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  1. Cathy, I agree with you to an extent but I think most of us girls have a good way of balancing the sexy/classy look. For example if showing off legs, cover up the boobs.. And vice versa. Even if a man might think by sexy dresses etc that you are just fck materiel, they get to know who the girl really is within a few minutes of conversation. I've been out with gfs quite a lot and seen that the ones who are treated like one night stands can even be wearing jeans and sometimes pretend to be sweet innocent girls but the men see through it. And men who might've thought my sexy dress might be an invitation act completely differently within moments of meeting me. I think most of us in this forum are whinging more about the fact WE don't have much to choose from when it comes to men... Not that they don't want US. It's been ages and I don't have time to read the thread again but at least in my case I'm still scratching my head and thinking ... Am I just being far too choosy and expecting so much ? ?
  2. I think teardrops have gained popularity really quickly because when I had mine done, rounds were very much more the norm but I wanted the natural slope and my surgeon suggested it as well for my body ? ill go check his Insta now actually .. U never quite get over the boob obsession ? When you're happy with the result, I guess you'll see what I mean x
  3. Hey lovely. I met with Abby. Im XS in clothes so size 450cc made me an E cup .. I wanted large ? Depends on your height and weight etc what will suit you best as different sizes look different on everyone. The doc knew right away what would work for me when he saw me and after I told him what I wanted and showed some pics he told me what would get me that. Because my crease was naturally low I went for anatomicals and I'm glad .. they look super natural
  4. I just got out of a scenario like that Donatella as I needed my work/life balance back. As long as you're happy that's all that matters ?
  5. Mine was the first time but the consultant I spoke with on my first consultation before meeting with the doc was a patient who had a revision and she looks amazing ! During my research it mentioned he also is a specialist in reconstructive surgery so I think you will be fine. When is your surgery Aphrodite? x
  6. That's part of why I wanted to comment. When I was researching my BA I wanted more people in forums who had theirs done more than two years ago to comment but it was mainly people who were up to 1 yr post op or who came back if there was an issue. I was lucky because I live in Sydney's east and met many girls over the years in the social circuit who had theirs done so saw in person their results .. Plus I just researched a lot about the top few surgeons I had in mind. Im excited for u girls ? It was the best decision I made and many ppl can't even guess I got mine done because they look very big but natural.
  7. I figured if I was gonna do it I'd go with someone with extensive experience and consistent results. It is so worth it for your health as well as the look and recovery process ? All the best of luck girls x
  8. Hey girls I'm an old regular returning to the forum. Just wanna say you chose well .. At least from my own experience my result and easy recovery from day one was so worth it and I believe I chose the best ! I'm almost 2.5 years post op ?
  9. ive been away from the forum for about a year and thought I'd reopen an old popular topic ? It was a bit of a laugh sharing our stories, I admit ! Just checking how many of the old regulars are still here and how are your post op journeys going ? Hopefully still very well. Ive been fortunate .. 2.5 years since my augmentation and no issues. Still looking good too. As for men, still to find the one for me. It's so funny how tough it is to find someone compatible or that u don't find deal breakers when there are so many men in the world ! ? Any better luck with you other single ladies ? Hopefully there are some good news since last time I was here xo
  10. I haven't been on the forum for a while .. Minx how are u darl? How's everything healing and how are the results of the facelift holding up? Do u like your eyebrow tattoo now that some time has passed? I've been to the laser clinic for my lip filler before .. Highly recommend it
  11. Don that's some great info above .. is there really a better option between Botox and dysport for forehead and frown lines ? I asked a few injectors and they favour both... Apart from amount of units needed, how do they differ ?
  12. Best to go to a dermatologist and get products recommended for your skin type. Eating well and drinking lots of water are even more important to nourish from within. I should add lime to bottles I'm seriously guilty of not drinking enough these days I know there are perks about getting older but perhaps I'm vain read a quote somewhere that beauty is the strangest gift as u have to give it back. I think it's a sense of loss to a part of yourself I guess .. I'm all for staying young looking with PS vs ageing gracefully but not overdoing it. Agree with u Don re preferring older men as they are more successful than the younger ones I meet. At least we all have a choice in men no matter what their age just are too tough on our own reflections Whitey that's great u can pass for more than ten yrs younger !
  13. Belle, thats part of it. wanting kids and now feeling the need to find someone i want to be committed to, even though Im stuck in a 20 year old mindset and want more time and freedom.. (I'm mid 30s) ab1990, Lou's advice is spot on. wear sunscreen, eat well, drink lots of water. So many girls in their mid 20s have a bit of a freak out when their bday comes up and i was like that too.. mybaops, good luck with the surgery! i know what u mean with the younger men.. its hilarious when 18 yr olds hit on me..
  14. Win... i hear you.. what we used to take for granted in our 20s we now have to pay big $$ for.. I'm missing my younger face a lot too. botox can only go so far newbie, i never really thought about the neck. don't know if anyone notices it lol @ Samanthas adventures. i love how they are in their 40s and still going out having fun like they are 20.. enjoying life. maybe i belong in NY from what i saw, in real life it is pretty much the same. i do think men age quickly though too. their face just looks older quite quickly from 30s onwards
  15. Is anyone else totally freaking out about ageing? Since i turned 30 it's been a bit of an issue and I'm wondering if it's just me. I still feel like I'm in my early 20s and look good and get attention. Most friends have lost that passion they had in life when we were younger and it's just sad. i start to wonder what it'll be like in the 40s. i read a cosmo mag recently and the editor had to explain why she put cameron diaz (42) on the cover, who was 'much older than the readers'.. lol .. seriously? do people really become irrelevant as time goes on? do they enjoy life as much as they used to?
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