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    Dr Tim Brown 30th Aug 2010
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    165cm tall, 65kgs, size 10A bra before op

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  1. Hi lisa, How are you? I have had a consultation with tim brown and was just wondering if i could get a review on him? That would be amazing thanks :)

  2. im in melb sorry. i went with tim brown

  3. Who did you guys go through to get your boob jobs? r u here in Perth? wouldn't mind a chat?

  4. lisa marees

    Nervous about BA, help and advice?

    i think as long as u do ur research and choose a good surgeon ( member of the plastic surgeons society of Australia) u should be fine...... i have heard a lot of dodgy stories too, but they are probably dodgy surgeons. as long as u do what ur surgeon tell u to do, u will be fine. my surgeon (Dr tim brown) is fantastic. he said dont do weights for 3 months, wear the support bra, and u'll be great. he said he's had ladies cum back but only because they have gone to the gym two weeks after their surgery and stuffed it up..... so if i can give u any advice its: TRUST UR SURGEON AND DO WHAT HE SAYS!!!!! i havent had kids yet either, so im waiting to c what happens. and who cares what people think. i told everyone, and 90% of them have been brilliant but the odd few get a bit funny, but seriously who cares, if its what u want go for it darling!!!!!
  5. WOOHHOO.... 425cc!!! thats bigger than you were planning wasn't it? They will look great, can't wait to see pics. Hope you are feeling ok. I had my surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago and I am starting to walk ok now, still feel the muscles pulling when I move but it is ok now. It was much worse than my BA but no real complications. My scar is finally uncovered and looking good considering I have about 60cm of scar!

  6. Hey, how did the surgery go? I hope your recovery is going well:)

  7. hey there....... how did ur tummy tuck go????? i havent been on here for ages!!! i just wanted to update u. im 2 weeks post op and ended up getting 425cc's. im still really swollen and tight, but im really happy!

  8. hey there! My implants are 425cc and I had them done with Dr Tavakoli. I was an A and now i'm a D. Love it!

  9. I remember measuring myself and coming up with about 12cm before surgery, I know I had a fairly big gap between my boobs so he likely went over the BWD quite a bit for me. I think that 1cm up or down from the BWD is very normal, but if you are worried why not go up to the next size with the same implant? Have they already ordered your implant or can you change your mind at this point? I personally wanted to go a little over my BWD because I needed more cleavage but you may not have the same gap. I don't think 1 cm either way will make a big difference to the over all look but if you are worried I'd ask about the a slightly larger implant.

  10. lisa marees

    high profile or mod profile??

    hey boobies, i think im the same as u, 12 onside amd 13 on the other...... mine are ultra high profile too, but i think they are equivalent to high profile mentor implants???
  11. lisa marees

    high profile or mod profile??

    hey, yeah ive looked at them and compared,, the nagor ultra high profile is the equivalent to mentor high profile...... i think im just guna trust my surgeon from this point..... i am doing my head in worrying about it!!!!!
  12. HEY HUN! do u know what ur BWD is????? im having a last minute freak out!!!

  13. hey darl!! i need some more advice! im freaking out... i looked up the size and projection of the nagor implants and the 395cc's ultra high profile have a base of 12.3cm and projection of 4.9 cm........ i remember my P.S saying my BWD was between 12 & 13cm...... do u think these implants are going to be too narrow for me (will i get a big gap) im not sure what the norm is, whether they like to go just over or just under your BWD...... what is your BWD?????

  14. lisa marees

    suggestions for pre surgery.......

    thanks darl!!!! wow there is alot of stuff!!!!! i would have never thought of alot of that, so thankyou so much!!!!!!!!
  15. lisa marees

    high profile or mod profile??

    thanks guys...... im so paranoid!! dont want to end up with a big gap...... and definitely don't want the 'bum look' haha thats funny!!! ok so i fell more at ease now. cheers!!!