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    Dr Tavakoli - 17th July 2014.
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    162cm, 44kg, was a 6C, at 5 weeks measuring at 6FF/G - HP anatomicals 350cc

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  1. I would contact the nurse/PS for sure when you can. I think they will ask you if it feels warm and does it look red around there so have a look to see and decide if your incision feels warm
  2. Hi Bronte- I am 44kg and 164cm. I have a pretty tiny build and look petite and skinny. I was measuring a 6C (28C) before- which is similar to 8B in cup size to put it into perspective so even though it sounded like a C cup would be a decent size- it wasn't. I had 350 HP unders, anatomical. At 6 weeks post op I have been professionally fitted in 2 bra shops and I am wearing a 6G bra size. They do look big on me but I am skinny. I do love them and I wanted as big as he would give me.
  3. Any recommendations on 6FF bras 4 week post op bras would be appreciated
  4. I am 4 weeks post op and have been told by the nurse now to take off my compression strap, wear a underwired, no padded, non push up bra daytime and my carefix Anna bra at night time (no underwire). I have been sized at a 6FF and the only shop I found today with the size wouldn't sell one to me saying I was too soon post op for underwired and made my buy the Freya Active Soft Cup 4001, non underwired sports bra! I have asked the nurse to ask my PS what to do. Wishing I has asked my PS what to do at my 4 week post op now when I saw him but forgot in a panic then just asked the nurse. I have read most girls on here don't wear wires for 6 weeks so im panicking. I do want my boobs to come in a bit closer together and have read on a leaflet they gave me to wear a plunge with low underwire for this. Also what about the D&F process. Does this mean they have D&F'd or that the bra doesn't affect this?
  5. Hey- I went with Dr Tavakoli 3.5 weeks ago. I also didnt want to too natural look. He said to me straight away anatomicals- I think because I was tiny he said they would give me the shelf look which would look really fake on me. I do have a tiny frame - 44kg and 5 foot 3. He did say last week my HP anatomicals would look round on me anyway.
  6. I have been told to massage and I have textured implants. I have to kinda prod my boobs three times a day for 5 minutes. Do more if I can. I think the nurse said it was to help them soften up and they have done loads since the first 2 weeks. I am 3.5 weeks now
  7. Miss Little That story you told- I felt so sorry for you but it was like some comedy sketch that you were in... you know when something just keeps going wrong for someone. You poor thing! For the record I am wearing the Carefix PO Anna bra, its seamless and im finding it pretty comfortable. Dr Tavakoli told me to get this one. I havw to wear it 24/7 so it must be comfy if im not complaining. it feels really tight but that is just a standard feeling im used to know. Just happy to see that back of the tight muscle stretchy pains I was feeling last week. Im not having to walk around clutching my chest anymore like im about to have a heart attack!
  8. Hi New Life For the first 2 weeks I was told to wear the compression strap for 2 weeks 24/7- No bra. I only took this off to shower and wore it all other times. It was hard trying to hide the nipples! At my 2 week post op appointment he said my boobs need to drop further so I was instructed to wear the compression strap and then my Anna compression bra over the top- 24/7. He said I can take it off to shower and I can take a break but for the best results to take it as much as possible. Im pretty persistent and like a good challenge and seeing as im a bit of a perfectionist i am going to wear it 24/7 (apart from the shower). Hope this helps. I thought whats a month of discomfort (hoping I can take it off at my next 2 week appintment!) for a great pair of boobies. Im kinda just thinking uncomfortable is the new comfortable :/ Hope this helps
  9. GOOD Luck Boobsneeded! I know the excitement you must feel! I went for my 2 week post op (2 days early) today and was told everything is going well BUT I need to wear my stabiliser for another 2 weeks AND the compression bra too. Arrr! I was hoping I could have it off today but no... not this week, or next week. I am a little grateful I can wear the bra now though. My nipples were always on full beam and were hurting loads so at least I can keep them warm and hidden (relatively) now My boobs are still really hard too (day 12) they are a tiny weeny bit softer than the start but I am allowed to massage them now and have to rub my scar too because my scar tissue around the incision is starting to build. I have to pull my boobs together as much as I can too which doesn't feel very nice. All for the love of boobs though
  10. I did the same thing really- I just booked everything in a big rush all excited and didnt even get any comparison quotes. I cant see there being much of a difference. Its so easy to book everything in a hurry!
  11. HI Candice- Your stats are pretty similar to mine. I'm 162cm and 44kg with a 8B bra size initially. I asked for a DD but my PS said he would go for a D. I have no idea what size I will be as im only 9 days post op but I did want to go the biggest I could go and stated I wanted to be at least a D. I can let you know when I get measured what size i am. My PS went for anatomicals as he said they would suit me better and he put in 350cc. I wanted mine to look a little fake and not too natural also- did you want a natural look or a bit more augmented? Its good to have an idea the look you want to go for- I put together the specific look I wanted and was then able to show this to my PS for him to decide what implant would get this look for me
  12. Hi Newlife- I soo agree with the Day 3 thing. I was totally fooled at Day 2. I do think it gets better though with Day 3 being the worst. I'm on Day 9 now and I must admit progress is slow. I feel a little better each day but i'm surprised at how slow I am recovering. I was meant to be in work on Friday but I walk around quite a bit in my job and I would have had to have driven - there was no way I was up to it. I think on Monday (Day11) if I didnt have to drive and if I was in for a few hours and I worked in an office I would have more of a chance of thinking I was going to be in. Not sure if I will be fit for work on Monday but fingers crossed I pick up over the weekend. I have my post op appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday (Day 12) so really really hoping I will be ok to drive then. How are you walking and do you have someone to carry your bag for you? Maybe if not you should ask for assistance prior from the airport. Hope your flight isn't too bad- can you have an endone on the plane when you get on or is it not advised... maybe ask your PS? If you're not feeling up for work I would call in sick- I feel really bad asking for more time off but I didnt really have an option.
  13. Hi Ciara- yes I felt really good on day 2 and even went out for a long walk then it hit me on day 3/4 and I had felt worse since then. I only take endone when I feel I need to so I didnt take it if I felt I could last without it. I am on day 8 now but had to take one endone yesterday in the evening because I was uncomfortable for a between about 4-8pm then when I stretched my arm a little too far and hurt myself I just wanted to relax. Within half an hour it helped. I was meant to go back to work today (day 8) but there was no way I could go back. Everybodys different and some girls have gone back within the first week but I think im one of the slower recovery ones. My arms and easily tiredness are still limiting me and Im having to take it easy a lot. I go out for a light walk each day and it feels easier as the week is progressing. I still struggle getting dressed, I cant lift my arms above my head and wouldnt be able to open a car door yet- just to give you an idea of what its like for the slower ones. Hoping you have a speedy recovery> all for the love of boobies
  14. HEY DELICIOUS- I dont think I thought about it as major surgery but Iguess its a pretty big operation in term sof where it is on your body too- we use our core constantly and I have been so limited to what I can do in these first seven days- I totally didnt realise Id be like this. Im getting better each day though and today my walk was a little bit easier than yesterday. Im still real slow in the shower but managed to wash my hair on my own without any help today I still cant wash pans but I think thats a good thing for now Nadine you're funny! Cant believe she was guessing that and she still doenst know I feel a tiny bit better each day. Ive had to call work and tell them Ill never make it in tomorrow. They were totally fine with it. Theres no way I can drive so soon. Hopefully I'll be feeling up to it on Monday. Mona- hope your days at work havent been to hard on you- have you managed ok for the last 2 days? I still have the tight feeling in between my boobs but its easing a little each days and now I kind of know how to work with my body to reduce the pain. Mona when do you think you will be ok with driving. Thanks Rosie! Think ill walk to the DRs tomorrow to get a certificate as hes only round the corner. Do you think its ok to just get one off the GP rather than my PS?
  15. Maybe they will! Im checking every day(naturally) to see the update Can I send you a FR Bunny- would love to see your 570s- for future reference ;D
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