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  1. I was told to wear mine for 6 weeks. Im halfway there. I do like the extra support it gives me and i think it helps with swelling. Its uncomfortable whilst sitting at work (have been back 2 days now) but im not changing to spanx or anything yet.
  2. Im on day 6 from TT, MR and lipo and my ribs and sides are sore, i assume from the lipo. My CG moves up through the night (and is uncomfortable under my boobs). I prefer it to be lower, covering my scar and top of my hips. If you see my pic, i have a bruise on left ribs, i think its from the lipo. I had a mini choke on a pain pill yesterday and one cough. Just one cough and oh my freakin gosh it hurt like a mother of all giant cheesy rices. The burning pain i had was horrendous, the same burn i had when the right side drain was removed.
  3. Hey I too had TT. Here to chat if you need anything

  4. Just uploaded some more pics to my post TT album. Feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself tonight. Really hurt my muscles on left side of tummy just before i was due for pain meds. That was over three hours ago and its still sore and i still haven't pooped. Just have lots of bubbles in my tummy. I might have to up my dosage of sennesoft. Sigh. Night all.
  5. It is pretty cool having a flat tummy but im not enjoying it too much just yet. Still need to get through a couple more days i think then i can start to enjoy it a bit more. Dont want to be a negative nancy, i love not having a saggy flap, but im not enjoying the flat side to its fullest, yet. But each day is getting better. Back pain is worse than i thought it wouldd be. Its really uncomfortable. Anyway, just woke up to take meds, back to sleep now!
  6. Done and dusted. Thank goodness. I am at home now. (Day 3). Had both drains removed before i left hospital. OMG that frickin hurt!!!! Left one was better than the right but the right one made me scream! Its like the tube had latched on to my body on the inside. And because that hurt so much my tummy muscles were cramping and it took some time for me to recover from that. Apart from that, ive had a massive headache from the endone i think. Im just going to stick with the panadiene. My surgeon agreed with that too. Will update more later, kinda feel carsick if i look at the ipad for too long.
  7. Woohoo!! Took me 12 minutes but i just made it to the toilet and back by myself! (And using a walker, not the dead variety) freaking sore,gonna try and go back to sleep. Its my going home day today, yay!!
  8. Thank you all!!! This really is a great community! Friend reqs accepted. not doing too bad, keeping up with pca button. Its mainly my muscle repair that is most sore. Find that i keep getting really tense and have to remind myself to relax! Finally ate at 2am this morning: creme brulee . It was awesome! Putting ipad down now, tummy needs to chillax. Thanks again to you all for being here!!
  9. I have ten minutes left until i have to stop eating.. What should i scoff?? Lol. Not really nervous yet. Had a teary moment yesterday morning when sitting with my hubby and our three kiddies. My daughter (8) cried when going to bed tonight. She gave me a soft toy to take with me. Hubby just took all my "pre" shots. I really hope i get the results im after but at the same time im trying not to get my hopes up too high.
  10. I failed on losing those last few kgs. oh well. Four sleeps to go!!! congrats on booking dates.
  11. Thanks for the tip!! Hopefully I don't forget it. I have 6 sleeps til my TT. Argh!!!!
  12. I still have 12 sleeps til my TT but i am having 3 weeks off work in total. Can you put voltaren gel on your back? Or take it as tablets? Is that allowed?
  13. Pre-op emotions! Need I say more! My TT is in 13 sleeps!! (11/3/14) Last week I was upset and scared about not waking up and leaving my kids and hubby behind. I still feel like that, but I am so giggly today and its sooo distracting!! 13 sleeps!! I feel so unprepared. Should I have packed for hospital yet? I haven't. Am I supposed to have medications and stuff to deal with constipation and pain and omg I'm freaking out!!
  14. Thats great! At least you don't have too long to wait now. I have two weeks and im starting to freak out!! Excited, but freaking!
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