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    Bec Bec

    Phases of Healing following BA

    Hey Girls I found this info on another message board/forum and thought it would be helpful for those wondering what the healing process involves. I wish I had this earlier. I'm a little behind (probably due to my age). Don't take this as gospel, just a guide. Hope it helps Bec Phase 1. 0-3 Days Post Op - Soreness on sides, ribs, sternum, and maybe back muscles. Swelling, tightness, shiny skin. Square-boob/highness of implants. In/out of it depending on pain medication being taken. Sleep is best in recliner or with a wedge to avoid swelling overnight and back pain. Almost everyone needs to sleep on their back only. Phase 2. 3 Days - 2 Weeks - Moodiness (also related to meds). Sore to raise arms/reach/lift anything (follow PS instructions carefully to avoid Hematomas). Ribs/sternum/sides still sore and/or swollen. May have burning/itching feeling on breasts as nerves wake up. Still very difficult to sleep on sides without pain/discomfort. "Morning Boob" begins. Implants start to move a little, but still sit very high. Phase 3. 2 Weeks - 3 Weeks - Comfort setting in as soreness dissipates. Nipples very sensitive, swollen, hard. Sunburn feeling on breasts more common. May begin lifting/reaching but no overextending abilities (if it hurts, don't do it - as always, follow PS advice closely). "Morning Boob" continues. Most are wearing sports bras by now and may be wearing wireless already. Some people have massages, some don't - depends on PS. Shopping is awesome! First sizing will be larger than pre-op but not yet what size will prevail - be patient . D&F is starting but one will more than likely drop faster than the other. Also swelling will subside uneven as well, so one side may look larger than other side temporarily (besides normal, that is). LOTS of changes going on during this time in looks - don't panic! Phase 4. 3 Weeks - 6 Weeks - Boobs feel a lot more comfortable now. Soreness is almost gone, incisions look pink/purple and are a little raised. Implants are starting their descent and feel softer and move around more. Able to sleep on sides without much discomfort, although "Morning Boob" still evident (not as bad, though). May have soreness along sides, air bubbles, or other weird noises happening - these are generally OK. Activities return to normal. Phase 5. 6 Weeks - 3 Months - Most healing is done and tenderness gone away. Scar gels/creams can be used. Exercising can begin again. Probably being instructed by PS to wear wire bra now (maybe 24 hours at a time). D&F slows and gets to where it's going. Boobs look and feel great! Morning boob fades away and becomes non-existent. Dropping progresses much more noticeably now and fluffing begins. Bra sizes begin to change as well, so don't overindulge just yet. Exercise can resume as usual, although will notice different feelings when working on peck muscles. This discomfort may be strong, and you may wish to avoid it. Also, you may find that the space between breasts is more oily than in the past. Phase 6.3 - 6 Months - Fluffing continues but bra size shouldn't change much more. The softness will increase as will comfortability. The scar tissue is still dark, but softer and not as sore. Sleeping can be done in any comfortable position and any bra usually can be worn.
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    The top is six weeks the bottom is 4 months. Unfortunately I do not feel like they have gotten any bigger, they have just dropped and with the dropping my upper pole is gone which I miss and they look a lot more "natural" which to be honest isn't a look I cared for. I am really hoping they get bigger with more fluffing cause right now I am disappointed with how small they turned out compared to what I wanted :(
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    I want them removed

    So you've had them for vanity reasons and now you're judging others who get them for personal reasons. No wasted money here best money I ever spent! How about we all spend our own money and adjust are own body as we see fit. I hope you've prepared yourself for post explantation, I believe it can be very emotional and not so pretty. I'm taking my waste of money to the ground
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    love and glitter xo

    Boob selfie!

    About to go swimming boobies. 4 weeks post op
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    Boob selfie!

    11 weeks post op, so far so good!!!
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    I've been meaning to write this for quite some time but haven't gotten around to it. I've had my breast implants for 2.5 weeks now and happy with my results this far. I just wanted to share some misconceptions I filled my brain with prior to my surgery which caused me extreme anxiety! So pre augmented girls I hope this can help you. 1) you will feel comfortable when u find the right surgeon- I did not through out my entire pre boobs period feel comfortable (this only happened as I was being put to sleep for my actual surgery). The internet suggests that if you do not feel comfortable with your surgeon then it is because you are not choosing the right one... Well I felt uncomfortable with THREE surgeons. There was not one minute where I felt more at ease about the procedure then the other. I did of course see which surgeons had more qualifications and positive feedback but as for feeling "comfortable" this just didn't happen for me... And I soon realised that I wasn't going to feel comfortable about it despite who i went with. This is going to vary between individuals but I just don't want girls losing hope in finding this mystical unicorn surgeon your meant to feel comfortable with if you have pre anxieties about the procedure anyway- cause it probably isn't going to happen. 2) you will be in crazy amounts of pain- I wasn't in any severe pain... At all. I had discomfort for 3 days but after that I was bored at home and back to normal. 3) your breasts will get smaller as the swelling goes down. Nopppppppe! Mine have 100 percent gotten bigger which is perfect because my initial size was pretty small and I was feeling fairly disappointed early on. 4) you will get boob greed and wish you went bigger- okay fine I admit it, this is not a misconception. It's real especially if you are like me and the implants are held tight in the chest early on. Once they start to fluff a little it helps so much! Anyway, I was tossing up between two sizes, and now I realise how silly it was. I was going absolutely crazy over 25cc... Dumb move because for me to actually see any differences in my size I would've had to have gone minimum 75-100cc difference. To make your choice over the little details that won't make any difference anyway ask yourself the question: would you rather be too big or too small? Go with the option that answers this question (even though it won't make a physical difference what so ever- just let ur mind be at ease about it). 5) i won't be able to wear my size 6-8 clothing- bum bum I actually fit the entirety of my wardrobe, but my clothes look 20 x better with boobs in them! I still fit my bikinis- everything! (Err except my old bras lol) 6) everyone is going to know I have fake boobs because I'm getting round high profiles- nope no way! I wanted natural and got extremely natural! Dependening on the thickness of ur skin on ur chest is definitely what I think becomes the decider factor of being able to see the roundness of the implant. If you are skinny with bones on ur chest - let's be serious ur going to see the roundness! 7) im going to look fatter- okay this is a tough one.... I was expecting to feel bloated for a couple days but i have definitely put on weight from the time off... My tummy is STILL looking extremely bloated. BUT my upper body looks smaller over all as I have nice shape where I lacked boobs. 8) I intend on being bra less all the time- still true, but when u have boobs wearing a bra is totally different! It's actually fun and bras actually fit you how they're supposed too! I used to get raging back fat when I wore bras with no boobs ... But now I don't get it now that I have boobs (and I have put on weight)... So that's weird. But anyway point is I hated bras prior to my BA and now I am counting down the weeks until I can wear underwire. (Currently a 10DD but too early to say my finally size ). 9) i was hoping to feel better about myself when I am naked- check and check. I do . Laying down and seeing boobs is a lovely and sexy feeling! 10) they are going to be hard and ugly at first - ok well they are pretty hard. I cannot wait for them to soften up... Sometimes it gets me down but I know they will get better. And also my boobs were pretty from day 1 of surgery. They never went through an ugly stage... Just a high stage... But were never weirdly shaped or anything. This was a lovely surprise and I think a very rare one! this of course- is a document of MY personal experience and I honestly can't even begin to tell u how important it is that you realise how diverse everyone's experiences are going to be. I might also add that boob greed is only going to eat you alive if you compare to everyone else. Mine went away when I took a step back and realized I got exactly what I wanted. If you have any questions please don't hesistate to ask as I'm happy to share details . Overall i reccomend breast augmentation to anyone. I think it's a lovely gift to yourself and if it's going to help you feel more confident and over all happy then you should do it! Although- don't expect it to entirely change ur life! Xxx em
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    Boob selfie!

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    Ok so this was day 3 ? and the next is 5 weeks ?
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    Hello. I have been away for a while from this forum, but have recently come back. I had my breast augmentation done last year - December 2013. Even though I am generally happy with my implants, I thought I would let others know of my experience and what I learned. Me: Age 37, 5'3, 48 kilos, mother of 1 Implants: Natrelle 410 cohesive gel anatomical (Gummy Bear type) 255 - under the muscle 1. Research implants and surgeon carefully I really wish I had spent more time consulting more surgeons about the implant type that is best for me. I am quite petite and I did some research and thought I wanted the anatomical cohesive gel implants. I wish I had gone to a major city and met with more surgeons and had more consultations about all the different types of implants available to me and what is best for me. In the end, I went with the Natrelle 410 anatomical, under the muscle. Without clothes on, they look really good. However, my implants are very hard - not soft at all! I wish I had known how hard they would be. They do not bounce at all! Every time I lie on my stomach, it hurts. No one told me how hard breasts implants feel. I know it is not the same for every woman, but I am quite small and do not have much body fat and the implants feel like hard rocks. I wish I had been given the opportunity to feel some breast implants and touch them on a real woman. Mine just don't move! Anatomical - they are bigger/fuller on the lower part of the breast. You will not get as much cleavage to show off as rounds - but they do look good and more natural when you are naked. In my opinion, they don't give you as much upper breast round cleavage that lingerie models have. They look wider, rather than higher (if that makes sense). Rounds - they appear fuller up in the top part of the breast (the upper pole) and will give you more cleavage - the round lingerie model type of cleavage. In my opinion, they don't look as natural when naked - they look very round, but they look really good in lingerie and tops. I went back to my surgeon several times - was worried about CC and them being hard etc. - and he examined me and said there is nothing wrong and I just need to give my body more time to adjust. I wish I had chosen a different surgeon as well as when I was in pain, he didn't seem to care and wanted to get rid of me. My advice to others is to ask around, see as many surgeons as possible and ask if they have clients you can see and talk to about it! I used the internet a lot and I wish I had known how hard Natrelle 410 are! I guess that is partly why I am writing this; to help others It has now been 12 months since my surgery and even though the implants have softened a little, they are still very hard. I also wish I had known about all the different types of implants. I think I would have liked to have gone a bit bigger, but with less projection at the side (side boob). I went with MF (medium height, full projection) - I have a lot of side boob and I think it is a bit too much for me. In hindsight, I wish I had consulted more doctors and known about all the different implant types available (there are a lot out there!). Next time, I will definitely go with something soft! 2. Be well prepared for the surgery I'm not going to lie - the surgery does hurts and, for me, the first 3 days after the surgery were the worst. Cook food, have clean clothes and be prepared to do as little as possible. Some tips I learnt: Wash your hair/shave your legs etc. before the surgery. It will be a few days before you can do it again... Take a pillow so when you drive home from the hospital, you have something soft between your chest and seatbelt! Buy a big soft beanbag to sleep on when you get home. You will be sleeping upright for a few days! Have some laxatives on hand - the pain killers can unfortunately block you up Have a few sports bras/surgical bras ready - as well as some button up tops Your bra size will change somewhat over 2-4 months after the surgery - so just be prepared for that. I can't wear some of the bras I bought 1 month after it as they are now way too big 3. Choose carefully who you will tell about your implants I kept my breast implant surgery very quiet as I didn't want many people to know. I told one friend and asked her not to tell people, but she went around telling everyone. Some people just love to gossip. I really wish I hadn't told her. Some people who know about my implants DO treat me differently and I feel some have been a bit judgmental. I'm happy to talk to anyone who has questions about my type of implant or just wants to chat. I know how daunting the whole process is....but it's very exciting too! Good luck ladies x
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    Patience is the key to surviving your over thinking and analysing mind after a breast op. I went through soooo many stages of loving and hating my boobs. And now after 9 months you can see how much they changed from day 1. Stay positive and give it a year I say! Good luck xx
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    First photo is 2 days post op second photo is 5 weeks. 415cc XHP overs. Im hoping they fluff more, I have major boob greed haha
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    Boob selfie!

    Wow everyone looks fab!! So many beautiful boobs ??? Just wore a bikini for the first time since getting them, 4 months post op. Edited to add: well it's the first time in public wearing a bikini, of course I've tried on 1000 of them since I've had boobs!! ?
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    Lift scars

    Any ladies who are considering not getting a lift please don't worry about the scarring. I have added new photos of my scars at 7 weeks post op and I couldn't be happier. Just trying to put your minds at ease
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    The attention big boobies draw

    May get attention in this (no bra day-um!) i just bought it from Sheike if anyone wants to get it, it's a bodysuit ?
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    Older ladies and BA's

    like to talk to me?? had a ba and bl last year and am 72 years old
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    More recent pic: Day 1 post op and then 5 months post op
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    New boobies out on show

    Here is a pic, I mean in real life the project out quite a bit on me as I got HP but then I love that they do. They're not too crazy that's for sure. Actually that's a bad lighting picture.. you can't even see it very well.
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    Boob selfie!

    11 weeks post op!
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    Boob selfie!

    11 days post op ??
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    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    I wasn't ever worried about size but here is 3days PO and exactly 4 months PO
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    My new boobies

    So I'm 9 days post op and feel like my normal self... Except I have these! recovery was pretty good. I've had one bad day which was day 3. Other than that I feel great! Looking after the kids again with no issues and even slept on my side last night and woke up WITH NO MORNING BOOB! i had 370cc HP unders. and here are my new twins!!
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    love and glitter xo

    Boob selfie!

    Sparkle boobieessss
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    I was sitting too close at the dinner table and knocked a glass of water over with my boobs.
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    Boob selfie!

    First time wearing a cossie 4 weeks post op
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    Ruined!! :( :(

    Mine were absolutely horrific for 6 or 8 weeks, one of my nipples pulled inwards in a dent like yours, and swelling pulled them in different directions, so they were super wonky. They ended up fine - truly, everyone heals differently, although it would be great to get some reassurance from your PS, you need to ignore them for a month or so, they've got a lot of healing to do. Feel free to FR me if you'd like to see some truly scary PO boobs which did come good.
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    Hey girls!! So I just left my consult and am feeling MUCH better about it all! Dr Kollias said that he dropped one of ny breast creases to even up my boobs instead of using diff sized implants which is why there is a tiny bit of 'loose' skin at the bottom of my right breast. He said the size looks great but I could benefit from a small lift where he would also make my areolas smaller *yay* at no cost to me!! So ive got an appointment in dec, he said lets reassess then. Thank you all for your advice and support! So glad I but the bullet and made the appointment im so happy with how its panned out!!
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    I wore a string bikini to the beach last Summer. I decided to do some boogie boarding as there were some good waves. I got a wave but then got unceremoniously dumped. When I came up out of the water, I saw an older man giving me a funny stare. I thought "why the hell is he looking at me for??". Then I realised. One of my boobs had popped out! Because I was still numb, I couldn't feel the cold air on it. Lol! Needless to say, I tightened my top a lot more tighter before I caught the next wave.
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    love and glitter xo

    Boob selfie!

    It's so comfy! Definitely worth purchasing. Here I am wearing one myself, wieee. This is my 'waiting for fake tan to cook on my skin so I can wash it off already' selfie. Holy moly does bronzing make them look so much better!
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    Hi ladies! I thought it would be funny if we started a thread where we put in things that we have noticed since we got boobs that have made us laugh. I'll kick it off with a few; *boob sweat, it's real lol *shimmying is way more fun and kinda has a purpose now *fitting through tight spots in car parks.......my boobs have gotten to know many more car side mirrors than before *i randomly catch myself feeling myself up unintentionally ? *ive gotten to second base with a few more doors (my fridge, my car, my office) than I used to anyone care to add some?
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    Before and after

    Well today I finally received my before pics from my surgeon. I never took any myself because I never wanted to see them again. i nearly cried when I seen them. I only wish I had my BA 20 year ago. thanks for looking
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    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    First pic 1 week post op Second pic 5 weeks post op Third pic 2 weeks post op Fourth pic pre op Right 350, Left 325, HP round unders with full anchor lift. Hoping to see more lift ladies show some drop and fluff pics too - Is the d&f process similar to straightforward ba's or totally different??? Super happy with my boobs now - my befores were atrocious!
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    Before D&F and after D&F pics please

    I thought i would add another picture. I cant believe how much change there is in two weeks. Top pic is day 1, then day 6, then 2 weeks which is today ?
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    Ok, well I have to preface this by saying that I'm still pretty small, but I wasn't after huge boobs anyway - just wanted to replace what I had lost. So I had surgery on Wednesday morning (after my little freak out the night before ?). The morning of my surgery I was excited and a bit nervous about the result and recovery, but the morning went smoothly (and quickly) and all the nursing staff were amazing. I met with my anesthetist and she was super nice, and then I met with my surgeon who a great deal of time to draw over my chest....during which I actually managed to make him laugh (had barely seen him crack a real smile before then). After running through my chart for like the 5th time with someone different, they took me into the theatre and I jumped up on the bed. I took a deep breath and made some joke about the music playing....think it was a Daryl Braithwaite number ?....and then felt the initial woozy-ness of the GA kicking in. I woke up in a fair bit of pain and they dosed me up a few times over the next 15-30mims with painkillers. My boobs were numb and felt fine, but the muscle/tendons that join my shoulders to my pecs felt like they had been terribly abused - certainly hadn't expected to feel that much pain in that location. The nurse explained that they put your arms in an awkward position for a fair while during the procedure which causes the pain....felt like I could have done some stretches to prepare had I known that. The first 4-5hrs were pretty shite as I was nauseous and in quite a bit of pain. That night I wasn't in too much pain (compared to earlier) and could get an hour of sleep here and half hour there at the most. Sleeping propped up on the pillows took a little getting used to. Day 2 PO and I felt substantially better, but I still needed anti-nausea meds and was still taking panadiene fort. I have to say that Jatz biscuits were my saviour - it was the only thing I could stomach! I could get up and go to the toilet myself, I had good arm movement and generally could do most things, but I was being really conscious not to engage my pec muscles - soooo many things you do involve your pecs!! Day 3 PO and I feel great. I'm up and about tidying up (my partner has a different standard of 'tidy' than I do and so I can't help myself lol), I got my own breakfast and I'm off all the pain killers and anti-nausea tablets - yippee! I'm still carrying a fair bit of extra fluid though - in my boobs and particularly on each side of my torso My boobs are still sitting quite high/tight and are a bit weird looking (and a bit smaller than expected), but I'm super pleased that I'm over the hump and can't wait to see what my girls are going to be like once they d&f! I will upload some pics in a sec... Please tell me that they will get bigger when they d&f! ?
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    Unhappy with size

    Whoa baby, don't fret yet! I really wish surgeons would spend more time educating people on this bit as it's really important. First of all you were tiny to start with, he's basically had to cut your pec muscle and put balls behind them. Now doing what muscles do best it is staying firm and holding that implant down so all you can see is tiny baby mounds. The best is yet to come! The pec muscle with soften and allow the implant to come forward, take shape and get bigger. Yes they get bigger! Definitely not smaller. The first week they look like horrific mounds on your chest and in weeks and months to come they take shape and get better. I would think you will get a good D out of those perhaps even DD, don't even get upset yet.
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    Boob selfie!

    So I noticed it's getting a little hot in here and I personally have not had enough coffee to cope with negativity just yet (even though I appreciate every single opinion on here, ? you guys!) How bout you gorgeous post op ladies drop a boob selfie or 2 and make us all smile again! OMG I'm a pervert.... Just super excited about getting mine done in feb 16 and love checking you all out!
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    Share a little about you...

    So in an attempt to bring back the Psf love this is a fun thread to get to know each other. Obviously don't give your identify away but I bet we have so many amazing lives amongst us! Lemme start i am in my 30s, a registered nurse and work in the plastics/cosmetic industry. I was born to do this and so happy to be living my dream job! i am single and have a dickhead magnet radar that pulls them in from miles away! I live with my 2 small dogs who are my world, I am an avid animal lover and so passionate about all living creatures i have been banned from my dog forum about 4 times now ? I am addicted to fashion particularly australian designers so if anyone ever wants to talk this I'm your girl ? so tell me about you....
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    Boob selfie!

    Now 8.5 months post op! Wish lefty would catch up to righty a bit! But I love them!!!! And love this thread! ?
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    hey Ladies, Most you wouldnt know me but l was regular on here a couple of years back. I was all booked in to get my boobs done in Thailand , flights booked, accommodation booked, procedure booked then found out my lovely hubby of 10 months got himself a 23yr old girlfriend. l cancelled and lost a couple of grand. Two years later lm now 2 weeks off finally getting my boobs lve waited so patiently for. Its funny how many ppl think lm getting them for male attention and dont understand lm doing it 100% for me. I dont need boobs to get attention from men. l thought id just drop by and say hi and lm back and will post pics. lve breastfed 3 kids and have the empty sock look going on. lm 42 175cm and roughly 68kgs. I wear a 14b but could probably fit an A and hoping to go to about a D. Lots of people are asking if lm scared or nervous and lm not in the slightest. After 42 years of being the president of the itty bitty titty committee lm ready to be thrown out of the club. Jacqui
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    My BA with Dr Miroshnik

    Hi ladies, today is day 3 post op for me so I thought I'd share my journey so far. Just a warning this is an essay To be perfectly honest getting a boob job was never something I had ever considered. I have always had small boobs but they were full and perky and I had always told myself I would rather have small real boobs than big fake ones. I also tried to make myself feel better about small boobs by telling myself that when I got hit on by a guy at least I knew it wasn't because of my boobs! I had heard that after you have babies your boobs shrink but I thought I would not fall into that category as I didn't see how they could possible get any smaller......how wrong I was about that one!! After having two bubs and breastfeeding both my boobs not only shrunk but they sagged and became deflated. The only things that got bigger were my nipples. Yuck! A friend of mine who had similar boobs to my pre baby ones got a boob job while she was back in the US visiting family and they were amazing. Not large she got 265cc rounds unders but I thought they looked great and just what I wanted mine to look like. For me knowing someone who had such natural looking implants really changed my views and I started to think that maybe it was an option I would consider. I finished breastfeeding my baby in Feb this year and within a month got to see the true results of what my boobs would be looking like for the rest of my life. I hated them so much; even to the point where I didn't want my husband to look at them or touch them and I started wanting to have the lights off when we had "playtime". I decided that this was no way to live so I started to entertain the idea of getting a BA. I spent the next 6 months doing research. I started with all of the medical side of things first like the different types of implants you can get, how they are put in, side effects, horror stories, long term effects, longevity etc. Then I stated to look at where to get them done. I heard a lot about Thailand as I know they are well known for trans-gender surgery so have surgeons with great skill and reputations. My only reservation with Thailand was that I knew you needed follow up appointments which wouldn't be done face to face and also if there were any complications I would prob need to head back overseas or pay for a surgeon here to fix any issues. Also I have a friend from Thailand who is a nurse and she mentioned that all the Thai's are heading to Korea for their work now so I decided that was too much hassle to save a few thousand dollars. I then started to research here in Sydney. For me the choice between a Cosmetic surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon was a pretty simple one. If I was going to get this done I was happy to pay for someone I considered to be an expert in the field of Plastic Surgery. Google became my best friend and that is how I stumbled across this forum. The info on here is amazing and I loved reading everyones stories and searching all sorts of info to help me make my choice. Once I found a few surgeons I liked the sound of I started to check out their websites, instagram and facebook accounts. Their credentials and reviews were all great so it really came down to who's work I liked the best. Because I wanted to look as natural as possible and not go too large Dr Miroshniks pics appealed to me the most. I rung and booked a consult for Sept. He was great, had such an easy manner and was very matter of fact. Made jokes and put me at ease. Basically as soon as I took my top off he said "this is what we need to do and don't worry I'll make you look amazing" To me he seemed so experienced and knowledgeable. I went home and chatted to my husband and paid my deposit the next day. I booked for Dec as I knew my hubby would be off for two weeks to help look after the kids. Basically between Sept and Dec I became obsessed with this site, looking up as much as I could, reading loads of stories and going through a few emotions of whether I was doing the right thing or not. Everyone I told was really supportive and the only ones who had reservations were those concerned about that fact I was having surgery which always carries risks. I had a freak out on Thursday when I received the call from the hospital to tell me what time I had to be there the following day as I think that was when reality actually kicked in. I had to be at the hospital at 8 for a 9am surgery which I was happy about as there would be no waiting around all day. I went to the East Sydney Private Hospital and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff there. Everyone I encountered was so friendly, joked with me made sure I was feeling ok every step of the way and I knew that I was going to be in great hands. Dr M came in to measure me up and he caught me eyeing off his coffee and joked that it was a bit mean of him to bring it in so he'd put it on the other side of the room so I wouldn't try and steal it! We just chatted about stuff while he drew some artwork on my chest. They all seemed very good at keeping me distracted from what was actually going on. He gave me a wink as he left the room and said "don't be nervous everything will be fine" The anaesthetist Dr DaSilva came in next to chat about his side of things and again he was very professional and friendly. I was taken into the theatre which was a bit daunting as I haven't had surgery before. I lay down on the bed and they chatted to me about Christmas while putting the cannula in my arm and the next thing I knew I was waking up to someone calling my name. I was very groggy and just wanted to sleep and could feel a tight sensation on my chest. Once I was a bit more with it the nurses put on my sexy new bra, got me dressed and moved me to the recovery area where I demolished the food they gave me; yoghurt, crackers and cheese, chocolate cake, a bottle of water and a coffee. Dr M came to visit to tell me all went well and I just hung out till hubby came to collect me. We stopped at the chemist on the way home to collect my cocktail of drugs and then headed home. The pain was fine as I still had the local active so it wasn't until later on that I felt a bit more tender. The pain has def not been as bad as I expected. I feel like I have engorged Milk boobs and like someone has punched me in the ribs and I am surprised that I have pain below my ribs in the spot between ribs and belly button but with the meds its totally manageable. Have heard some bubble noises in my left boob but I know that's just a bit of fluid moving around. My boobs are high, hard and swollen. They seem huge to me but I know they will become smaller so I am very happy with the size (I chose 295cc dual plane anatomicals). Sleeping is a pain as I'm a tummy sleeper but the endone and vallium knock me out so I can deal with that. Not sure how my back will be after two weeks of sleeping like this but I'll deal with that when I need to. Have been doing my exercises and icing my boobs and am much more mobile than I thought. My biggest concern was dealing with my kids. My 4 year old is great as I can explain that mummy has a sore back and shoulders and he needs to be very gentle with me. (he's been stroking my back before I go to bed which is nice) My little one doesn't understand why I cant carry him or cuddle him so that's a little hard but he's been getting extra attention from his dad so that makes up for it. Had a bowel movement today Yah! Senokot, Baked Beans and a coffee seemed to do the trick! Overall I have had an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone. I am so happy with my choice of Dr Miroshnik and can't wait to see my end results sometime in the next 9-12 months. I have boobs YAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I have some pics of day of surgery in my gallery if anyone would like to have a look. If you made it to the end of this essay thanks for reading my story
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    Joadster's BA Journey

    Hi Ladies... Hope I don't repeat myself too much from all the other posts I've submitted, but just wanted to write about my recent experience of my long awaited BA. After 18 months of researching surgeons for my long awaited BA, it was glaringly obvious that Dr M was the man for the job. I read so many great reviews prior to this forum changing, and continued to read both his reviews and looked at every photo I could find hahaha. My surgery wasn't quite as straight forward as a regular BA due to already having a nipple reduction and then a breast lift almost 18 months prior. I'd spoken to a couple of surgeons prior but didn't feel right. Finally I made the call and arranged to send off my photos and await my phone consult with Dr M. After doing so much research, I knew what I wanted, just not the size. I was amazed how at ease I was talking to Dr M. Everything I knew I wanted eg, teardrops, a natural look, dual plane, etc was the recommendations he had for me immediately. This alone gave me great confidence. A few weeks later I was booked for surgery. I had a consult with Dr M in his Bondi office and surgery to be the following day at The East Sydney Hospital. My partner and I flew to Sydney, and turned up at Dr M's clinic. It was so lovely. Staff were polite and happy. I sat there both excited and anxious as to whether I was making the right decision. Finally Dr M called me into his room. They had all just came back from the festive break so Dr M said it was a bit frantic lol. I had in mind the look I wanted but this was not really an option. It really had more to do with my measurements and what would look right. In hindsight I can see now that I may think I want a certain size but when that size has to fit In my personal breast pocket it's not necessarily right for me. I had in mind under 300's but like Dr M said, he could give me smaller implants, but they'd be all at the front with no side boob. To have a full breast I would need between 375- 440cc... This just put me in an absolute spin because I didn't want big boobs, just full ones lol. I wore the sizers and looked in his mirror and thought omg!!! They're huuuuuuuge!!! Hahaha. Dr M told me to wear them for a while as he wrote all his numbers and diagrams down and I must admit I was a little more comfortable with the size after checking myself out for ten minutes lol... I asked my partner if he thought they looked too big and both he and Dr M laughed. Apparently this is impossible in a mans eye lol. I agreed to the lower 375cc, got dressed and was then introduced to Tara who finalised all the paperwork for surgery and told me that the hospital would call to give me the time if arrival and time to fast. My head was doing head miles in and off all night. Finally I got to sleep but then woke at 4:00am stark raving mad!! Am I making the right decision? Are they too big? Am I doing this for me? If I'm going to pull out, it better be now!! Hahahaha omg!!! Thank God for ladies on this site that got me through!! Spent all morning sight seeing to keep my mind occupied. Went back to our Hotel which was literally across the road from the hospital. Had a rest for an hour and then walked across for my new boobies! Was only waiting in the waiting room a short time when the nurse came to get me. Gave me my sexy tie up nighty with a waffle dressing gown, theatre slip ones and my red hair hat lol. Gave me a bed and took all my obs. Soon after Nurse Emily came to take me to a private room. She was wonderful and made me feel so confident that I was in the hands of an amazing team! She put a heater hose under my blanket as I rested on a big leather recliner... Wasn't long and the anethatist came in and told me all that he'd be doing. He was lovely too! The heater hose made me so warm and relaxed that I fell asleep! I couldn't believe it lol... Then gorgeous Dr M arrived. A quick recap of what was happening and he then made is artwork all over me lol... Felt like a pattern lol. Then in I went where they made me super comfy and within moments I was out to it. Woke up in recovery with a bit of pain and the nurse came over immediately with pain relief. I had my first quick glance at my new girls and it was soooooo emotional!! I had tears in my eyes of happiness!! It was love at first sight!!! Hahahaha I was soooooo happy! I was given a little bit more pain relief and had a rest until I woke again. Dr M came in and told me that all went well and he was happy. I couldn't help but giggle and said I had a quick look and I'm VERY happy with them! Hahaha... I had a male nurse who was absolutely lovely!! He made me a cup of coffee exactly how I liked it, got me some wonderful gluten free food and put on my first big bra hahaha. I couldn't stop looking down at my new boobies. I was so excited for my man to come in lol. Next minute in walked Vic with a smile from ear to ear!! He could not believe that I was sitting up all alert and smiling and eating lol. He had gotten himself prepared for me to be crying and hardly unable to move lol. He was so happy that I was so happy. Then I showed him my new girls and I think he fell in love with me all over again hahaha!!, Next minute my daughter calls me on FaceTime lol... The male nurse saw me holding up my phone and said "Are you taking selfies already!!!" Hahahahaha... Everyone in the room heard my daughter and was laughing at how amazed she was that I just woke from getting boobies, was sitting up and laughing getting ready to leave in the next ten minutes lol. A few ppl in the room were all joining in on the conversation and laughing hahahaha it was so cool! Finally we just walked across the road to our hotel. I was so comfy with lots of pillows. Had a rest and actually went downstairs for dinner. Had a good night sleep and then went down for a huge buffet brekky the next morning. My mother and sister in law visited me at the Hotel the day after surgery and we all went out for lunch. I was very tired after that and just rested. Major swelling on my sides under my armpits right down to the bottom of my ribs but that only lasted a couple of days. Of course my boobs are very swollen, odd shaped and high but I couldn't care less!! Just looking forward to the recovery process now. I'm so happy, we had a huge sight seeing day and night yesterday over Sydney. What a wonderful experience it all was. The only negative I can think of was not getting a very very strong laxatives as the anaesthetic and pain meds made me extremely constipated. Apart from that, from day 1 I could shower myself, brush my hair, dress myself and see all the sights of Sydney as long as I took it easy and walked slowly, no power walking hahahaha I might add Before surgery I ate gluten, sugar and dairy free! Whilst in Sydney I ate Buffet Breakfasts, Indian, Italian, Brazilian you name it, cakes, biscuits etc lol... Hence with new boobs, swelling, and my naughty diet I have gained 4kg!! Lol if you have read all of my story I am totally amazed, but this has been one of the best experiences of my life with absolutely no regret <3 Thank you to all of the ladies who supported me through it all <3
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    Big Booty Judy

    This article makes me angry

    http://coach.ninemsn.com.au/2016/01/08/11/20/to-boob-job-or-not-to-boob-job Ok ok I know it's not "news" and it is just an opinion piece, but today I read this article on ninemsn and it has made me very angry. I can't vent anywhere else as I haven't shared my boob news widely yet, and I can't comment on the article because that function isn't enabled, so I'm sorry but I'm venting here! There is just so much wrong with this article. To say that a woman can't have a BA for herself, but is doing it for someone else, is just bullshit. And to encourage the husband to talk her out of it is unfair. What it should say is that a BA is a personal decision, and while perhaps the husband should reassure the wife that he loves her boobs the way she is, if she chooses a BA, he should support and respect her decision. And to insinuate a BA will be the beginning of a life of PS?! Grrrr. I am angry because if there are women out there that are considering a BA and read this stupid article, they may be discouraged not to go ahead with it, even though deep down it's something they really want to do. Sorry. I'm angry because I had my BA for myself. Not for anyone else. Not to impress anyone else. Not because my husband didn't love my pre-BA boobs. Just for me.
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    Boob selfie!

    5 months post op
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    Boob selfie!

    here's mine in honey birdette. still wish they were bigger but growing more satisfied over time
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    TCI..dont say i didn't warn u

    If i can spare just 1 person from the embarrasement, shame and disgust i feel caused purely from using this clinic then thats enough for me. I know plenty of people are happy, and every surgeon has bad reviews but this is my experience and the purpose of this forum is too help eachother out. If you haven't had your surgery yet, or are thinking about booking in with them i urge you to reconsider!! Before i went through with my op, i used this forum 2 find out if anyone was 1 year post op and happy with their results, no one responded. Should have been my first clue. Unfortunately i was to eager 2 get boobs i dismissed it. I was nieve and remember thinking "they do this everyday, they will know what they are doing, every surgeon has good/bad reviews (even though there were no bad reviews at this point, that should of been clue #2) and they wouldnt be in business if they weren't good." Everything i tried to convince myself not 2 be worried about came back to bite me in the ass. I had my surgery in Nov last year, my right implant was too high, i had a revision to just drop my right implant, sounds simple enough right? Apparently not. My right implant is now to low and looks deformed, my boobs are really obviously lop sided u can notice it in a singlet! I went back for my post op checkup and i was told i need 2 drop my left implant 2 match my right..i had no intention of using these idiots again, so i told them what i thought of them and i left. The past 3 days my scar has been aching and burning, right boob is looking deformed and im pretty sure its either infected or in the early stages of bottoming out. Its destroyed my confidence, my husband hasnt even seen my boobs since ive re done them! im so embarrased, i feel disgusting i really just want to get them taken out. Honestly ladies, They are great up until something goes wrong. I get it might not go wrong for you, but it could. How eager do you think you'll be for summer when your boobs are lopsided? I wont even get a spray tan because im that paranoid about it. I know every op carries risk, but you reduce that risk majorly when you use a plastic surgeon. All im saying is, Don't be fooled by the pristine white walls, friendly faces behind the counter, helpful nurses and informative surgeons, apperances are just that, apperances.
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    Pic 1 - Day 1 Pic 2 - 2.5 weeks + 4 weeks Pic 3 - 2 months Pic 4 - 10 months
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    How much did you pay?

    Hidden costs; possible revision. See a plastic surgeon doll.
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    Boob selfie!

    Can't get enough of this thread ?
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    My awesome experience

    Hey guys just thought i would write about my exp with Dr Chan. From my first conversation with his lovely receptionist Annette i had a great feeling. Then My first appt I just loved how comfortable he made me feel. He really listened to what I wanted to achieve and then told me the best way to get me that result in his opinion. I eagerly counted down the 9 weeks from booking my surgery to surgery day. With a few freak outs about size and surgeon I had so much great advise from the girls on this forum and i listened to myself too, I chose my surgeon for a reason, and i needed to trust in that. So i did. I got sick the week before surgery so all my prep work was halted and i was forced to rest and recover before my anaes apt a few days before surgery. Well all was well and i was cleared for surgery On the mon morning I had to be there by 8 am and take my pre meds shortly after. ` I arrived at 7:15 am and took my premed and waited to be called up to do my paperwork and pay for my hospital fees. That was done and i went back to my seat and not long after was called to go thru to my room, where i was asked to go to the toilet and get changed into my gown and just leave my undies on under it. They brought me heaps of warmed blankets to keep me comfy also they said it is best to keep our temp higher than lower pre op as when we go under our temp drops and if it is already at the lower end that is when we wake with the shakes. I was in the room waiting with my boyfriend just chatting to pass the time and a nurse came in and checked my name on my bands and files and my allergies etc and said ok we are going to take u thru so say ur see u laters, My bf gave me a kiss and said see u on the boobieside and i was wheeled away on my bed. In the next room it was just 3 patients including me in that area waiting for our theatres to be ready for us. There was a guy in there having an op on his shoulder and a woman getting a titanium hip, they were lovely we all laughed and talked together about how hungry we were and what we would have our partners get us for our first meals lol It was 9:30 and u would think we had been starved for days haha. Then at 10 am It was my turn and my name bands and charts were checked and i was wheeled in to theatre where I saw Dr Chan who greeted me with a smile and spoke to me very calmly while marking me up. I was instantly calm when i saw him. And then my anaes came in i was so happy to see her too. They popped more warm blankets on me and got me to hop onto the operating table so i was positioned correctly. and in went all my needles and iv line. Next thing i knew i was getting sleepy haha i was chatting away to my theatre team and my anaes said ok lauren its time to drift off don't fight it just let urself drift away to sleep. lol Next thing i woke up and had amazing boobies. I was bandaged and dressed lol i had drains in too. My nurse was just stroking my forehead taking to me when i woke and said congrats everything has gone beautifully and no complications. I was in disbelief as i was not in pain haha i felt really tight across the chest like i was in a corset but not in pain. I kept sneaking a look down the top of my bandages and was really happy with what i could see. I was then wheeled back to my room where my bf was waiting for me. He gave me a kiss and asked how i felt and i apparently sang a lil song about having boobies haha It was about 2 pm when i asked if i could go to the toilet and the nurses were impressed that i was happy to get up and move only an hr after i was woken after surgery so after that they said i could be discharged when i felt i was ready. The car ride home was the worst for me, I felt really dizzy and threw up when i got out of the car. But after that i was ok. I went and showed my kids that i was home and ok then went to sleep on my pillow fort on the couch. I was in and out of sleep that night and the next day and surprised by the lil amount of pain ( although i was staying on top of meds so i didn't get a shock.) I then had my drains removed on the wed which sucked a lil as i was due for my meds by then, even still it didn't really hurt just uncomfortable. And i got to see my new boobies ..... I was IN LOVE!!! I told Dr Chan I loved his face and he laughed and gave me a lil hug. I was laid down by the nurse and shown the massage i needed to be doing 4 x a day. and then fitted into my post op bra for day and night for the next month. And since then I have showered and had my gf rebraid my hair and been resting watching tele and constantly looking at my boobs from the top view haha yep and feeling them. I love how they just sit there all perky and full!! BEST DECISION EVER!!!! I am solo glad i chose Dr Chan as my surgeon and believe he has given me MY perfect boobies!! yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! Loving my size and shape and just all of my boobie experience so far.!!! Anyway sorry for dribbling on and i hope i can help at least one other girl how all of you helped me. If there is any questions feel free to message me or just ask away on here. I will be putting up a pre op pic too soon.
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