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  1. Cause of stupid work I have to wait to Saturday!! N then TCI said they will do a boobie exam there, touch n feel if anything isn't normal n then go from there! I do have a guy feeling it was from my crop top, but it's a sensation that I can't pin point what it feels like! It's frustrating me! It feels like I just had my boobs done all over again !!! ?
  2. Hi mollyjo, it's on the bottom lower boob of my right boob, the outer part near my incision. It's a weird feeling ?! I took nurofen n still didn't help it!! I called TCI n they just said to come in, they wanna feel for anything abnormal! So not a lot I can do now!!
  3. Well I wake up this morning and to my surprise it still there???? Gahhhhh making ne angry n scared as I dnt no what it is I just wanna know wht it looks like inside!!!!!!!! I'm hoping my crop too was a bit to tight n has just pushed on my under boob
  4. I'm hoping that's all it is, like pressure on my side boob that's where it is!! Hopefully if my body relaxes it will release the tension! I'm doing the pushing down on breasts from top, pushing boobs together cleavage like, cupping bottom n squeezing together, n just general fiddling with them to keep them moving! I said same thing but doc says how ever long they need
  5. I know I actually have that sick feeling in my tummy n I'm trying to keep calm!! It's a pain that doesn't need nurofen it feels like a misplacement, like my boob has moved, I no it prob hasn't but still! I can't think of any other reason to what it could be!! ??! The pain is ok it's the worry n feeling so uncomfy! I dnt wanna take nurofen to mask the pain, as I want to see if it still there in morning then il no maybe check it out!!
  6. Hi ladies, so my right boob is killing me! I had my sports bro on today cause I was just at bfs house, I thought ohh this is a bit tight so took it off after a few hours when I felt boobs were suffocating, now my right boob underneath is killing so bad!! Every move I do hurt, n feels like my rib is broken. I looked at boobs to see any differences n they look the same, but I dnt no y it's hurting so bad! When I push my boob down, like the massaging technique it hurtsssss! My left ones moves freely n moves within the pocket but when I do it to right one it feels like it's getting stuck! I'm really starting to worry, I'm hoping if I go to sleep tonight n let my body relax it will fix it's self in the morning but the chances I feel are slim to nothing!! ?
  7. I think if might be my boobs adjusting to their final spot or my stitches dissolving? I dnt think it's in normal just hurts
  8. My incisions aren't sore but internally if feels like my stitches are on fire!!! really uncomfy!!
  9. I still havea not of swelling between cleavage, no where near a lot but I think it a lot of period bloating cause they on there way here and I really haven't been toilet properly! Godddd all week I have eaten frigen rabbit food so I will blame my period and make my self feel better!!! HAHAHA
  10. Ohhh jeez Louise!!! I hate myself!!! Lol!! I thought if was my boobs but I'm guna blame getting my period!
  11. Hi ladies!! i got nagor 360cc implants and I'm wanting to know how much they weigh?? I steppe on the scales after 4 months and was horrified with the digits!! Please shed some light that half is my boobs! I tried to google it but it's all in pounds!!
  12. Totally normal. I get stabbing pains, shooting pains, aches, dull aches, burning like crazy, nipple down and in between cleavage is still quite numb, nipples are sensitive but ok, lumpy scars, dry skin, sweat pimples, any weird pain u feel is part of healing!
  13. Hey mumfox! I was was all fine and healing well, apart from pains and stabbing pains and the norm! And then at 7 week I massaged my boob and I felt this lump like a pea size on my left side, on the left size of my incision right at the end! I freaked out going OMG n they said it's normal but feels yukky! But it normal! So try not stress, not that I can talk but try not to!!
  14. Hey, im 9 weeks post op an I still get it every second to third day for a few seconds! Lately I been getting severe burning sensations in both boobs! Feels like my boobs internally on fire!! Hope ur pain goes away soon
  15. Hahah maybe a pea size then!! Hahahah well hopefully it's al good
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