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    BA currently 10B hoping to be D - DD
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    Dr Lee at TCI 12th December 13
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    166cm/ 53kgs/ 10B

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  1. Omg that is horrible! I'm so sorry this happened to you! Thank you so much for sharing your story.. I have had so many friends who have considered/ are considering plastic surgery overseas I will be sure to share your story with them. Stay strong and keep doing what you're doing
  2. Haha no it doesn't look comfortable at all.. It would be a pain to hide as well I think. I might just stick to extra sternum massages hopefully the swelling doesn't stick around
  3. Just remember diet is more important than exercise
  4. I am like you I love going to the gym and was so worried about weight gain and losing the muscle I've worked hard for! I couldn't work out during Christmas time and that scared me.. I didn't weigh myself until 4 weeks post op but when I did I had put on 1.5kgs. So as long as you eat right, don't over eat and do some walking you'll be fine I was freaking out because I was so bloated after surgery from the anesthesia but that went away after a week or so. It did get me down during the first week not being able to do much.. but I have to say it was worth it and as each week went by I could d
  5. Has anyone purchased a 'Thong Bra'? I have a bit of swelling only in the cleavage area and was looking into getting a thong bra, but they are so expensive! Thanks girls
  6. I meant Dr Lee not 'my Dr Lee' haha! But I would definitely book a consult with one of the doctors at TCI and maybe at some other places. I felt really confident after my consult
  7. I agree that some of TCI's website photos don't do them justice. In my opinion some of them look really good and some of them don't look that good. I hated that they only show one view not front and side! But in my experience listening to my Dr Lee's advice about what size/ shape etc suits my boobs/ body was the best decision I made.. that and booking with Doctor Lee . I was like you I kept trying to find boobs that looked like mine etc and it drove me crazy. I am so happy with my results and I am so glad I listened to him and didn't get any bigger because I would have side boob passed
  8. I was really worried about returning to work post ba but no one has noticed as of yet! I am a size 8, 5'6, pre op 10A/B and got 360cc silicone unders. I started wearing a really padded push up bra a few weeks pre op though. I find that only people that know you really well and who see you in a bikini will notice.. depending on how large you go of course
  9. I bought the 2 pack of kmart soft bras. Do you think wearing one on its own will give enough support? I tried wearing 2 and it felt pretty uncomfortable
  10. Hey girls, just windering how how long you slept upright for? It's day 4, I have been able to sleep but my bottom is numb!
  11. Thanks I think I was a bit paranoid because I had more pain in my left boob and that is the bigger one my mind began to wonder.. I have too much time on my hands ATM!
  12. I just had a look at them and they are looking a but more symmetrical than yesterday.. Maybe I was just being dramatic haha but I will have a better inspection when I have a shower
  13. So I got my boobs on Thursday I know it's early but my left boob is quite a bit bigger than the right.. My left boob was slightly bigger before implants but not by much. Did anyone have a big difference in size when they were healing? Did they even out eventually? I know when healing one boob drops quicker than the other but the size difference is freaking me out
  14. Sorry to hear that you did get a large implant so that could be why your in a lot of pain compared to some other girls.. Hopefully it eases up a bit soon!
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