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  1. Hello! do you mean constricted lower pole, meaning there would be a "double dip" at the begging that needs to stretch and drop over time? because this was me!
  2. sorry for late reply! great experience, he is down to earth, i had a round silicone implant, even tho i did go into the process thinking i wanted teardrop and saline! one doctor quoted me 16,000 another 10,000 and baldwin 9000 all up excluding consultation fee's! i didn't go with him because he was the cheapest he seemed most confident about what i wanted and i had heard great things, everything he promised me i received and all of his worries (they have to tell you everything that could turn wrong) ended up perfect nothing happened. i went from 10a to 10c(big)/D(small) i did stay overnight didn't cost me any extra! although my surgery he expected me to bruise and be quite sore so possibly it necessary for everyone!
  3. Went to mark Baldwin for BA was extremely happy, nice friendly. Was told by another surg would need a breast lift on my acups! Thought that was ridic, Baldwin saw where this could be thought but organized a plan where this was not needed. Very down to earth, went from acup to c/d cup 325 cc it's slightly modest looks great healing great too Cost $9000
  4. Did you ever end up going to him?
  5. Hi i was looking at going through with a surgery with Dr David Ross round saline implants 380cc was wondering if anyone has been with him thoughts? thanks
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