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    Breast enlargement Dr Miroshnik :) 164cm 51kgs hoping for 400cc round HP boobies!!!!!
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    Dr michael miroshnik
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    164cm 51kgs 10B

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  1. Hey Hun just read your post, glad you're booked with Dr M... Did anything happen with your previous dr? Or did you just have to accept it and fork out more money? January will come around quick!! That's the best part about booking this time of year, Xmas/New Years goes quick xxx
  2. Oh and they disappeared around the 6 week mark..
  3. Does it hurt? Could be a bit of scar tissue around the internal stitches... I had some weird feeling bumps/bubbles near my incision lines and my doctor told me not to worry... But ring your dr just to be on the safe side
  4. I got emailed a quote after the phone consult based on what we had discussed... But I was pretty clear cut with what I wanted eg rounds and size wise so there wouldn't of been any variance unless I had any problems during the surgery...
  5. Not sure about the rebate but I had phone consult, I sent him pictures first.. (Make sure someone else takes the photo so he can get a good look at proportion and what canvas you have ) And then he rang me at our organised time and it was a great phone consult. Sorry if that doesn't help at all lol... I think any elective cosmetic/plastic surgery isn't covered but Medicare. But if you were referred for a breast lift then it could be?
  6. Lol this thread is awesome!! I'm 6 months post op and still forget I have side boob when I go to reach for something my cross over arm extension isn't quite as good lol.. I am used to my big boons now, and love my side boob!! The first few weeks though I do remember walking into doors lol or turning corners and forgetting their projection! Lol
  7. Go the bigger size I got 400cc and I love them!! I Definitely would go the extra 60cc if it was offered to me but unfortunately I have a short torso and thin skin so 400 was max for me.. Feel free to friend request me if you would like to see pics. Xx I'm 164cm too by the way.
  8. I've got sympathy for the woman, everyone makes mistakes.... But in any job that is customer based especially the health care system, if you can't do your job properly and give every patient the right amount of care, etiquette and compassion for what they're going through, then go work somewhere else... She caused you horrible anxiety and stress. I hope she takes this as a lesson learned because next time it might not be smoothed over so easily, Glad Dr S called you directly ... Sounds like he got the message loud and clear I tried to comment earlier but my ipad died :/ xxx
  9. Hey Hun, I'm 4 months post op, and I think I had very similar to what you are explaining.. Only on my left side. Like a grisley/crunchy feeling when I pushed underneath my breast, and more so behind the implant if that makes sense.. I didn't worry about it because I remember my surgeon saying that the healing process goes through different stages and sometimes you can feel funny things... Such as the stitches or you might hear sounds or bubbles... Anyway that feeling has gone away and everything is normal now on both sides. I did massage it a bit but not too much because I have textured a wS
  10. I just had 3 glasses of wine I feel warm and fuzzy now,
  11. Lol.. Seems that way doña. it got serious when she started attacking you. I'm a protective creature. Lol
  12. What a coincidence- the doctor you're referring to is a "cosmetic surgeon" not biased at all hey? You and mellieYu sound like you're friends !
  13. I'll keep it short and sweet- Who the **** are you? And where did you pop up from? already posting links to a Melbourne surgeon seems quite "biased" to me. And I'll say this on behalf of us ALL here- Doña is a highly respected member in this forum and very experienced to give informed opinions and CORRECT information. You implying that the extra 8 years training done by plastic surgeons is in someway insufficient or not so valid is just ludicrous. And quite disrespectful. Let me guess you're a troll? You've been on here a month. Have no friends and so far all I've seen is you being overly
  14. Hey girls I'm 4 months post op and had dr He's work is flawless. I am so happy with my whole experience. Price is roughly $12,000-$12,500 all up- Feel free to FR me to see my pics from week 1 to now.. And any questions just inbox me xx
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