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  1. im in melb sorry. i went with tim brown

  2. hey there....... how did ur tummy tuck go????? i havent been on here for ages!!! i just wanted to update u. im 2 weeks post op and ended up getting 425cc's. im still really swollen and tight, but im really happy!

  3. HEY HUN! do u know what ur BWD is????? im having a last minute freak out!!!

  4. hey darl!! i need some more advice! im freaking out... i looked up the size and projection of the nagor implants and the 395cc's ultra high profile have a base of 12.3cm and projection of 4.9 cm........ i remember my P.S saying my BWD was between 12 & 13cm...... do u think these implants are going to be too narrow for me (will i get a big gap) im not sure what the norm is, whether they like to go just over or just under your BWD...... what is your BWD?????

  5. thanks darl, yeah i am so excited...... ive been waiting for this for sooooooooo long, and its finally about to happen!! im so glad i got on to this forum, everyone is so lovely, its great to talk to people who have or are experiencing the same thing..... im counting down the days now, this next two weeks is going to go sooo slow!

  6. yeah, i know what u mean..... im getting ultra high profile, but i think that is just cos of the implant type, i think they said it converts to med profile????? but he also said something about lifting them up a bit too..... i guess i won't really know til they are done hey?? but im so glad ive chosen the 395 instead of 365..... lets hope i get my D. :-)

  7. hi, i was just looking at your pics. your boobs look fantastic!!!! u got unders didnt you?? im trying to work out how big mine will look, im hoping similar to your, maybe a touch smaller.... im getting 395cc, but im getting overs.... do u think they'll look around the same, cos dont u lose 15% with unders.... and were urs mod profile?

  8. hi blondie hope you dont mind me asking what size implants you have. your boos look great!!! im going for mine in 3 weeks!!!!