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  1. Hey prue! Recovery going pretty well. I'm now 15 days post op. had my stitches taken out at 13 days although heads up dr t prefers they stay in for 3 weeks! I was scared of railroad scars so my gp had a look and said it was ok as they had sealed, I just need to be careful still. Pain has been so fine. Had tingly times with nerves reconnecting and sharper pain today from walking around shops too much lol. Just feels weird. I'm still quite numb underneath but I think it'll come back. Still in wirefree crops/sports bras until they settle more too. I can't wait to go bra shopping and get fitted, dying to know what size I am! Hoping to get to those D's I was aiming for! Hehe. How's your prep coming along? Not long to go now!

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