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  1. I said maybe I could have used them as paperweights haha. Emmb, thanks lovely I am feeling very much myself. Liking my boobs a lot more now than I did both 2 years ago, before any ops, and while I had my implants. I see girls and think aah they have awesome boobs, and if I get a stab of jealousy I just get over it and think, been there done that. Haha. I think seeing both sides of the fence has allowed me to be more comfortable with what I have naturally. One of my girlfriends is getting her BA done next month and I'm super happy for her. It hasnt turned me 'anti-surgery' or anything, I've just realised its not right for me.
  2. Thanks girls. I've accepted the FRs Dr Harwood actually said, what do you want to do with the implants? I was like 'Whaaat?!' he said some girls like to keep them. I didn't see them after. I don't really remember much after the surgery or the drive home. They are definately slightly perkier now than the day of the op. Sorta like the skin is sucking back into its old position haha. And I am sure the chest muscle will have to shrink back. Actually, Dr Harwood said that my surgery was the second implant removal he had done that week!
  3. Hi girls, For anyone who is still following this, just wanted to update. I am now 3 days post op and feel great! Dr Harwood is so, so lovely and held my hand as I drifted off in the op room. I won't bore with the procedure because it was nearly identical to the initial BA. However later that night, I was in little to no pain at all. Verrryy groggy from the aenesthetic but very little actual pain. So, the boobs. I cannot commend Dr Harwood enough. Obviously I was preparing myself, saying 'OK I've gone from a B to a DD, they're going to be really saggy etc, they will firm up.' But seriously it wasn't half as much of a shock as I expected. I have internal stitches and my incisions are really neat. The new scars are maybe 1 - 2 cm shorter than my old ones. Dr Harwood removed the old scar tissue. There is a slight amount of sag (compared to my pre-op boobies) but I actually think the skin is firming up already. I am really amazed that my nipples look pretty much identical in size to my boobs pre-BA. I was super worried that they would have stretched and remained bigger, as my skin was stretched tight over my implants. So overall, my boobs have more of a crease than they did pre-BA but they are not looking like windsocks which I was preparing myself for as a worst case scenario! I am going to take photos a couple of times a week to chronicle the healing process. I have to wear the good old elastic strap until Friday to help the skin in the pocket adhere back together. I still have waterproof dressings over the cuts which must also stay til Friday. And Dr H has recommended that I use silicon sheets for scar healing, rather than the gel I used with my BA because the sheeting helps compress the scar. I've said it 1000 times on this thread but to everyone who's been supporting me, thankyou! I am so happy with the results and pretty proud of myself for taking the leap and admitting that what I initially thought I wanted wasn't 'me'. Hope that this thread can provide a different perspective for girls researching before their BA
  4. Thanks lovely ladies! Currently waiting in Dr Harwood's office.... Very surreal. Thanks for your kind words and support.. will update later tonight! Seeya on the other side!
  5. Thanks girls. Tomorrow is the big day! Dr H has been so amazing through all this. He says that due to my age (I'm 21) and short time with the implants, they should return to their pre-op state quite quickly. He says that I'll be back at work on Monday and should be walking around tomorrow night. I have a girlfriend coming over tomorrow afternoon to watch movies with me.. ironically, she's getting her BA next month haha!
  6. Surgery is booked with Dr Harwood for Friday May 3 :eek:
  7. Rhinosar that was such a good read, thankyou The support from you girls has been overwhelming. I honestly didn't know how people would react to this thread, I thought the majority would be like 'What an idiot' hahaha. As for people's reasons for getting a BA, I agree that everyone's are different. I don't think I got mine for the 'wrong' reasons, I am just one of the unlucky ones who didn't adjust to them. I have a close girlfriend who knows all about my feelings and is considering a BA and I am not trying to talk her out of it. Just inform her that I guess there is always the risk that while everything aesthetically might go to plan, she might not accept them mentally. I had my consult with Dr H who explained the procedure to me. Very simple and takes about an hour, he removes the scar tissue to give me a new scar which he said will be smaller because there is no weight on it. Said that if I do it on a Friday, I should be back at work Monday Now to pick a date and book!
  8. So I saw the psychologist on Tuesday. She was a lovely lady in her 50's, and wasn't judgmental or patronising at all. I pretty much told her everything I've said on this thread. She said at the end of the 50 minute consult that about 20 mins in, she thought 'This girl knows what she wants.' She did ask me the tough questions such as 'What if people notice they're gone?' and 'What if I ever meet a guy who's a boobs man, will I have regrets?' All in all, I still feel the same. So she is writing a report to send to my GP and Dr Harwood, and I am about to call him to make another consultation, eeek! Thanks for your support xxxx
  9. Step 2 complete, saw my GP this morning and she referred me to a psychologist. Ozpixie: that's really interesting! Hmm. MissNewBoobies hang in there, hopefully those feelings pass for you Sienna: thanks so much. Yeah I am actually somehow more self conscious now and worry more than pre-op.. figure that one out :\ haha. I had always thought I wanted big/bigger boobs but was still comfortable in bikinis/underwear.. I just thought boobs would be a bonus. Which they are! But the worries are outweighing the positives for me atm. Nic78: he is honestly so lovely. I also thought that was really good of him. He said 'I think you know what you want but I don't want to rush it.'
  10. Thanks so much ladies. The funny thing is that I loved them at first but the last four months or so I've been so off them. If I'd always disliked them, I'd put it down to being a slow adjuster haha. I will keep you posted when I see a psychologist.. my friend has recommended a lovely lady who specialises in womens' issues. It means the world to be able to talk to the members of this forum about this
  11. Well last week I had my consult with Dr Harwood. Omg, he is so lovely and understanding. A lot of people rave about their surgeon but seriously, he is amazing. So I spoke to him for just over an hour, and he said noone can make the decision for me as to whether I want the implants out or not. I am feeling the exact same as I first did when I started this thread, if not more keen to go ahead with the explant. He explained that the incision would be made over my first incision, so although the scar healing process starts again, at least it's in the same spot. Also, my partner and I have recently split, and a lot of my friends said 'I bet when you don't have a stable relationship you want to keep the boobs...' but I feel the same. Dr Harwood has recommended I get a referral from my GP to see a psychologist as he thinks I tend to overanalyse (so true!) and that will make it harder for me to make a decision. He just doesn't want to rush me into the surgery but he said if it's what I want, he is happy to do so. So next step, psychologist.. never been to one before! :S
  12. Thanks soo much for the words of support ladies, it means a lot. It's two weeks to the day til my consult with Dr H. JenJen, that's great to hear I've heard a lot of good stuff about him. I only hope he isn't put off by the fact that my surgery was in Thailand.. i don't think it will be an issue, I've had no issues and it's my own feelings that are making me feel this way, not the implants or my surgeon who did a great job. As for wondering how many other ladies feel this way.. it's interesting to think of hey! When I started feeling uncomfortable with them, I actually didn't come on here to talk, which I should have done. Because anything boob related was really annoying me! I can't explain it.. I would avoid the topic of boobs, and when someone who hadn't seen me since the op wanted to talk about them, I hated it. It's so great to be able to chat on here, my boyfriend is supportive whatever I decide to do but he doesn't understand how much it plays on my mind. He's like 'you will just get over it, I'm sure. But may as well see what the Doctor says' haha Thanks again xx
  13. Where do I start.. wow. This is the first I've really 'talked' about this issue other than with my boyfriend. I had my BA in June last year in Bangkok with Dr Teerasit. Aesthetically, I am happy with the results. My implants are 450cc under the muscle, silicone. I was a 10B pre op and am now a 10DD. They look fairly natural and are soft. However in the last 3 or so months I have began to have serious doubts. When I booked my surgery I was in a whole different stage of my life. My confidence was at an all-time low, however I researched the procedure and risks for a year before booking my surgery. At the time, it was exactly what I wanted. So I would not say I 'regret' having them done. But I have never, in 7 months, accepted them as part of my body. Although they don't look 'fake', every day, every shower, during every workout, I am so conscious of the foreign objects in my chest. I get irritated when my boyfriend touches them and I push his hand off, because I know they're not me and although he doesn't care, it annoys me so much. My girlfriends keep asking why I don't wear lower cut clothes to 'show them off', but I am starting to resent them I keep them covered at gym, at work, at home. I have always suffered from severe allergies (eczema, food allergies etc) and in the last few months have undergone drastic dietary changes, for the better. I've cut out canned food, wine and soft drinks along with a heap of chemical-containing skincare products. My allergies have improved so much. I think a massive part of these feelings about my boobs is because this health overhaul has made me look at life and my body differently. It's like, since I am being so careful with what I put in my body, the fact that I have fake boobs is really irritating me. I don't mean I'm worried about leaks etc... it's hard to explain. I know they're not unhealthy. Haha It's more like, they are a reminder of an old chapter of my life and I don't feel like they're 'me'. I have an appointment with Dr Kim Harwood in Brisbane on the 22nd to discuss my options... thanks for reading ladies, this is a huge weight off my chest (no pun intended!)
  14. Hi NewGirl, I'm 5 ft 7 and weigh 62kg. I originally had wanted about 350cc after doing the rice test. I ended up getting 450cc (!!! haha) and do not regret it one bit. Us taller girls can pull off the extra size! So although our stats are still a bit different, I'd say go a size up from your original guess. x
  15. I took 3 photos that i thought were too small, 3 that i loved and 3 that i thought were too big
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