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  1. I agree it’s quite hard to know what to buy when you don’t know what they do but I’ve enjoyed watching all the YouTube reviews that recommend what to use for specific skin types. It’s made my skin so much better! Love the rose hip oil! A kit would be good!!
  2. Do you know if she had steroid injections to reduce the swelling? I’ve heard lumps and dents can be common after that!
  3. Omg is anyone else obsessed with this brand? Love all the ordinary stuff! Best skin care products I’ve ever used and so cheap! Skin feels amazing! ? x
  4. I’ve had open and closed and had a much better result after the open approach. The surgeon can be much more precise that way x
  5. Oh ok! Rms93 what's happened? How long has it been since your op. Is it swelling that you are not happy with? Have you had your wedding yet? I really hope you're ok! I'm still so worried to have my revision because of not being happy with my primary so I really do know how you feel. It's so upsetting! Xx PS: I know you told your mum but did you manage to tell your dad in the end? Really hope they are being supportive xxx
  6. So glad you told your mum! I hope that's made you feel a bit better! Great to hear u are going with your fiancé, good luck! You must be there now! I hope it all goes well!! Xx
  7. Wow! They look absolutely amazing! Lovely teeth! So pleased for you and not much longer to go! Bet u can't wait! The acceldent sounds like it's well worth it! Thank u for the update! ?
  8. Hey! 1 month after surgery I would def say that's swelling! My nose carried on changing even after a year! Altho I would say about 6 months you can more or less see the final result. I do remember my nostrils feeling slightly thicker inside but that has all softened now. I know it's hard but try and be patient, there will be small changes every day that you probably won't notice untill you look back at photos. I hope it all goes well for you x
  9. Hey! ? I really know how you feel as I want a revision rhinoplasty but don't want to tell family and am wondering how I'm going to go about doing it too! Do you really think they would think you were having surgery if you said you were off on holiday with a friend? Are you going with anyone? I think you should atleast tell your family you are off on holiday so that it will help put your mind at ease. or if you really can't tell them then you could text them to say you are unwell that week but will call them when you feel up to talking? Good luck! ?
  10. Hi throwaway5700, Its hard to know if it's because of the splint or not. I can't remember seeing my nostrils looking squished when I had my cast on but then different surgeons may place the splint on tighter than others. Can you see any incisions near your nostrils to indicate that an alar base reduction was performed? If not then it will most likely be the splint. When do you get your cast off? Maybe you could ask your surgeon and put your mind at ease. let us know how you get on! Good luck! Xx Ps: I just had a look at my old photos and noticed that my cast wasn't put on over my nost
  11. Hey fox! I was going to ask how you were getting on with your Invisalign and then came across this! They look great!! Have you finished your treatment now? ?
  12. Omg that's crazy! Is that for a primary or revision??? ?
  13. Hi Arahia! It's really good! I love ashy bines! The booty challenge is a one off payment. Did u go for it in the end? xxx
  14. Definitely look into them as they have very good reviews! I have had a consult with dr de silva who was very nice, I just need to book an appointment with dr ion nowz then I will decide who I feel is the best for me. I will keep you updated when I know more! Xx
  15. Hey Tiago! Would you be willing to travel to the uk? The 2 surgeons that I am looking into are de Julian de silva and dr lucian ion who have a very good reputation with rhinoplasty. When I decide who to go with I will document my journey :-)
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