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    I am really looking for the perfect breast surgeon in Melbourne as I have slightly tuberous breasts and will probably need a lift as well! I would like a large yet natural look (not a "bolt on" look).

    In the future I am also interested in a rhinoplasty. This will hopefully just be subtle, as I don't *hate* my nose but I would like it to be a little more refined and delicate.

    At the moment I have just had fillers in the cheeks and lips, so feel free to ask me anything about my experiences with dermal fillers. I also get botox regularly for that nice arched eyebrow look.
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    5'5/51 kilos/ 10B
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    Student, dancer
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    shopping, pole dancing, reading, martial arts

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  1. Hey I've noticed that in photos my cheeks really seem to take over my face (esp when someone else is taking them). They look huge and my eyes look tiny and sunken in! However, I think my fillers look good in real life. Do I believe the camera or the mirror? Maybe I'm just used to myself in the mirror and my eyes dont see the flaws as much anymore? :(((
  2. No, she didn't. It went down a bit and I could kind of hide it with foundation etc. I used plenty of Arnica. It seems worse in the mornings.
  3. Can anyone recommend ways to reduce jucederm lips swelling? I stupidly topped up my lips 24hrs ago and I look terrible I really need some of this swelling to resolve by tonight. Thanks xxxxxx
  4. I try to drink soon much water daily (for many reasons). I find that this wards off vaginal issues just because I always have to pee. Everything gets flushed out!!
  5. Yes! GoFundMe. Even random people you don't know are inclined to donate. You need to use a valid Fb account to register your cause though. Good luck and god bless!
  6. I'm in the same boat! Would love the flexibility of freelance beauty services and makeup!
  7. I've been under a lot of stress and find unwinding to go to sleep very difficult. As such, I've been taking valium and sleeping pills for abo h t a year. However, I worry that it's making me age prematurely. I feel like I look a lot different to how I was a year or two ago (and not in a good way!). I've quit these medications and have been off them for about a week and a half. I feel a lot better to be honest. Has anyone else had similar rapid aging problems and if he's, how did you overcome it and reverse the clock?!
  8. He's a really good surgeon, so is well worth the high price he commands! That said, there are probably heaps of surgeons that are great yet cheaper for those who don't wish to spend as much as that
  9. I think it's important that people speak up about their negative experiences. Of course, it is up to each person to make their own decision about who to choose as a surgeon, but if someone thinks that certain institutions should be avoided, I WANT to know about it, even if I ultimately don't come to the same conclusion. Thanks so much Tayla1414 for your contribution and I really hope you get the solution that will make you happy!
  10. Oh, wow! That's awesome lol. Hope you're recovering well too xD i can't breathe at all through my nose so am kind of dreading falling asleep lol...
  11. I had my op with Dr Greensmith today! I feel hardly any pain but I cannot breathe through my nose whatsoever (which is to be expected with a sept or hi no plasty), I can't see much of my nose because of all the packing but I'm not super swollen, I dont think. I'm already liking the results-i can tell that I have more a more even, straight profile with smaller nostrils (and this is WITH swelling). I hope I will be able to fall asleep soon lol. I have been given panadene forte, nasal sprays, saline, ice packs, antibiotics (oral and gel) and some anti-nausea meds. I just had a day stay at the
  12. Thanks guys! I hardly have any pain at all, but have a blocked stuffy nose!
  13. In a few short hours I will undergo rhinoplasty with Dr Greensmith. I am sooo scared but will keep you ladies (and men) updated with my progress!
  14. I suffer a lot from BV and it is incredibly annoying to go to the Dr all the time for antibiotics. I recently bought a Super Greens powder from a health food store that contains chlorella and spirulina. I take two teaspoons in a jug of water and just keep drinking it all day long. I need frequent trips to the look, but the BV gets flushed out after a day!! Mine was often quite odorous too, so I'm glad I found this,remedy! This is just a tip for ladies who also suffer from annoying discharge/odor (non STD related). Also, I have found that keeping the vagina acidic by inserting a tampon di
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