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  1. Thanks for accepting my FR. I can see what you mean. Just wanted to know did you wear bras or crop tops 24/7. It's amazing that this has happened in such a short amount of time.
  2. The reason for using teardrop implants by both the plastic surgeons was because I am lean and they give a more natural. Round overs would look more bolt on. I think there are pros and cons with going over or under the muscle.
  3. Hi christielee, I have seen Dr Val at TCI. Lovely Dr. At TCI they really only recommend round dual plane (unders). All there work looks great but I wasn't 100% that it was suited to me. Dr Val told me round unders. Two other plastic surgeons I have found in Sydney have said teardrop overs for me.
  4. Hi Ashesbaby, I have just sent you an FR. I am also 168 cm and 57 kg. I am getting my BA done next mth. I have seen three plastic surgeons and they have recommended tear drop overs for me because I'm a fitness instructor. They just said there is too many risks with going under the muscle with bottoming out and muscle distortion. They said that you would see the movement of my pecs and my boobs up onstage when teaching. Both doctors said that they have had cases where people have gone under the muscle and then coming back to go over the muscle, due to not liking how it feels when working chest. So I think I should listen to them.
  5. I have asked the same question as I am seeing Dr Val in a couple of weeks for a consult. I have already had another consult from a plastic surgeon and they recommended tear drops for my build and to achieve a more natural look. I am thinking I will go with plastic surgeon as they are more experienced at doing tear drop implants.
  6. Awesome! What a great read. So glad to hear such a positive feedback on Dr Jeremy Hunt. I am looking at using him for my breast augmentation this year. I agree very lovely man with a wonderful bedside manner. Makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. Good luck with the recovery.
  7. Everyone on this forum from TCI seems to have Round Under the muscle. I know tear drops are more expensive but it seems to be the same implants for everyone.
  8. Has anyone from TCI had teardrop overs done?? If so which Dr did them?
  9. Congrats on the surgery. All the best for an easy recovery. I have sent you an FR. Did you get unders or overs?
  10. Congrats!! Sounds like a great experience. Is it ok if I send you an FR? I am looking at getting tear drop overs. I have heard recovery is a lot better with overs?? Did your Dr say how long they would last for before you would have to get them done again? I'm hoping it's longer than 10 years.
  11. Thanks for your feedback ladies!
  12. Hi ladies, I am looking at getting overs and just wanted to know about people's recovery with overs. Most of the recovery stories are from ladies with unders or dual plane. Is there anyone who can share their recovery story that had overs. How painful is it??
  13. Hi Teelee, I am going to send you a FR if that's ok. I have been told to get overs as well and would love to see some pics.
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