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    Breast reduction, possible lift
  1. Hi Flowery, My income is very low as I'm still studying, does that mean that these changes won't affect me?
  2. I was considering having mine done through medicare as well, but then I got scared about the waiting times. Do they let you know how long you have to wait for? Thanks,
  3. Heloooo, Has anyone out there been covered by health insurance for their best surgery? I'm looking to get health insurance to cover some of the costs of plastic surgery but so overwhelmed with the amount of choice, and how the insurance even works. Thank youuuu NaeNae
  4. Hi guys, I'm a newbie to this forum but so far it seems like a really good resource to have. I'm twenty years old, and want to get a breast reduction. I'm quite petite, short person, yet have enormous boobies (10FF) Just wondering if anyone had experience getting this surgery done in Sydney? And if there were any surgeons you could recommend. Thanks, Renae
  5. Hi, Last year I went for a consult with Dr. Michael Miroshnik, who I found very good. Based on the pictures he has done quite good work. Recently my cousin went through Dr. Tavakoli, it wasn't for a reduction but she had a great experience with him. Good luck!
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