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    Dr Tim Brown 30th Aug 2010
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    165cm tall, 65kgs, size 10A bra before op

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  1. I did get unders, and they are 500cc Moderate profiles. I think that you are right, 15-20% difference in size between overs and unders, so 400cc would be about right! Plus, I had no breast tissue to start with, which means that my 500cc's seem to be a bit smaller looking than a lot of others who have smaller implants!! Moderate profiles make them look smaller from the side profile and I think they dissapear in clothes a bit. I would have preferred mod+ or HP (high profile) if I had my time over but I needed some cleavage because mine are naturally far apart, so I think mods were probably quite good for me in some ways. There are so many choices aren't there!!?