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    So happy

    So today I made my goal weight! 55.1kgs so 100 grams off. Total loss of 63kgs which is an entire person. Just wanted to share as I'm so happy and proud of myself.
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    A bit concerned

    I have a couple of lumps since my implants and after an ultrasound it turned out to be cysts. Best to get checked out xo
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    yes, that's to be expected , and for starter's , the normal regime to follow. As a normal practice you should be on it for 3 month. My thoughts are with you , xo
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    Wirefree bra help

    Hey @Cupcake85 I'm in Perth too A friend of mine is a G cup and small back/band. She has found some bras at Myers, although it is difficult to get wire-free, but maybe check online or even call them.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Compression Strap!!!!

    I've heard of many girls having to wear the strap and it did help you just have to give it time but yes if it dos'nt work then it may mean another surgery to release the pocket, keeping my fingers crossed that the strap helps.
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    @Kit every recovery is diffrent and it all depends on how tight your chest muscles were before surgery the typ of implant, placement ect as how things are going to progress so it may not take 10 months for you but i just wanted to let you know that it is a process and it can take quite a while so don't get discouraged just yet. 😊
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    @BethM I haven't had mine done yet but I will be getting mine done by him in 3 weeks time 😁 There are a few girls on here who have had their surgery through him and they all spoke so highly of him and seem to Be very happy with their results. Which is why I went to him in the first place. He is a very lovely doctor and I think he is going to do a great job. If you search his name in the forum you can read for yourself what people thought, there are a few discussions about him. Some girls did seem to think he was quite conservative with sizing and seemed to think If you want big you really Had to push him but that definetly wasnt the case with me I just showed him some pictures of what I was after in size and he didn't hesitate to Offer me 450cc, I think he just listens to what you want and also takes into consideration how it will look and just gives an honest opinion on what he thinks will give you what you want but also not making you look ridiculous.. Anyway good luck on your journey and keep us updated on how your consultation goes I don't think you will be disappointed 🤗
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    @margaretriver anatomical implants have a textured shell that adhere to the surrounding tissue like velcro to stop them from rotating, the first 6 wks of healing is the most crucial as it is in this time that the implant needs to adhere to your tissues after that you should be fine, on a side note i have a girlfriend in the fitness industry with anatomical overs and hers have not rotated and look as good as when she first had them she is now 7 yrs post op and has had no issues and they are quite soft and have a goid bounce and jiggle to them ( she let me have a good feel when i was in my research phase 😂)
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    I HaveBoobs

    To tell or not to tell?

    I was very unsure of how my mother would react when i told her i was getting a BA as at the time i was considering traveling interstate to have it done and was needing a travel companion (you need someone to stsy with you for the first 24 hrs if traveling interstate ) hunbby was going to stay home with the kids, when i told her she did ask why and have i looked at all the risks involved and when i told her i had sppnt 5 + years on and off researching she was ok with it, as for telling my dad well i waited until after I'd had the surgery before i told him as he is not as approving, there was a bit or ranting but he eventually got over it, i agree with Pink Butterfly somewhat on this one , you are a grown woman the decision to have a ba/bl is your weather they approve or not but i believe in being honest.
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    Silimed Explant

    Hi @joyfulgirl99, apologies it had been a while since I’ve logged on, and I didn’t get any notifications in my emails! Yes I’ve had mine checked out via ultrasound and there is apparently no indication of ALCL. Please be aware that this cancer generally develops after 7 years post implant however. There have so far been over 80 reported cases Australia wide resulting in a few deaths. While the risk is minimal, it is also very real, and I feel the numbers will only increase as time passes for ladies with textured implants. I will be having mine removed this year (8 years post implant) as the risk is not worth it to me. Had I known all those years ago I would have certainly chosen to implant with smooth implants, or not at all! On a tangent and as @Elle Anderson mentioned above, Breast Implant Illness (BII) is another concern and I do have some symptoms of this which I hope explant will alleviate, however they could be totally unrelated to the implants. The PS I consulted with for explant agreed that the Silimends should be removed and also said I have capsular contracture in one breast. @Mona76 if you haven’t had your explant yet, please be aware that in some circumstances (when deemed medically necessary) you can access your superannuation to fund the surgery. I will be doing this for my surgery. Also ladies, if you weren’t already aware Similed implants have been banned for use in Australia since late 2017. Those who implanted with Plastic Surgeons should have been notified pursuant to APS guidelines. As I implanted with a Cosmetic Surgeon I was not informed of the ban/proven ALCL risks.
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    Hi Girls, So as recommended I went to see Dr Jodlovich for my botox and cheek filler treatments. I'm beyond happy!! He was very professional and gentle with his injecting technique. The results are simply superb. I bumped into him at city cafe near my workplace 2 days later while I was with my colleagues and instead of feeling embarrassed about having cosmetic work done, I felt very comfortable walking over to chat to him and advising my colleagues to see him for all their cosmetic needs.The feeling was empowering as I'm now the group favourite for finding the best cosmetic doctor in Sydney! Thanks again girls for suggesting him to me.
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    Pre and Post Op expectations and advice

    This is all such good information! Super glad I found this forum.
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    Surgery booked!

    Had my first post op meeting with my ps yesterday. He said everything is looking on track. I really regret not begging him for painkillers. Panadol is doing nothing. I’m in so much constant pain under one boob at the incision site. He pulled that area down to try and even everything out. Beauty is pain and I know it will all be worth it. But right now I just keep crying from the pain.
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    Excited 1

    2 week post op pic

    They look great! I’m going tomorrow with Tony
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    Surgery booked!

    Yay Yay! Congratulations! So happy for you and glad to hear it all went well 😊 Good luck with the D &F, look forward to hearing about your process. 1wk and 6 days to go for mine 😬
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    @MellieMoo my eldest is 8 and to be honest she hasnt mentioned anything lol so i dont really have advice, when i went to hospital i got her watched so she didnt no where i went and when i didnt come home her dad just told her i was having a break, i dont no if she hasnt noticed or just hasnt felt comfortable asking questions lol.. id say just tell your daughter what ever your comfortable with, if u dont mind her knowing just tell her your getting your boobs fixed haha if u prefer her not to no then u could probably tell her anything and she will believe it, if she says your boobs are bigger just act shocked and agree oh wow your right they do look bigger maybe its my magic bra haha nah i duno i didnt want my daughter to no for 2 reasons, one being there were certain people i didnt want to no like my inlaws as they wouldnt understand or be ok with it due to being very relgious people and i didnt want her to be put in a position to lie or feel like she has to hide things and the other because i didnt want to promote this type of thing i dont want her to feel like you have to alter your body, not saying id be against it if she ever wanted to do the same thing one day just dont want the idea stemming from me hahaha.
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    Sizing ladies!

    Hi @Sandy_ I got 385cc round, high profile, sub fascial with Kollias over two years ago. I was a 12C but following two children I was super-deflated! I’m a 12D and they’re a huge improvement on what I had prior however given my height 174cm and broad shoulders I def could’ve gone bigger. Kollias is quite conservative so i guess if you want bigger you’ll need to push a bit. He’s a great surgeon tho & there are plenty of Adelaide girls on who with good reviews. I don’t log on often but pretty sure there are pics on my profile.
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    Back in for surgery

    You look so much better this time around. Hopefully your recovery goes smoothly now, rest and recuperate and be gentle with yourself xoxo
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    A bit concerned

    @I HaveBoobs i could be completely wrong here but isnt that how capsular contraction is caused when scar tissue is formed in or around the capsule?
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    Update on fluid

    Tony Connell
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    Hang in there. It’s funny as we all feel we should bounce back quicker than we do as we are all pretty active people! Rest up while you can, as others have said, it’s still early and your surgery was significant. It took ages for my body to metabolise the drugs too. I looked pregnant for s solid 10 days! We are all so different in the end xx
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    Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs

    Hey @MellieMoo your BA is around the corner now! That must be an exciting feeling! I hope it all goes well! it sounds like you’ve had a great experience with Dr Kollias, i would definitely want my PS to be responsive and helpful, I have never had any kind of surgery before so that would make a difference to me. He does sounds great! Your choices for your Ba sounds good too, what cup size are you trying to achieve? I definitely want a natural shape and to be proportionate to my body/frame. I have an slim athletic build and am hoping to achieve a larger C cup, possible a small d cup I’m still not sure. I am an A cup currently and the thought of a D cup sounds crazy to me but I have been looking at a lot of pre&post BA photos and the girls with similar build to me actually look very well proportioned as a post op D cup. Thank you for sharing your pricing, that’s a big help for me! I have my first consultation booked with Dr Lam - at Cranford House, have you heard any feed back from his work? If I don’t feel comfortable with him Dr Kollias is my next appointment. Im thinking of having surgery before the end of the year November / December. I would have liked to book in for early October as I already have leave at the end of the month going to Bali but I’m also not keen on flying post op and showering in unclean water, so I think once I’m back from that trip will be best. Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your experience so far, good luck! I’d love to know how your recovery goes! Xx
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    Oh no how scary for you, the waiting is the hardest part, I'm pretty sure i read you have the textured Allergan (recalled ) implants will you be seeing your surgeon to discuss whats the next step . Sending you positive vibes and pkeas keep us posted. Will be thinking of you.
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    Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs

    @RKN I had my surgery with Dr kollias almost 3 weeks ago I think his amazing and price very reasonable for a reputable plastic surgeon.. I got smooth round implants placed under muscle and cost me approx 9500 which includes night stay in hospital.. recommend him 100% very respectable surgeon lots of girls on here who have gone with him love their results and never hear anything but great things about him. Good luck with your choices
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    I HaveBoobs

    Tony Connell

    Dr Watts and Dr Anthony Willams are both very good surgeons so if your torn between the two then you have a tough decision to make 😂, I'd go with whome you connect with the most.
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    Size of compression bra after surgery

    Keep us posted and check them week by week and you'll notice the changes
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    Breast Augmentation with lift

    Hey @NicNic welcome to the forum! It might be an idea to search the threads for girls who've had lifts and implants and another search for that particular surgeon. Haven't heard of him myself, but there may be others here who have. Good luck with your size decision and go with what you really want
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    I HaveBoobs

    Smooth Implants

    I have many girlfriend's with smooth round implants (i work in the fitness industry so most of us at the gym have implants 😂) they all have different sizes and profiles and all are happy with them and a friend of mine just recently had hers done , smooth round uhp 485 cc but wanted the more fake look she is 8 mpo and is over the moon with her results.
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    (This post is my personal experience and everyone has the right to their opinions and informed choices). I am looking at it explanting ASAP due to BII, rupture and discomfort. I was a thin ribby, pigeon-chested, deflated 10B after breastfeeding 3 so I can totally relate. The implants did and still do look amazing. But I am so, SO sick. Full of inflammation and neurological problems, unbelievable fatigue and a list of symptoms as long as my arm. It was not worth it; the money I don’t mind so much, the loss of quality of life is priceless. Can not wait to get these things out and to try to heal my body. I don’t want to scare you. I am sure many women have implants with no/little complications, but this is my experience. Good luck with your decision xx
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    I have just booked in for an explant after having a revision 2 months ago due to movement. I first got implants last May. It's not worth it. I've been feeling tingling all through my body and light headed and I cant think properly. I wish I had looked further into breast implant illness before I went ahead. It is so wrong that surgeons don't tell you the risks. They tell you silicone is inert, but they dont tell you it is heavy metals that make the silicone cohesive and that when they remove peoples implants after less than 10 years they are seeping. People have silicone in their lymph nodes. Please join a bii facebook group and see how many people have similar symptoms and how most are resolved after implant removal. This was an almost $30K mistake for me!! I hope I can save someone else from it. I was the same as you, unhappy with my small empty breasts after breastfeeding.
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    pink butterfly

    MRIs to check implants

    I had to have a mammogram (+ ultrasound) last week due to my GP finding a lump in one of my breasts. I have never had a mammogram before and the medical staff could not have been nicer about the situation. They were so compassionate. I did have to sign a paper about agreeing to the very small chance my implants could rupture due to the mammogram. But I have silicone so I wasn't too worried. Plus I have some amazing women around me who needed to have their breasts checked for their lumps and they both had aggressive cancer leading to mastectomies. So I didn't want to muck around with it. RE rupture, if I thought that I would probably go for ultrasound as my first go to.
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    I HaveBoobs

    Pain after breast augmentation

    Yep i agree with what @sabP says @Stacyb, i too am a side sleeper and yes my back got very achy slerping on my back but the pillow under your knees helps by taking pressure of your lower back and you could also try a heat /wheat pack to place on your back too, the heat can help ease the ach's and pains. Good news is it's only temporary
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    Good idea to enquire all over and I do agree that an in-person consult trumps CosMedi’s consults. I didn’t have my consult until the day OF my surgery, as we flew into Thailand late the day prior. I was happy with this as had already asked a barrage of questions beforehand, and had a list to ask when I went into the consult. Interestingly enough, I had always presumed I’d be >300cc but when trying the implants in a bra and tshirt as part of the consult, he wouldn’t tell me what cc they were until I had made my final decision, so that I didn’t get hung up about actual size and it was more about what actually looked good for my body shape. Hence ending up with <300cc.
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    I hav'nt had surgery with Dr Kollias personally but know of a few girls in here that have @JD* had hers done recently with him and i belive he is quite a conservative man when it comes to sizing, hopefully when she see's this post she can give you some more info.
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    New boobs take 2

    Hi Paddy, so sorry you are going through this too. I am having a hard time getting what the Dr said in regards to fixing it up at an appt and getting it in writing. He said he would only charge me for the operating theatre and new implants. When I got it in writing, they have only quoted the operating theatre charge and sent me the price for replacement at full cost, ($10000) which is not what was discussed while there, when I questioned this I haven’t heard back (it’s been almost a week now) I am considering just not going back there and going somewhere else altogether. Seeing as this is symmastia, which is 100% surgical error, I thought I wouldn’t have any issue getting it fixed up without too much of a hit financially, as before the surgery I was assured that if anything did go wrong he would fix it at minimal cost. If I’m going to have to pay that much I’ll be going somewhere else. Someone that actually will back themselves by having their revision policy in writing. Anyone reading this, who hasn’t had the surgery yet, if your surgeon will not give you their revision policy in writing before your surgery, find another Surgeon.
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    Cindy D

    Cheek fillers - Recommendations

    Hey lovelies, Thank you so much for the advice! So upon reading your suggestion, I went to see Dr Jodlovich on Tuesday and I have to say the experience surpassed all my expectations. Dr Jodlovich was very kind and well mannered. He answered all my questions and advised me on the best approach to take for my cheek filler treatment to get my desired results. And the results Day 2 post treatment are phenomenal! A very natural lift and smooth contoured definition to my zygomatic arches that gently smoothes out my nasiolabial folds without any signs of any cosmetic work been done. I thought I would never be able to get these results with dermal fillers alone but now I see their true value in the right capable hands. Thanks again for the recommendation, I probably would have never found Dr Jodlovich if it wasn't for your advice :) Next step in my cosmetic journey - lip fillers
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    Dr Michael Higgs Parkside cosmetic

    Hi Girls, I have also been left high and dry by Dr. Higgs from Parkside. So I got my lift & enlargement done, then a revision because the nipple placement and scars were pretty off. I was also left with one bigger boob than the other, which he was supposed to correct. I woke from the op discovering he hadn't corrected the size as 'it didn't look bad on the table'. After the second op, it was apparent that I needed a 2nd revision/3rd op. So this time he put in different stitches (purse) for a better result with my scars. The nipples were okish now, but instead of taking tissue to fix the size issue, he only took skin. So now I STILL have one boob at least a cup bigger than the other because skin stretches! - very noticeable with fake boobs! I am so limited with what I can wear and now my nipples have stretched really big. So I too discovered that Dr. Higgs was closing his doors. However, before I was aware of this, he agreed that I'd need ANOTHER surgery, but that I needed to wait about 6 months. Fast forward 6 months and I call the surgery to arrange something and I am told he is no longer operating. They send my notes to Waverley house, I sign a disclosure and then I am told that all surgeries, consults and whatever are now at my cost! I email Dr. Higgs to ask about his surgery/insurance/promise about revisions being covered by him and they send me the details to his lawyer :/ I am at a loss of what to do.
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    Hello! I am having a Breast Reduction with Mr Tim Brown next month. I've seen a lot of ladies who have had BA's with Tim, and would LOVE to read some Reduction experiences. Has anyone here underwent a Reduction with Tim? Also, if anyone reading this is either booked with Tim or considering him I'm happy to share my experience. I've noticed there really isn't any reviews on reductions specifically. I know what it's like to be in the crazy research phase lol, so happy to help! So far, it has been wonderful. Tim, his nurses and practice staff have made me feel so at ease. Just counting down to the big day now! Thank you
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    Elle Anderson

    Silimed Explant

    Hi ladies, I have had my implants for almost 4 years now and lately more and more I have been thinking about getting them removed. I have health issues that have been worsening and I think the implants may be partly to blame. I was especially shocked to learn about one of my favorite YouTubers having hers removed recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdrnkhiNF6M and all the health issues that having breast implants caused for her. BII (Breast Implant Illness) is denied to exist by the medical community, but it does seem very real and there are plenty of women who can vouch for it. I think it is worth looking into, especially if you feel your health is not as is should be, despite doing everything to live a healthy lifestyle. I now worry about toxins leaking into my body, and that the silicone capsule is not impermeable like your surgeon may have told you. I shall be conducting more research into this and starting a thread on it soon, as I think everyone should be aware of it. I wish I known about this risk prior my surgery. I too have Silimed Brazilian furries, and my surgeon was Dr Harwood. He is now retired so we can't consult with him.
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    Cheek fillers - Recommendations

    Hi Cheeky, I've had to go to a few places around Sydney before I found a practitioner that I felt comfortable enough to trust with doing my lips and cheek fillers. I went to see Dr Ellis Choy at first but found his prices too expensive. I then went to see Dr Steven Liew but was worried that he was always traveling around to conferences and he wouldn't be available for follow up reviews. I then found Dr Tom Jodlovich on RealSelf and was impressed by the good reviews he had on his profile, so I thought I'd see him for a free consultation. I'm so glad I did, as my experience with him from the very beginning has been amazing. He took his time explaining my options in dermal fillers and focused on what I specifically wanted to achieve without trying to upsell me anything, which is so unlike what I experienced in numerous other medispas. He is very gentle and careful with his work and always shows a sincere determination to achieve the best outcomes for his patients. And to top it all off, his prices were on par with laser clinics Australia, so who wouldn't choose to see a specialist cosmetic doctor for the same price? He is definitely the first doctor that I would recommend for your cheek fillers. Hope you have a great experience and feel free to get in touch me if you like. Lots of love, Roses
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    Losing weight

    You've heard it a million times but try drinking water, especially before meals, eat eggs for breakfast, drink green tea, cook with coconut oil, take a glucomannan supplement, cut back on added sugar and eat less refined carbs.
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    Hey it looks like you've had a botched surgery and your surgeon doesn't know what they're doing/talking about. I would recommend you a fantastic doctor: Dr Ellis Choy in Sydney. He is extremely well priced and fantastic at labiaplasty surgeries, amongst others. I had labiaplasty with him and I honestly couldn't have asked for any better. Contact him and he will definitely be able to fix your situation. You can even look him up on this website to see before and after pictures. Good luck to you.
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    Dr Ajaka - Cosmos Clinic

    I had VASER lipo and a Brazilian butt lift. Had a great experience with Dr Ajaka and the Cosmos team. Really happy with results and the aftercare is amazing. I've got another follow up today so will ask if they can take some photos that I can share todays photos at my 3 1/2 week point
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    Nipples too high after lift

    It's very hard to generally form a comment without seeing them. Probably best to add a pic?
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    May 2016 boobs!

    @jolive7 I had a consultation with Dr Phil Richardson in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. Here are the quotes: Dr Richardson Dr Narupon $11,250 for TT $ 7,020 for TT $ 3,500 for BL $ 7,760 for BL & BA $11,350 for BA TOTAL $26,100 TOTAL $14,780 BIG difference! On top of Dr Narupon's fees I also have to pay for airfares ($800) and accommodation ($1,400), plus a small commission to Beauty Abroad for their assistance. I thought the accommodation was a bit on the high side, but I do have the hotel room all to myself and if hubby wanted to come it would still only be $1,400 for the both of us. So all up, a saving of $10K which makes for some u-beaut spending money while in Phuket! @kg95 I had my rice-ettes shoved into a tight sports bra which didn't really do them any justice. Sure did feel funny having something sticking out of my chest!
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    Dr Dona BA

    Thanks girl He surely fixed my ugly sad sacks of boob 😂
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    LCA treatments

    Fractional or needling. even buy a 0.5 and do home needling once a month you will definitely see results
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    Chesty laRue

    Cosmeditour girls?

    I went to the breast academy on the Gold Coast. I booked through cosmeditour but in hindsight I would have gone direct to the breast academy. There was no need to use them, that said, they are pleasant and respond to emails quickly. I booked my own flights, accomodation and dealt directly with Hayley from breast academy, who is lovely. Because my nipples were low and I wanted a natural look, i had tear drop implants with a dual plane placement and it cost me 10k in total. I'm really happy with my results.
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    zero bounce sports bra?

    The Juno is meant to be one of the best. I have the Berlei a Ultimate Performance (you can get for about $50 on eBay) but I had to go down a size from my usual bra to make sure it is tight enough. Just to be sure, I wear a tight crop over the top as well. I'm a tad obsessed with strapping my boobs down! If you are in Melbourne, have a look at She Science. They were very helpful when I emailed them.
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    what surgeon to use for facelift

    here is my result from Dr Thanakom @ PIAC forehead lift 4 eye plasty very happy with my results so early on
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