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    Breast Augmentation/465ml Teardrop/Brazilian/Under Muscle
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    Dr Kim Harwood 19/11/2013
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  1. Dr Harwood is amazing!! I am so happy with my boobs - I got everything I wanted plus more!! He is such an amazing, caring, genuine Dr and all the staff are absolutely fantastic. Good luck with your decision
  2. Hi girls! I am 13 weeks post op and wondering about wearing bras with underwire. Given the choice I probably never would again but so hard to find t-shirt bras without it without spending a fortune! I need them for work under my shirts otherwise nip city! When did you all start wearing underwire? Any ideas/advice appreciated! Cheers
  3. I made up a file on my iPad of all sorts of pictures that I downloaded from the internet - before and afters from other surgeons, boobs I liked in and out if clothes/bras etc and showed Dr Harwood during my consultation. What was more important to me was what I didn't want!! He took all of that into account and has far exceeded my expectations
  4. I'm not sure.... I'm assuming that once the skin stretches you can?? On the day of surgery Dr Harwood said that he had some concerns about fitting in the 465mls but he had 435ml as back up just in case. He managed the 465ml but told me they were a very tight fit - but hey who knows if I need a revision in the future....?? ;D
  5. I need to just keep reminding myself that I initially asked for/dreamed about/hoped for a large D maybe a DD and what I've ended up with is far beyond what I originally saw myself achieving. As Maynegirl said those before shots really bring me back to reality and I was pretty happy with my little A's.... Just REALLY ecstatic with what I have now!
  6. Same with me! I hate to wait for anything! Lol Once I decided to finally go for it I had consult 2 days later and booked the earliest date they had available directly after! It still wasn't soon enough so I called when I got home and asked if they had any cancellations to let me know - I was ready to go whenever!! As luck had it I got an appointment a week earlier! Still hated waiting those 3 weeks though!!!! ?
  7. Omg! I couldn't figure out what your rash was when I looked at it but that makes complete sense now!! Glad you have an answer I also found heat packs soothing aswell during the first week ?
  8. Hey lovely ? Mine have definitely not gotten any smaller! As the swelling went down they looked more defined and they are softening up nicely aswell. With the 465mls I am an E cup which is more than I initially thought I wanted but even still I definitely have boob greed! ? I can't help comparing my boobs to other girls and wondering if I should have gone bigger! Dr Harwood has told me that it's not an option - I went as big as I could possibly go so I trust his judgement. He has told me that they'll get a lot softer in the coming months so I think we just need to be patient ?
  9. So glad to hear you're doing so well I had a check up with Dr Harwood on Wednesday - he's awesome!
  10. Congratulations ❤️ It'll only get better beautiful girl x
  11. Congrats! Another happy Dr Harwood girl ? Hope your recovery goes well
  12. I had this too - was freaky! I had about 4 or 5 under each breast but I noticed that mine have completely disappeared now. I'm not sure when they disappeared but I am 8 weeks post op today ? Hope that helps
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