boob selfie!

    Here's mine nearly 5 months PO 😊
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    Excited waiting to go in!!!

    Sitting at the day hospital waiting to go in for 8:30am! Getting 420cc moderate profile. I will let you know how I go!!!!
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    Had BA today!

    Had my BA this morning with Dr Kailis in Perth. What a great experience! Staff at hospital were awesome and Dr K is such a down to earth guy- we were chatting away when anaethetist did his thing and next thing I'm in recovery. Been home for 4 hrs now and feeling sore but pretty good. Keeping up with Endone and panadol and saving Tremadol for before bed as I've heard it can send you a bit loopy! Gonna have peek at my new additions soon- so swollen but seem to have good shape.
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    Unsupportive People

    I am 21 years old; some may look at this number and think I am too young to be drastically changing my physical appearance while others might not care. My decision to go ahead with surgery has not faltered although I have had several doubts over the past year. Why? Because those around me are judgemental, unsupportive and do not understand why I want to alter a part of my body. I have spent a lot of time justifying my reasons for this procedure to loved ones without any success. Rifts have formed between myself and family members and there has been general frustration around this topic. But you know what? I don't care because this procedure will be empowering; this is for me and ME only. Obviously I would love for close family and friends to support me but realistically this is not going to happen and I've had to accept that. Surgery is now a month away and the excitement within me is building! I can't wait to gain a new found confidence within myself. Bring on the 14th of December!
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    Hi ladies! I had my surgery this morning with Dr Layt and couldn't be happier. I had 295 in the left breast and 280 on the right to correct my slight asymmetry. I'm 169cm tall and 57kg at the moment which is huge for me. Got quite a shock when I stood on the scales at the hospital this morning... I'm normally 50. Might have been anxiety eating in the lead up hehe. I had a bit of a drama because although I had read through my instructions so many times, I accidentally drank some water when I woke up this morning!!! A good habit usually but today it was very bad. My admission time was 8:30 and I told them when I got there so I had to wait a couple of hours and they called someone else to come in before me. I felt really bad about this but both Dr Layt and my anaesthetist were very sweet and said it was no problem...this really put me at ease as I was feeling really anxious that they would be angry with me. When I went into the theatre, the anaesthetist put the whatever-its-called in my arm and I went to sleep quite quickly. Then I woke up and it was like I'd just blinked! The lovely nurse took me to get changed and I was already wearing my post-operative bra. I was super duper shivery when I woke up and it was really uncomfortable so if this happens to you, don't be alarmed. :-) Apparently its normal when you come out of general. The pain so far is not too severe. It is more of a feeling of pressure across my chest. I've been doing my stretches to try and help this. However I am worried that the worst of the pain may be yet to come! Does anyone know when the most painful time is typically? I've uploaded a few pictures in my post op bra (10D!) and will be sure to upload more tomorrow. Feel free to add me and check them out. :-) Hope that when they settle, I'll be around a 10C but I won't be too unhappy if I have to wear a 10D cuz I've heard that you sometimes wear a size larger with implants because its not malleable like natural flesh. I can tell already that I'm going to love my new boobs... Dr Layt has done an excellent job. The size and shape are already looking great on me and I can't wait to wear a triangle bikini next Summer!!! I was sitting around the pool the other day with a few girlfriends and thought to myself, "this is the last time I'll be feeling embarrassed about being in a bikini and hoping my chicken fillets don't fall out of my bandeau". Tomorrow I have my first post operative appointment and I will be receiving another post surgery bra which is great. :-) My mum had to check what size the one I'm wearing is for tomorrow's post operative appointment nurse so she can make sure to bring another one in the right size for me and apparently my eyes lit up when she said 10D hehe! I'm so happy right now...I can't stop smiling. It truly is a dream come true. My mum is a total gem and is looking after me so well. She wasn't totally happy with my choice to have surgery but she understands how important it is to me as I never properly developed like the other girls in my family and she is doing everything to support me. <3 Serena
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    August 2016 BA Roll Call!

    Totally off topic but I do love having non-saggy boobs.....just sent this pic to hubby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Older ladies and BA's

    I'm 57. When I was 20 I thought 40 was past it, that by the time I got to 40 none of this stuff about how I looked would matter, I would be G-O-N-E at 40!!! How wrong that is! I have to be honest here, I feel happier and sexier in my own skin now than I did in my 20's, 30's and even 40's. AND my sex life is wayyyyy better!
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    Boob selfie!

    Just had dressings removed, selfie time. 13 days post op.
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    They look amazing!!! Hope mine end up like this 😁
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    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    Hey hun, Top left was 7 weeks, top right 4 months, bottom left 5 months, bottom right 6 months. I'm 11 months now. I've got a few updated pics on my page and will probably do another update soon. Different bra but this is a 9 months pic...
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    October 2016 Girls

    Yay @Honeycakes super happy for you! @AndyDegood luck tomorrow - it's a good day (it's my birthday too πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ) Alright girls - here's my one week post op photo (excuse my daughters messy bedroom!)
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    September 2016

    Okay ladies, its time!!! Ive taken all my pre op pics and hopefully will be able to update you all on my progress in a few short hours!! Slept well, but the nerves are kicking in now! Scared of the GA still! Talk to ye the other side!!!
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    February 2016 Boobies

    Admission for 12:30pm tomorrow! Eeek BL & BA here I come. So nervous and gosh I wish it were in the morning so I'm not waiting all day lol
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    Consultation done.... Surgery Tomorrow!!

    Went for my consult today with Dr M. Was a bit of a whirlwind lol. I must admit when I tried on the sizers I was pretty freaked out because they seemed so big. He suggested I leave them on for a while whilst he jotted down measurements and did his thing. After 10 minutes I wasn't quite as daunted, so I can see how your perception can change quite rapidly. He has suggested between 375 to 410cc teardrop implants dual plane. I previously had a breast lift so there's a bit of scar tissue going on etc so not completely straight forward. I was impressed that he removes extra tissue and skin to even up breasts instead of putting in two different sizes. I'm sure if it was a huge difference he would have to take that tact, but thankfully not in this instance. I had mixed emotions leaving the clinic as I'm excited to be finally getting boobies but have a bad habit of second guessing any decision I ever make lol. My partner was so funny! He was just stoked and when I asked if he thought they were too big, both him and Dr M burst out laughing. Apparently this is impossible lol. The closer the time for surgery comes, the more relaxed I feel and think bugger it. Just enjoy the experience. Staying in a beautiful hotel across the road from the hospital with great views. Life is good <3 Surgery some time after 12:30 tomorrow... Yessssss <3
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    Firstly i want to start off with saying how incredible my experience with tavakoli has been. They have always been there to promptly reply to any questions and help me if needed. His staff are lovely and he is so gentle and caring. Listen to everything you have to say and never once tried to pressure me to go bigger or smaller than what I was comfortable with. I'm a small 20 year old girl, 53 kg 156 tall and have a good set of boobs before hand, however on the smaller side and I had large fibroadenomas that were extremely painful and uncomfortable because the one that was the size of a large bouncy ball sat right where my underwire would sit. I originally started off with a full b cup and was recommended 290-330cc anatomical mentor implants HP under the muscle. I will admit I swayed back and forth with fears about being too small or too big or not round enough but then too too round. Hopeless I know. I was a bit limited to the size I could go as he was removing so much of my muscle from my lumps it would be very thin at the bottom so he didn't want to cause any tearing or complications by going too big, plus I wanted to keep them as natural as possible but still have that, they look to good to be real look. I'm only short so I was really worried about looking like a walking set of boobs. But also worried I was paying all this money and now have a much different result. Breast augmentation never really crossed my mind as I was quite happy with my original shape and by wearing an up 2 bra I could make them look like a full c cup, however if I just got the lumps removed id have un symmetrical boobs and large dimples from where the lumps were. At being 20 and loving a bikini this worried me so I chose to go the whole hog and get boobs as well! The night before I was terrified! No sleep and got extremely nervous. However on my way to the hospital I was surprisingly calm as It didn't really feel like it was actually happening. I live an hour or so away but being peak traffic time we left home at 7.30, after leaving and coming back as i forgot my wallet and was worried I'd need it( which i didn't haaha) and arrived at bondi junction private with 15 minutes to spare for a 9.30 check in. I was taken to my own room with a tv bathroom and bed and waited with my family for an hour or so as I got blood pressure and all those minor details done. Then was asked to change into my surgery gown and go into another room to be prepped. My mum and boyfriend were allowed to stay with my the entire time. The anesthetist came in and spoke to me, (dr lee) and he was so awesome, fun and bubbly and it made me feel so much at ease. I was given a half Valium to calm me down and waited to be drawn on. Tavakoli came in and drew on my and I watched tv for a bit before I was escorted to the theatre. When walking in they had my favourite club songs going and they were all heaps chilled which I really needed as it didn't feel serious and so I didn't freak out. ( which I was expecting as I'm a baby with needles) dr lee put in my drip and i asked to talk to tavakoli and remind him I wanted to go the biggest I could. Dr lee said he would give me a bit of anesthetic and I could speak to him when he arrived then he would put my out. However that little bit went a long way. I woke up in recovery asking where he was and if I could talk to him yet and dr lee was like hunny your all done! I was in no pain and I didn't even feel tight. I was very surprised. Immediately after waking up I was taken back to my room where my family was. By this time it was 1 so I'd been out for a couple of hours. Waking up was extremely hard and I drifted in and out for a while. I got a bit emotional seeing my boyfriend and kept saying how much i loved him. The nurses kept laughing and told me to try rest. I was taken to the toilet and came back to a toasted Ham cheese and tomato toasted sandwich with apple juice. My throat wasn't sore or anything like i was told so I ate about half but I really wasn't hungry. Tavakoli came in to check on me and said I got the biggies (330) and I started crying because I was so groggy and happy! He felt my boobs and commented on how large my lump was!! When he left i was left to wake up and was able to leave when I was ready. I left earlier than they expected! I insisted on walking myself to the car and everything. Only had sharp pains from where the lump was. I stayed at the Meriton down the road (also wrote a post about how amazing they are) I was up and about all night! Draining my drains myself and eating dinner, getting in and out if bed and even putting my hair up. My arms could easily go above my head with no pain. I didn't take anything for pain until 11 before bed because I didn't feel I needed too. So I took an Endone for sleep and mum woke me at 5.30 for another. I'm trying not to go back to sleep as I want a good sleep tonight so I'll try tire myself out today. Pain is only slightly more then yesterday however it's so breezy I'm doing really well!! Just my incisions hurt and where my lumps were removed are tended. I'm off for a nice breaky then to tavakolis office to get my drains out before heading back home to the coast. Sorry about rambling on! You girls just helped prepare and supported me so much I was to repay you. I'm sooo happy with the look so close from surgery. Can already get cleavage and have killer side boob. They are perfect! And I know they will change so much! But I'm so happy. The drains have done wonders as there is minimal swelling or pain. Add me for my post and pre op photos:) and I will keep you updated!!! Xxxxx
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    Linda's boobs by Dr Harwood

    In the morning of my surgery I felt unnaturally calm! I woke at 4.30 got up at 5 got the children lunch ready and had a shower washed my hair well and shaved and waged with soap and then used the surgery scrub on my upper body as requested by DR Harwood. I got a taxi to the clinic and arrived at 6.40 Called my mum in Italy and had a chat then went it. At the same time my new implants delivery arrived phew! ( 24 hours earlier I requested to have the bigger size there) Dr Harwood welcomed me as then went to his office I make a phone call. I chatted to the receptionist ( his daughter) until the came out all changed and ready. Dr Harwood sat with me and we went through the consent form, post op care and medications. At that point I went into the pre-op room and got changed into the gown and some theatre shoes covers on my feet. Dr Harwood Remeasured me to see if he could fit the bigger implants and said it was Almost impossible but he will keep them in mind if he felt there was enough space while operating. I hopped on the theatre table and got strapped down on my arms. the nurse attached a BP cuff, Oxygen sat machine and ECG machine. Dr Harwood put a cannula in my arm and while chatting away gave me some morphine.. I have to admit just before that I felt scared and wondered if I could change my mind... and i was wondering if dr Harwood would give me some money back or if my husband would be upset.. But then the morphine hit and all was good in my world!!! While they scrubbed we chatted about Italy and Europe and holidays and that's all I can remember.. Until I woke up and opened my eyes and looked around and felt them working on me still and I thought oh sxxx I am awake and they are still going.. But then I thought well I can't feel any pain so I just waited a minute to see if I fell asleep again and then said HI I am awake!! Dr Harwood said it's ok it's all done I am jus finishing the last sutures. And then he told me he put the hopeful implants in, meaning the big ones!!! He also said to expect to feel bruised as it was a real squeeze!!! They cleaned me up and I sat up, I had a feel and looked at my new girls and then the nurses dressed me and walked me to recovery. I had a few jelly beans and a delicious coffee and went to the toilet and felt fine to go home. Called my husband and he picked me up and I went home and felt great! The rest is history!!!! I cannot commend Dr Harwood and his team.their professionalism and kindness enough I am delighted with my result and my recovery has been fantastic.
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    October 2016 Girls

    Hope all the October girls are going well. Here's a one month post revision pic of my girls. I could not be more happy to have had the revision. I feel this is how I've always wanted them to look and I'm in love with them 😍
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    October 2016 Girls

    Hi ladies im on the other side! Had a sneaky peak in recovery and they look amazing! I got 295. Feeling good so far. Just tightness in the chest. Waiting for Dr M to come see me. Will update soon
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    February 2016 Boobies

    So who else is getting their dream boobs in February 2016? I'm off to Bangkok on feb 18th with Cosmeditour for a BA+BL, surgeon is Dr Pornthep (yay!) I'm 33, mum of 3, youngest is 3, breastfed them for 2+ years each. I'm 165cms tall, weigh around 65kgs and have uneven, very deflated a & b cups. My bwd is 12.5. Looking at anything from 375cc to 450cc - whatever will get me to a nice full dd. Anyone else having surgery in Feb? Share your 'so far' story! I love reading them ☺
  28. 11 points

    May 2016 boobs!

    One of my incisions was bleeding on Sunday night when I took the silicone tape off. I went straight to my GP who ran a swab and prescribed me antibiotics. He really freaked me out - telling me I have an infection and it is likely that I will have to go to hospital and have the implant removed! This is not my regular GP but it was late at night. He didn't even cover it - just told me to get waterproof dressings and cover it myself (so, go to a chemist at 10pm at night?!). After I left (freaking out completely) I sent a picture to my surgeon and told him what was said. He replied and told me straight away it was just a suture dissolving and all I needed was nurofen and to change dressing daily. I am SO MAD at the GP! What an idiot - freaking me out like that when he clearly has no idea about wound management. He was clearly not a supporter of my decision to get implants - making comments like "well I bet that cost a fortune, does he charge an arm and a leg? Never seen an incision so neat - must be highly recommended. I bet he doesn't want his reputation tarnished with an infection, better let him know.. these people don't like word getting out about that kind of thing" WHAT A JERK!
  29. 11 points

    Negative comments from friends

    They've made their position clear. I'd stop mentioning it to them. It's their way of showing concern but you're after support & they're not willing to give it. Why flog a dead horse! I seem to be a rare case of having zero doubts or nervousness prior to surgery. I was determined to have it done. I made this decision slowly-thought about it for 10+years- and didn't do it on impulse. Getting a BA is for vanity reasons. It's purely to improve asthetics- it's not a life saving procedure- but there shouldn't be any shame or judgement attached to wanting to improve yourself. I had terrible looking breasts: small, scooped, a bit assymetrical. I knew there was no way they could look worse! It's your life to live, not theirs. Don't give them control over you. Listen to your instincts, not theirs.
  30. 11 points

    Boob selfie!

    Progress pics! Current 8 weeks p.o
  31. 11 points
    It went really well thank you 😊😊😊still can't believe I finally have boobies!! They're not very big but that's what I wanted, just over the moon I will be able to fill a bra for the first time in my life!! Already had two cups of coffee, biscuits and sandwiches! Fingers crossed my recovery continues to go smoothly xx
  32. 11 points

    November 2014 Boobies Roll Call!

    I'm staying at the Meriton in Bondi . Consult tomorrow so I finally get to choose what size I want and actually find out what I can get haha. It's been great having the time to see everyone else go through, but I'm ready for my turn now
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    It's the same argument that men seem to have regarding makeup. Being someone who is an absolute makeup junkie and who genuinely loves the time spent on myself in the mornings putting on makeup I'm just like ... honey, really? You think I spend 30+ minutes putting on makeup in the morning, voluntarily spend hours watching youtube tutorials in my down time, spend hundreds of dollars on makeup (I mean, hello, makeup in Australia is freaking expensive) to get your attention? How ego-centrical do you have to be to think that I live my life to please you? That even a hobby I have revolves around you. Does your rock climbing hobby have anything to do with me? No. Your comic book collection? No. So the $75 of my hard earned money I just spent on highlighter is definitely not for you honey. You've probably never heard of highlighter. Walk right along. The same goes for cosmetic surgery. It's all so personal and about how it makes us feel. I want to take care of myself, be able to make these big decisions in my life, and in the end get the high from knowing that I have done it for me. It's something I'm not happy with about my body and I know if I change it I'll feel good about me. That's what's important to me. Knowing that I have the autonomy to do these things for myself. I am in control of me, not you. As to how I would respond I think I'd be angry. If it's something we had never discussed before/I had expressed no interest in/indicated no insecurity then what right do they have to suggest it? It's just plain rude. It's not hard to be kind, so just be kind.
  34. 10 points

    Love my new boobs :)

    I'm 9 weeks post op and my boobs haven't changed much since about the 5-week mark (subfascials). I absolutely love them! I think they look quite natural on my frame but are still very full. I've spent a fair bit of money on tops the past few weeks, which has been awesome. I don't really buy expensive clothes so I've gotten probably 10-15 new tops for not much at all. Things I previously overlooked because of my small chest are now on my radar and it's so much fun finding all of these new clothes to wear! I'll try something on now and be like 'nah, it's not low-cut enough' hahaha It was definitely worth it. My fiancee likes them too I never thought I'd be the type of person to have a BA and I'm not really 'showy' at all. But I have to say, I feel pretty good about myself right now and I feel so much more womanly. I didn't dislike my body before but having a few more curves in the right area has definitely boosted my confidence. So if you're on the fence about whether or not you should have this done, you obviously wish you had a bigger bust and I say just go for it! Do your research and find a PS that you trust. You can be as discreet or obvious as you like. Having a BA doesn't mean you have to have a fake 'Pamela Anderson look'. Or maybe you're after that look, which is totally fine! You'd be surprised at how many people have actually had theirs done. Since having mine done, I've noticed 2 people in my course who I think have had theirs done also
  35. 10 points

    Breast lift finally done!

    Thought Id do a quick update here for anyone in the future thats looking for breast lift before and after pics. I had a full lollipop lift with 420cc round xhp implants Only 11 days Post Op now starting to feel human again. I have had a much slower than normal recover and ended up with extreme swelling that the doctor kept a close eye on. Finally got fitted post op bra today, but have been told to only wear it when I go out til next week (when I go back for another check) as my implants are so super high and not dropping at all yet. My surgeon was Dr Phil Richardson in Brisbane.
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    Jan 2016 girls

    Hi ladies, Well, I'm not even 24 hours post op and I'm in love with my new girls!!! I had wanted to get 385cc, but apparently the biggest they could fit with my bwd was 365cc, so got them instead and I'm pleased I did as they are not too big, not too small, just right! My admission time was 2.30pm, but didn't actually go under until 4pm, so it was a long day of fasting and excitement!! I remember laying on the operating table with a big smile on my face. I could feel the GA enter my bloodstream as I was telling the nurses how I have wanted this since I was 16 (I'm now 34!), then I was out like a light. Next thing I know I was being woken up in recovery. I was away with the fairies and I remember the nurses laughing at me but I don't know what I was saying! When my carer arrived, the nurses kept saying "Don't worry, our lips are sealed, your secrets are safe with us!" While winking and laughing, so who knows what jibberish I was talking!! It took about 15/20 mins to come back to reality. I kept shaking and was very cold, but didn't have any pain. Just a very tight feeling around my chest. The drive home was good. I felt a bit nauseous but that feeling passed pretty quickly. I got home at 9pm, had something to eat, watched a movie then went to bed. I'm surprised at how well I slept sitting upright in my pillow fort. I only woke once during the night for more pain relief. To be honest, the pain is nowhere near as bad as what I was expecting! I feel very tight but no pain. To me it reminds me of when my milk came in after having a baby. However, I know that's the pain meds talking and I should be resting as much as I can, so today I am laying in bed watching a movie. It's hard, because all I want to do is get out of the house, or if not, then doing something productive but I know I must rest. I have been put in a compression strap which I must wear 24/7 and only wear the post-op bra when I leave the house, so that's a bit different to everything I have researched but I suppose every surgeon is different. My partner has been AMAZING!!! Which is fantastic because up until now he has been very unsupportive about my decision to get a BA. He really is going out of his way to make me comfortable and look after me. It's awesome and great for our relationship too! Nothing quite like elective surgery to bring a couple closer together, hey!! My 3 yr old son has also been a little gem. He is being very careful with me and not bothering me at all. Even when he comes running towards me at the speed of sound with hands full of toy tractors waving about, he makes sure he stops at least 2 feet away (while I sit there bracing for impact!). The team at TCI Southport were fantastic. I cannot fault them in any way. They have already called me this morning to see how I am going etc. All in all, this has been an amazing experience. I know I've got a long way to go still, but so far so good!! I have attached some before and after pics (please excuse the bruise around my nipple - that is from a biopsy I had 4 weeks ago. It's been a month of 'the boobs'. Lol) Thank you everyone for all your support. It has made this journey that much more enjoyable!!
  37. 10 points

    Feeling anxiety about my implants

    According to the World Health Organisation bacon gives you cancer. I'm still eating bacon...
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    I think you need to think before you type. You are coming across as hitting below the belt. I am not sure if that is your intention or not. The original person Emi who posted this topic wanted information on Brazilian implants or textured silicone implants. Some people who have replied on here have said they don't like them or have had bad experiences with them or known others with bad experiences. But some people who have commented on here - like myself - have given her our positive experiences with Brazilians. Naturally it is up to her and her surgeon as to what is the best implant for her body. Just like I had to make the decision for what was best for my body. I can't 100% guarantee the decision I made for myself is the best one and you can't 100% guarantee the decision you made for your body was the best one either. Unfortunately life does not work on 100% guarantees. I have learnt that the hard way in my life with other things. I do hope you and I don't go through the nightmares some of these ladies on the forum have gone through with their implants whether it be Brazilians, Natrelle or other brands of implants. If I have made a mistake down the track with choosing Brazilians and I happen to voice that on here, I hope I would have your compassion and understanding rather than saying "don't sook.......who cares". This forum is meant to be about information, sharing experiences whether they be good or bad, and also to support one another. Anyway, that is my perspective on this forum.
  39. 10 points

    HELP! Dr fleming vs Dr R. Thiele

    I'm just going to add my two cents here - this is not aimed at anyone in particular - this is advice to ladies who are considering brazilians. Be wary going to a surgeon who only uses brazilians as they evidently do not suit everyone. Seek more than opinion and research your implants and surgeons thoroughly.
  40. 10 points
    Hi ladies, It has been a while since i have been active on here (mainly because i hate changes and the site changed dramatically and had issues logging in) ... Thought i would write up a post regarding post 12 months. I am actually very very very happy with my boobs and i can't believe it has been over 12 months now since the first operation. I am so happy and don't regret spending the extra amount to go to a plastic surgeon. Throughout the year and a bit Dr Dona and his staff have been lovely to deal with and his bedside manners were very professional. I am actually very sad that i don't have to visit Dr Dona anymore i felt a bit upset when he said that's it this is the last time we see each other. He has been very friendly, kind and informative and despite all my questions he was also very patient and answered every single one. Now every time i look at my post op boobs and compare with my new boobs i honestly can't believe the amazing transformation and how amazingly voluptuous my figure looks now. I can't thank Dr Dona enough for what i ended up with i feel really beautiful! Ever since i got them i can't help staring at myself when i see my reflection walking past a store To all the ladies considering getting their boobs done, i promise it is worth every dollar. Just a word of advice which is common on here make sure you go the largest size they offer you (that is the only thing i regret not doing). I am hoping to see him again one day in the future when i start to age and things go south it will be a new excuse for larger! Oh and forgot to mention that i got to my originally dreamed size which is 10E (first bra fitting was 10E and has remained 10E since).
  41. 10 points
    So we talked about it lastnight and he agreed he is being extremely selfish and unfair! He said i have never stopped him from doing anything so he shouldnt stop me doing something that means a lot to me! I honestly dont think he meant most girls get them for attention, i just dont think he knew how else to put his concerns out there!! So safe to say girls i am going to continue my investigation and hopefully have the procedure in June - Dr Richardson is looking good at the moment )
  42. 10 points

    Hair washing

    Pinkfriday please don t start a confrontation. This is not a competition on who has more or less pain, It is clear that some of us has had an easier / faster recovery and operations then others. However this is chosen Surgery . Positivity and a "get on with it " attitude goes a long way in every surgery recovery, elective or not. In our case being ELECTIVE this kind of attitude should be a given.
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    October 2016 Girls

    Hi Oct girls. I had my 6 week check up with Dr Richard Bloom and everything is perfect! I can run and ride and swim again. I am using the silicon strips at night and my scar is flattening really nicely. Mine are still dropping and my left is still a bit sore and my right is still a little tight. I bought myself my first bra 10D and 10DD In a Berlie sports bra. Hope everyone is feeling great and happy with their results.
  44. 9 points

    August 2016 BA Roll Call!

    Day after op and feeling very tender and heavy chested. Not as bad as i thought . Very manageable. Drains came out about 11:30 , that was fine. Got out for lunch and a small walk. Now chilling out watching movies with my bestie. It would be nice to take a big deep breath hehe.
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    May 2016 boobs!

    I'm next!! All prepped ready for the surgery in 45mins... Unfortunately looks like I might need to go smaller 245 or 275. Not sure why I'm bummed, originally I was terrified about having them too big! Oh well will see what Dr P can fit... will be good to have boobies soon! Wish me luck!!
  46. 9 points

    February 2016 Boobies

    Yay! Sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called. Keep telling myself I should be more nervous!
  47. 9 points

    Breast augmentation melbourne

    ... And the signs for looking for the dodgy posts are the ones written by a brand new member with just one post but apparently lots of knowledge ...
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    I don't know why this is, but I do think natural breasts appear larger than implants of the same size. I have a friend who wears the same size bra as me, very similar body dimensions also, and her natural boobs appear far larger than my enhanced ones. I couldn't tell you why, but my point is don't get hung up on the actual 'cup' size, as it looks very different each person. Also, prior to op I was set on having a C or D cup and stressing majorly about being too big. For a couple weeks after my op I couldn't even look in the mirror as I was upset I had gone too big. I just wasnt used to it. I'm now 7 weeks post op, wearing a D cup and actually wish I was a little bigger. Can't believe my perception changed direction so severly.
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    BA with Craig Rubinstein!

    Hello all my lovely boobie buddies! Today was surgery day! I slept through my alarm lol so had 10 mins to shower and get in the car! Of all days I had to sleep in today! So I arrived at 7am and within 15 mins I was in the prep room changing and going through medical history. The nurse was so lovely she made me completely at ease. I was not nervous which is so strange for me!! My anaesthetist then came in and re checked my history then my compression socks were put on as well as slippers and hairnet. Then I was moved to my rolley bed which had a blanket with hot air being blown into it, inflating it to keep me warm (amazing!!!!!) Then Craig and another surgeon came in to draw me up. Seriously Craig was so amazing! He kept me relaxed and involved me in everything! He was so warm and smiley which put my mind at ease! I ended up getting 350ccs with complimentary lipo of the excess skin under my arm. Then by 10am I was wheeled into theatre! Craig held my hand and was very comforting. In went the anaesthetic and then I woke up. no pain just a mild heavy sensation on my chest! I was wheeled to my private room where I went to the loo (no help needed) got into my bed and watched tv with lunch and coffee yum yum! My girlfriends have been with me all day and are amazed how well I'm doing, so bubbly and moving around so well. Nurses kept checking on me, giving me endone and antibiotics and just for a chat which I loved! Craig came in with my care pack and bras and said how well it went. He's so thorough I'm so impressed. Now just having a tea then a sleep, then I get discharged at 9am with my drugs and more bras! Craig will check on me tomorrow too and I can contact him anytime. Pain is like a 1 if that! Mild tingling from the lipo but I'm so so happy! I'm sure days 2/3 will be hard but I'll try stay positive. My only fear is I went too big with 350 but I think they'll shrink w bit over the next few weeks! Anyway that's my day 1 experience! Good luck for all you ladies recovering or comsidering boobied in the future! Xxxxxx
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    Today is the day!

    Just got out of surgeyr woth dr harwood!!!! Ferling light but gooood
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