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    I have my BA consultation on the 3rd December. I am very excited. I have had no other surgeries. I have a 4yr old little boy :)
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    Dr Lee The Cosmetic Institute 17th Feb 2014
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    Store Manager
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    Beach, Travelling and my family :)

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  1. I'm booked in for the 17th Feb and he was great at my consult as well. He is such a lovely man. Good luck
  2. Ive had my consult and my surgery is 17th Feb it cant come any faster!!!! Ill send u a FR now
  3. Im from newcastle and I have stayed at the Meriton and they are really nice apartments. My fiance and I have stayed there a lot and great price for a really well maintained apartment. I have surgery on 17th Feb and ill be staying there.
  4. I'm going 520cc and was nervous they were to big but everyone seems like they want bigger after surgery lol funny title by the way; )
  5. Thanks girls im feeling much more happier now with 520cc. I was having a minor freak out hehe. I had to go 520 because if I didnt I would then need a lift. He said 520 will make them "perky" again lol definitely dont want a lift as its more money. I think ill be fine. Its good to speak to other girls who are gettinv 520cc or similar thanks
  6. Well im 5'3" 58kg and my surgeon said 520 cc with make me look full again. I was just worried that they will be to big but I guess I need that fullness back as breastfeeding sucked everything away lol
  7. Go the 520 cc. Definitely do the research but you don't want to regret your decision. I'm getting 520cc and im so excited. They will look awsome!!!
  8. Hi I had my consultation with Dr Lee on Tuesday and everything went fantastic. He said for me to get the best result I will need to get 520cc. This will make me look full after breastfeeding almost 4 years ago. Has anyone else gone 520cc?? What was your outcome? Thanks ladies
  9. Hi, I had my Consultation today with Dr Lee. He was amazing. He knew what he was talking about. Yes his infection rate is very low. I was very comfortable and he made me make all the decisions for myself. He is very knowledgeable and calls his work art. He takes pride and from what I Received today he is a perfectionist. Im so happy and cant wait for my BA on the 17th Feb Couldnt come sooner!!!
  10. Ill send my FR now my consult is next Tuesday and my surgery is 17th Feb yay!!!!!
  11. Hey girls, I have my consult with Dr lee next Tuesday the 3rd dec. Ive already booked in my surgery for the 17th Feb. Im so excited. Ill let use all know how it goes
  12. jesikarichelle - im booked in with Dr Lee on the 17th of Feb as well. I would love some feedback.
  13. Wow thanks so much for the link for sizing Hopefully my recovery is easy on me. thanks everyone for you fedback, Its been great help!!!
  14. Thanks girls I will now just go in open minded and not fixed on a size. Can anyone tell me what your recovery was like?
  15. Hi Girls, I need you help with how the sizing works with the implants. i have my BA consultation on the 3rd of December at the Cosmetic Institute and i would also love to know everyone's feedback. Im so excited!!!
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