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    Sports bra recommendations

    Funny I’ve just read the recommendations on sports bras. I went bra shopping and bought 2 x sexy lacy wirefree bras (I can’t believe sexy wirefree exists!). I tried on the Berlei sports bra (unsure which exact one) and it was incredible. I jumped up and down in the fitting room and my boobs didn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately it does have underwire in it and until I see my surgeon in January I’m not allowed to wear wired bras but once I’m cleared I will be buying it. I got 2 x Lorna Jane high neck bras which I wear over a crop. Fairly supportive for the treadmill, etc but looks like I’m not going to be running until mid January. Also if you are in Perth I highly recommend Hidden Lace in Subiaco. Yes a lot of the stuff is expensive $90 bras but the ones I chose were on sale for $39.95 each. They are very good at fitting. One of the bras I tried was not sitting in between my cleavage but on top of it. My fitter straight out said it wasn’t a good fit. They also sell post surgical bras for those who are pre op. That’s where I got mine.
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    I know its pretty easy for us to say but if you can for the first week to 10 day's try not to lift your youngest as you risk internal damage, like what Cupcake said nappy changes on the floor, nap time on the kiddy flip out sofa and maybe your older child could help you lift your youngest in/out of the bath . Definitely pre prepare some meals ahead of time to freeze as you probably wont feel up to cooking for the first few days and if you do have to lify your little one like Sabp said squat down have them put their arms around your neck and legs around your waist hands under their bottom then stand using your legs (do not bend and scoop) . Best of luck with the surgery and hope recovery goes well
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    Pre and Post Op expectations and advice

    Please do not lift your little one if your post op instructions say not to. I have been doing nappy changes on the floor. At bath time my 6 year old carefully lifts her nearly 2 year old brother in and then out of the bath. For nap time could you get one of those kids fold out sofas? My boy is in a toddler bed as he was climbing out of his cot a few months ago and we were scared he could hurt himself. My instructions were nothing over 2kgs for 6 weeks. I’m 3.5 weeks post revision. I will be honest I have lifted my 12.5kg son when I’ve had no choice. We were alone and he climbs in and out of his car seat but he fell asleep and he was having trouble waking I tried but he was just too tired. Apart from that I’ve followed the rules. I’m not sure how old your kids are but is the older one able to help?
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