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    Results are in - cancer free! So relieved.
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    New boobs take 2

    Hello every one, this is a very similar post to another thread I've just found so I'm sorry to repeat my self. I am so sorry to hear of your problems and anger. There has clearly been a number of communication break downs, mainly on my end of things. While I can't comment on specifics I would like to emphasize to all of you that if complications occur I am desperate to fix them. Cost is now a big problem because until the end of last year it was easy using Medicare and insurance to do any alterations for free. Now things have changed with a new set of criteria making revisions completely unfunded. There has obviously been issues with some quotes and if you would like to contact my rooms I would love to see you too make things right. I personally get very upset by any complications, but the thought that my patients would think I don't care is even more terrible. I understand if you have lost trust and choose to see another surgeon if you feel you have been badly treated and can only profusely apologise and explain I had no idea of your concerns until I read this forum. Dr Sam Cunneen
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    My journey back in time

    I'm 59...still, in 2 days I'll be 60, and, this is my 60th birthday present to myself. I knew I was going to have a face lift one day, and last year I thought now is the time, so I started researching. I read many reviews and watched many Youtube videos. Thailand seemed like my best option in terms of reputation and expense. However, when contacting places like Destination Beauty and Cosmeditour, and after considering several doctors I always had the feeling that it might not be reliable or safe, although the reviews were always good. So, I decided to do it at home in Sydney. I did my research, picked a reputable surgeon and went for a consultation. Well, a face lift was just going to be way too expensive, around 30K all inclusive but only an estimate, which never means less. So, I settled on having just the lower eyelids done, day surgery under general anaesthetic and ended up paying 10K total after the hospital sent me another bill for $1000 extra because the doctor took longer than expected. Anyway, 6 months later my eye bags were looking much better except for more crows feet at the sides (see images), so then the neck and jowls were still hanging there. I started researching Thailand again, knowing it was the only option unless I wanted to go with a cheaper, less experienced, accredited Sydney Doctor, who would charge 20K total. I came across Dr Chartchai's name here and in the Realself forums, and whenever his name came up people said he was highly regarded in the field, and is well known for the great work he does, and because of this he does charge more. I narrowed my research down to focussing just on him and was happy with what I found out. I decided this is my surgeon. I sent an email to the hospital with my photos and I also contacted Bodyline Patient Care - a company connected with Dr Chartchai. The quote came back as 420,000 bahts, which is roughly $19000 Australian, and so it was affordable, and I had the confidence I wanted in a surgeon. Janese of Bodyline Patient Care contacted me, and she led me through the whole procedure from start to finish. There was no need for me to think. She still rings me now. She's an Aussie and that does help. Surgery took 7 hours I am told, they do a full health check before it (unlike in Sydney), all the staff at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital were so nice. I had to shower with antiseptic cleanser before the operation (unlike in Sydney).The anaesthetist gave me gas to sleep before doing anything (unlike in Sydney where the needle was put into a vein in my hand while I was awake). After surgery I woke feeling very very drowsy and thirsty and couldn't talk. Janese was there to put a straw to my mouth and reassure me that all was good. Then I dosed off, woke up and Janese was there to spoon feed me some soup. I dosed off again and when I woke at 3 AM Janese was still there, and she told me she would go home now and come back later. At breakfast she was there, and by now I could sit up and eat some scrambled eggs (yummy) and juice. I didn't feel like any of the other food on the tray since it's not easy to eat, and this goes on for about 3 or 4 days, just soft foods. After the usual check ups through the day I had my shower (keeping head dry) and then at 2 pm I was discharged. Janese took me to Starbucks for coffee and cake, and then we got a taxi to the hotel. The Windsor Hotel, executive suite, all booked through Bodyline was a real treat. I had a beautiful view from the 31st floor, access to the executive dining room on the 32nd floor which looks over Bangkok city, and this is where I had breakfast, evening drinks and snacks, all inclusive. I had a nurse, Marie, from Bodyline stay with me the first night to give me ice packs and make sure I was comfortable. Janese took me to breakfast the next morning. On the 4th day we went out shopping, and then the shopping and tourism part of the experience continued until I left Thailand 2 weeks after arriving. I had fun. Janese knows Thailand very well, having worked there for 15 years with Bodyline Patient Care. Dr Chartchai turned out to be all I expected, and I think it's due to him and his skills that I am not in any discomfort and I can hardly tell where the scars are. How did my family react when I told them I was getting a facelift in Bangkok? They were very supportive, and had no issues with medical tourism. My sister came over a week after my surgery, and also got a little work on her eye area. Dr Chartchai made time for her. My sister and I have concluded that the medical standards and care at major hospitals like Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, are better than in Sydney. My huge private room with large screen TV and ensuite was more like a hotel room. It was also dead quiet and the nurses all have soft shoes and you don't hear them walking in. Dr Chatchai is very busy, therefore consultations are short, and he doesn't show you before and after images of his patients because he doesn't have to. If you don't choose him he has enough patients already. He doesn't need to compete or advertise. His website provides useful information, but no before and after images. I was fine with this. I am now 17 days post, and back home again, feeling good, although swollen and numb. I was always a little afraid of a facelift, but the lower eyelid surgery and recovery was worse in all ways. I can honestly say in my case there is nothing to having a facelift - no pain, hardly any discomfort so far, and my stay in Thailand was actually fun. I'm planning my next trip to Bangkok - a tummy tuck. I'll be using Dr Chartchai and Janese's services again. Now, about medical tourism. I have read this and agreed with it at the time 'surgery and tourism should never be in the same sentence'. Now I know different. I haven't seen many photos or read much about the holiday experience of medical tourism, so I've posted some images of my time there. Janese organised all our outings, and Marie, the nurse, came along too. When my sister and I went shopping with Marie as our guide, she insisted on carrying all our bags as we were her patients, and she patiently waited for us to choose clothes at MBK, and gave her advice on what to buy.
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    I HaveBoobs

    A bit concerned

    Thanks for all your replies girls and yes I'm hoping its just a cyst @sabP & @chrissy007 i have a referral for an ultrasound so need to make an appointment but will keep you all updated on how it all goes.
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    Thank you everyone and that is very interesting to hear. I didn’t realise day surgery was so popular for augmentations. For some reason it makes me very anxious even though I have had other day surgery procedures (medical reasons) before. I have decided that an overnight stay will be best for me and not so much pressure on my husband with the kids.
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    Yesterday was surgery day for me and wow that came up quick! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts on this forum and who has shared their journey. I haven’t posted much myself cause I’ve found all the info I’ve ever needed was already there with a quick search. The biggest help were the post op photos and comments saying that how they look straight away is not how they stay. I’ve gone under the muscle and without that knowledge I would have been so disappointed with how they look right now. But I know that through the d&f process they are going to keep looking better and better. So thanks again everyone xx
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    I HaveBoobs

    Drug Use After Boob Job

    I'll second the wait a few more weeks before you have a drink or a smoke (no judgment honestly ) but did you know that alcohol dilates your blood vessels and thins the blood which can lead to a hematoma (intern bleeding ) , i know you feel good at the moment and believe me when i say i did i had no pist op pain had full use of my arms ect ect, but you just had major surgery and your incisions are not yet healed, ask yourself this question do you really want to risk $8-10 K you sust spent on your perfect set of boobs . Whats a few more weeks to allow your body the best chance to heal , and to add if your smoking pot (or be using something else ) but you are putting toxins i your body while it is working very hsrd to repair the damage/trauma caused to it by having syrgery and it reduces the oxygen in your blood cells that is needed for new tissue growth. Not trying to preach just stating the facts ☺☺
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    pink butterfly

    Drug Use After Boob Job

    Your body is doing a lot of healing. I went back to work after having 2 weeks off, and that first week back at work really knocked me around. I didn't touch alcohol for a few weeks mainly because I wasn't craving it. At the moment, my advice to you is to make the best and healthiest choices to give your body a chance to heal. Maybe leave the alcohol and drugs for another month? Or as you said leave it for a couple of weeks but maybe go lightly with it first?
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    Take 3

    So I had my initial BA in 2016 and had 350cc subfascial. I was initially really happy and thought they looked great. Over time I began to feel they were too big for my frame and in particular, had too much upper pole fullness. In hindsight, I just hadn't mentally adjusted to having boobs. I'd always been very tall and skinny with A-cups and now I was noticing other women checking my boobs out! So... in 2018, I downsized to 275cc mod+. This doesn't sound like a big drop but it was pretty significant on my build. I'd dropped 1.2cm in projection, which meant they disappeared in clothes. I really looked like I hadn't had anything done! For the first month or 2, I thought this was great. However, the shape was affected a bit as I'd been larger and my nipples sat a little lower on my chest. They just looked flatter and even slightly droopy. I by no means needed a lift but they didn't look as perky as before. I thought that by downsizing I'd be able to push them up and play them up with padded bras, which I could. But they didn't look as good as I'd pictured. The shape just wasn't as good and I didn't really like how they looked in push-ups at all. ? Looking back at photos of my 350s, I realised what everybody else had tried to tell me the whole time. They were not too big at all and they looked much better in clothes and dresses than my current 275s. Ughhhh. It's amazing how much your own mind can mess with you because I honestly believed I looked huge with the 350s and that wasn't the case at all. ? So I decided to go for another consult at the end of last year and see if I could return to my previous size. The surgeon noticed I had some pretty significant rippling in my cleavage and we decided to go below the muscle (dual plane) this time around. He's since changed to motiva implants due to the concerns surrounding certain implants and ALCL. So we decided on 375cc full profile, which is basically the same dimensions as my previous implants just slightly more volume. I had my surgery today and everything went well. I'm now typing this because it's 3am and I can't sleep. ? I feel very tight in the chest this time around given my previous implants were overs. ? The nurse said they look a lot better than the 275s did in terms of shape and the muscle coverage has created a nicer slope. I really hope I'm happy with the overall outcome and there is no more surgery in the near future. I think my fiance' would kill me! ? I'll keep you updated. PS. These damn drains are a pain in the butt!
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    2 week post op pic

    Because I can’t upload it to my avatar and am useless at technology I will post it here. 2 weeks post op today. Tried on my old bikini top. Size 16 from Target. Filling it out so much better with my new implants. Opinions - would the top be ok to wear in public with high waisted bikini bottoms? As I will be with my kids. I’m having so much trouble finding a more covered up option without underwire. Even the crop Top style options I liked yesterday had underwire in them.
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    Anatomical concerns

    Hi Panda, have you you read any of my threads? I had 10 year old textured anatomical implants pain and swelling in left. Fluid was drained out twice and came back negative. I just had my implants replaced Tuesday to rounds. My surgeon wrote me an ultrasound referral without seeing me. If your surgeon won’t I’m sure your gp would be happy to write one and then depending on your results refer you either back to your original surgeon or to another. I had a little bit of capsular contracture in both breast as well as double capsule in both. My left had also rotated inwards.
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    Update on fluid

    Booked in for Tuesday the 17th September for the replacement of my implants.
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    Pain after Breast Lift & Augmentation

    Hey hun, it's perfectly normal to feel up and down and crappy and good, it's all part of the healing and recovery process I didn't have a lift and I'm sure that having both a lift and implants makes the recovery longer and more painful, so I do feel for you. if you feel you need to lay down at the end of the day go with it - just listen to your body and rest when you need to. Two weeks is still very early days and I promise you it will get better. Take it easy, appreciate that your husband can take time to help with the kids and give yourself the time and space to recover. You have had really major surgery and it will take a bit longer for you to start to feel normal But it will happen. Take it one day at a time and be patient and kind to yourself. We are here to offer you support whenever you need it xoxo
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    A bit concerned

    I have a couple of lumps since my implants and after an ultrasound it turned out to be cysts. Best to get checked out xo
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    @MellieMoo I just had surgery with Dr Kollias last week, I didn't get overs but I did get 450cc round dual plane and I am extremely happy with my results as are so many other girls that have used him, I understand your concern but i don't think you would be disappointed with him at all he really knows his stuff and I haven't came across anyone with a negative thing to say, he wouldnt recommend it if he didnt think he could give you amazing results. Just to ease any doubts you have get a second or even third opinion I think you will find the recommendations very similar if you see reputable surgoens, which will hopefully ease your nerves and if they are the same I'd definetly stick to Dr kollias not because he is cheaper but just because his work is truely amazing the lower price is just a bonus. I could not speak highly enough of him, when other girls said same thing i had my doubts and thought maybe they just overly excited but now ive done mine i can definetly say the same.. His price also includes a night stay in hospital where the staff are absolutely amazing, worth every dollar. A nurse there was telling me how she thinks Dr Kollias must be a real boob man as his work is always fantastic and how she had a niece who travelled to Sydney and paid 19k to get hers done and they are no where near as good as what Dr Kollias does.
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    So happy

    So today I made my goal weight! 55.1kgs so 100 grams off. Total loss of 63kgs which is an entire person. Just wanted to share as I'm so happy and proud of myself.
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    Post op instructions

    I know you posted a few days ago but just wanted to say the sleeping propped up on pillows is to help reduce the swelling. That’s what I was told. It encourages the swelling to move down the body or something.
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    pink butterfly

    Post Surgery info

    Zipped or button up tops/jumpers. Tracksuit pants or leggings. It is amazing how much we engage our chest muscles when we do even simple activities. The first 5 days will be the worst. But once you turn the corner, you will feel great. Good luck with your op!
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    Post Surgery info

    Count down is on and how exciting! Definitely no jumpers over your head! You will not be allowed to raise your arms above your head for the first 2 weeks anyway. I just wore comfy strecthy pants and a zip up top. Button up shirt and loose jacket will be fine too. Don’t wear skinny jeans either as you will not have the strength either to cinch them in and do them up ?
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    Pre op day today..... locking in a size/shape/profile today! Yippeeee... ohh and pay them off too! ? ? hahaha
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    I have to agree with the other ladies even though you were looking at women with simlar stats the same size implant will look very different on everyone as we all have our own unique breast footprint (like a finger print no two are exactly the same ), there is only 20cc which is about 2-3 table spoons between the two implants so like the others i think you'll still end up a C cup but the 295 might just give you that bit more fullness, wishing you luck with your surgery and welcome to the group ?
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    @pink butterfly and @sabP thank you both for your response. I think I’m just starting to freak out as the countdown is now on for my surgery. Plus I need to stop comparing my proposed implant size to everybody elses! When I remind myself of how I felt in the sizers I feel really good about it all ? I will let you know how it all goes ?
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    I have textured Silimed implants which are now no longer used here in Australia. I also got my implants 5 years ago. I just have had a mammogram + ultrasound and the implants are fine. I understand there are risks with this implant but at this stage I cannot afford to replace them. I will just keep a close look out on my health.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Implants look too small 6weeks out

    If you went under muscle placement then your muscles will still be compressing the implant, the reason they look small is because your post op swelling has almost subsided and you will soon be starting your drop n fluff stage which starts from about week 6 give or take and can last for up to the 1 year mark , yes its true you will loose a little upoer pole fullness( but not all of it) as its the law of gravity and you can't compete with gravity, as your tissues/muscles start to relax you will find that your breasts will start to grow, it is a process that takes months (mine kept growing up to 10 mpo then settled then at 14 mpo they changed again) give it time and take weekly pictures you'll be supprised at how much they change.
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    Implants look too small 6weeks out

    @Baileys agree with the girls comments above. At six weeks you are still early days and the drop and fluff has barely begun. You will notice significant changes over the next few weeks and months. Take weekly pictures so you can see the changes and try to be patient xo
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    6 weeks post op is early days! It can take up to a year for the D & F process to finish. You would still have some swelling and the muscles would still be tight after surgery. Try to give it time. x
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    Implants look too small 6weeks out

    @Baileys I haven't had mine done yet but I've seen lots of girls post op pics from day one and as far as 6 to 9 months on and they change dramatically and do seem to always look significantly bigger when the drop and fluff effect fully takes place which seems to take some time so wouldn't be to concerned yet give it a couple more months see if they get bigger. Search in the forum for "before d&f and after d&f pics" you can see the changes for yourself ?
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    4 weeks post reduction and lifr

    So thought I would provide some information around my reduction and lift as there doesn't seem to be heaps on here for surgery not requiring a BA. I was initially a very deflated 34E I finally bit the bullet and went for advice initially asking about a lift, I was advised I had very dense tissue in my breasts and could get away with a small reduction as well, was happy to go a bit smaller as always struggle with clothes that I want to wear v what had to wear. My only concern pre-op was around tha anaesthetic couldn't get my mind around the sleep one minute awake the next, but all went smoothly was given Temazepam as ore med and calmed any nerves. woke with a burning sensation around the nipples and verticals incision but pain relief helped, was given either panadol or oxycodone for pain, was planned for day surgery but unfortunately had vomiting post op and drop in BP so stayed over night, After that was pretty uneventful took panadene forte at night for 3 days and nurofen and panadol in day. Was difficukt sleeping on back as I love to sleep on my side but seemed to manage ok, pain was bearable more sore than painful. Was straooed up for first week and swollen so felt tight from the strapping was a relief to get removed, liked how the new boobs sat so was very happy. From there it has been weekly changing of the tape to incision lines, no major issues and healing well. My left nipple is numb but have full sensation in the right. I did develop a small blister as a reaction to the tape just near my cleavage all healed now. I had the op on a Saturday and went back to work after 10 days so was back the following Wednesday did feel tired at work the first 3 days. I am now starting to find that I sporadically sleep more often on my side again and this isn't painful so happy. I have been taking the crop too of for last 4 nights and have found I am less sore from doing this I think it irritates my horizontal incisions at night. I purchased a post op surgical bra from target to wear. The swelling has certainly reduced but the boobs remain pert and happy they are still a decent size currently around a 34 (12) D Have just brought an off the shoulder top which can wear with a bandeau bra. my incisions are still a little tender to touch, sometimes I get the sensation of my breast feeling full, a bit like they do premenstral but it's not that time. so far a very contented lady
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    I just want to play devils advocate here. I made the choice to get implants, and I love having boobs. But unfortunately I’m one of the ones where something has gone wrong and I need a revision (I had my op Dec 2017) and I knew within a couple of months I would have to get them fixed. Make sure you go with a surgeon who guarantees their work and will fix if anything goes wrong at minimal cost to you, otherwise you could be paying 2-3 times what you initially thought you would be. I have to make another appointment with my PS to discuss revision soon. This will also mean More time off work after another operation, so lost income on top of everything else as I am self employed. And Medicare and Private Health no longer cover any cosmetic procedures.
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    pink butterfly

    To tell or not to tell?

    This may sound forward...….but I think it is time to be an adult and tell her. If she judges you, then that is on her. But I think she would more than likely support you on your journey. In my thinking if you continue to keep things under wraps and not be open with her about it, the issue will eat away at you. You're better off getting it out in the open and let the dust settle where it may,
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    I also have the Silimed implant and have had these coming up to 5 years. I guess all I can do is keep a close eye on my health and go to my GP if concerned.
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    As good as Cosmeditour sounds please be weary as i know of girls that have been quoted a price only to have it jump 2 to 3 thousand dollars when they had their face to face consult with the surgeon on the day of your op your's isn't a straight forward procedure and like Dr Phoon said it will require fat grafting to the breasts and possibly diffrent sized implants or lowering the breast crease to release tight lower poles associated with tuberous breasts and you need a very skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon to perform this type of surgery, i know the price seems like a lot but for my own piece of mind i would take a little more time and save up the extra money to have it done at home as if things dont quite turn out right its another flight back to see your original surgeon and there is no guarantee that it will be fixed for free as there is always a cost involved plus time away from family when you'll need them the most for support, time off work , flight costs and accommodation ect, not saying you shouldn't do it but all these things to consider, but let me ask you is your health really as cheep as 8,000 grand (sorry to sound blunt) , on a side note are any of the surgeon's experience in correcting anyone with tuberous breasts over there.
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    Extreme back pain and depression

    @I HaveBoobs yes it was more upper back pain. I’ve never had a pinched nerve so maybe that was it. I’ve never really been hurt before in terms of broken bone or sprained ankles so I didn’t realise my pain threshold was so low. I told my sister who has kids that I was never giving birth even though I love kids but once the pain subsided I was like hmm maybe I could handle it... ? the memories of the pain fades when there’s something to enjoy after. I’m loving my new boobies ?
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    Back to work timeframe

    Hey @CJ I returned to work at the 3 week mark, but my job does not include heavy lifting. Can you ask your manager to have lighter duties for a couple more weeks? You can say it's due to a short term medical condition. You can get your surgeon or gp to write a supportive med certificate without disclosing your BA xo
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    Surgery booked!

    Good morning October buddies, or should I say October boobies lol ? So finally had my surgery on Saturday! All went really well ? Had a compression bra fitted (36D) and feeling a lot of pressure on the chest which I'm sure is to be expected. Taking panadol for the pain but wishing I took them up on the offer of stronger meds now I'm home as having trouble sleeping on my back and not resting as much as I probably should. Overall I'm pretty impressed as I thought I would be in much more pain and limited as to what I can do. Dr Kollias was AMAZING and the service and care from staff at St Andrews hospital was incredible ? I'm only at Day 2 but very happy so far with my results, can't wait for the D & F as my boobs feel like they are currently sitting near my throat lol ? So happy to hear your surgery has gone well @DDaa and @Crystal_look forward to hearing your progress along the way. I think the first few weeks will be the hardest but can't wait for the 6week home run and look forward to shopping and trying on new bras and bikinis ??
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    Assure Cosmetics Perth

    Hey hun, I'm in Perth and I went through Assure. My surgeon was Anthony Williams, he is an excellent and meticulous surgeon. I am more than happy with my results and my scars are literally invisible. I had my surgery December 2017. I could not recommend Anthony more highly
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    You can read more about PU implants and ALCL here https://www.tga.gov.au/breast-implant-associated-cancer-or-bia-alcl The risk of ALCL with these implants is statistically much greater than with micro textured implants. You may consider doing more research on them. There is a very good chance they will be banned by the TGA as they have proposed on 11th July.
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    Surgery booked!

    Yay! October surgery here we come! I’m based in Melbourne 64kg 5’7 currently 12A aiming for a D cup PS recommended subfascial placement. I’m counting down already haha good luck booking in for your surgery, it’s nice to have someone around the same date to follow!
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    Hey hun, don't worry about the post-surgery bra or it's size. You have only just had your surgery and you won't really begin to know your final size until at least 6 weeks post-op. Even then it's only the start of the D & F process and they will continue to change for the next few months. Very likely you will get to a D. For an example, pre-surgery I was an AA cup; two weeks later I went bra shopping (got over excited and started way too soon) and I was a C cup. By the 6 week mark I was a DD which is where I still am at. Early days, try not to worry, just focus on your recovery and take it easy. xo
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    Hey @margaretriver I was advised 6 weeks 24/7, then I could move to regular bras including underwire. That worked perfectly for me and 6 weeks was enough!! However, if your surgeon suggests otherwise, it's best to always follow their instructions. I still wear a crop bra to sleep most nights, kinda like the security for my girls... now and again I let them 'free range' hahahahah
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    @Kit every recovery is diffrent and it all depends on how tight your chest muscles were before surgery the typ of implant, placement ect as how things are going to progress so it may not take 10 months for you but i just wanted to let you know that it is a process and it can take quite a while so don't get discouraged just yet. ?
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    Teardrop vs Round BA pros and cons

    Hey hun, it's a really hard decision. Both types have pros and cons. Anatomical may lead to rotation, but if you follow your surgeon's instructions to the letter, the risk is minimal. Rounds are a bit more likely to cause capsular contracture, but not for everyone. Anatomicals look more natural, but many rounds these days appear to settle into a natural shape too. For me, anatomicals and under the muscle were recommended due to my lack of breast tissue and my desire for a totally natural look and it was absolutely the right choice - for me. Over the muscle heals faster and drops and fluffs faster. Maybe you should make a list of the pros and cons and then decide which one has the most pros for you - good luck with your decision and I'm sure other girls will chime in with advice and preferences and it's all helpful to get everyone's experience xo
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    pink butterfly

    What size too get too 10c

    I started off as a 10AA cup (aka flatter than flat!). I got 270cc under the muscle which took me to a small C cup. So if you are starting off with not much breast tissue then I would say yes.
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    Hi I'm a PT and fitness instructor and teach a 3 Pump classes a week as well as other Les Mills programs and frestyle classes, i also run, as long as you have a good supportive sports bra you will be fine and my boobs do not get in theway at all during my training and all of my tops/dresses still fit but much better i went from a 10 A/B to a 10 E/F (depends on the style of bra to what cup size fits better). I have textured anatomicals so mine wont sag so much as they adhere to the surrounding tissue but if you go under the muscle you will have the muscles to hold the implant up plus it acts as to camouflage the edg of the implant so you dont get that bolt on look. Yes i have anatomical dual plane placement (partial unders ) , there is a very and i mean very small risk of implant rotation but if you gave a surgeon who is experienced in placing anatomical implants then that is very unlikely that it will happen and no you do not loose any shape just look at my picture above .?
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    Drug Use After Boob Job

    Me either, I think it’s best to get something that will suit you in the long run personally!
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    pink butterfly

    Drug Use After Boob Job

    My surgeon has said I am a small C cup. I didn't want to go too big as I have a small frame and am unfortunately not curvy. I am happy with my sizing.
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    I HaveBoobs

    To tell or not to tell?

    I was very unsure of how my mother would react when i told her i was getting a BA as at the time i was considering traveling interstate to have it done and was needing a travel companion (you need someone to stsy with you for the first 24 hrs if traveling interstate ) hunbby was going to stay home with the kids, when i told her she did ask why and have i looked at all the risks involved and when i told her i had sppnt 5 + years on and off researching she was ok with it, as for telling my dad well i waited until after I'd had the surgery before i told him as he is not as approving, there was a bit or ranting but he eventually got over it, i agree with Pink Butterfly somewhat on this one , you are a grown woman the decision to have a ba/bl is your weather they approve or not but i believe in being honest.
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    I have decided on going 695cc implants so 225cc more as 700cc implants and up cost double. Booked for the 18th for surgery
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    Hi @Jamball ? I’m a CosMedi girl and 3 months post op from surgery in Thailand. @I HaveBoobs is 100% right about the price jumping. I think I had been initially quoted about 9,500AUD but my final invoice came to about 12,000AUD (not inclusive of flights). My case was not complex - just a lollipop lift and implants (250cc and 275cc). One of the girls that had her surgery the same time as me had tuberous breasts and she was so overjoyed with her outcome BUT she did have some minor complications afterwards and managed to get back to see the surgeon (not for further surgery, just for advice and assurance). It would probably be worth getting back in touch with CosMedi (if you’re still considering them) and letting them know that you’ve seen another plastic surgeon face-to-face and what his recommendations were. Sorry I’m actually from NZ so am unfamiliar with the surgeries that you’re talking about - are they both based in Sydney?
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    Hi hun no experience with pole dancing after a BA but have done my fair share of it before i had my boobs done and yes it dose require a lot of upper body strength and activation of the pec muscles, you are 7 mpo so you should be fine and lije you said some things felt a little weird still and your right for taking it easy still rule of thumb if it feels uncomfortable ease off and try again in a couple of weeks, as for your boobs feeling a little achy thats normal as you hav'nt wirked your chest muscles like that for a long time and especially under your bodyweight which is distributed unevenly un like the weight of a barbell , the slower you ease yourself into it the better as it gives your muscles time to adapt, it took me a good 6-8 months to really get back to teaching yoga properly without the strange pulling feeling in my chest during chaturangas. A lill bit of info about me I'm a PT and fitness instructor and have 20 yrs experience in the industry so know a little bit about stuff ?
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