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    Breast Augmentation 400cc right and 425cc left, bwd 13 and 14cm.
    High Profile Round Mentor Round Textured/Siltex Silicone - Dual Plane - Crease incision.
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    Dr Mark Lee - Wed 16th April 2014
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    165cm / 60kg / deflated/breastfed 10B

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  1. Hey sorry for delay! I'm not on here much past couple weeks. Accepted and good luck!! :) :) x

  2. Hi, have sent a FR. Booked in with Mark Lee on the 2nd July.

    1. Perthmama1408


      Me too, if that is ok? I have my consult with Dr Mark Lee's on the 10th of Oct. Im so nervous but so excited  x

  3. Oh sending you a FR Abouttime! I think your results look phenomenal! I bet you're grinning from ear to ear, I know I would be!!!
  4. Hey Cat89 how exciting!!!!!! :) Go the 400s!! trust me, you will be so happy! I am still early on in my healing, but they are changing every week and looking better each time. I am sooooo glad I went with Mark, you will be stoked! xx

  5. Hey I'm going with Dr mark Lee in June. Do u have any pics. I'm stuck on size. Tossing up between 375cc and 400cc I know difference is tiny but don't want to b too big or fake. I'd like a full d. I'm a 14b or 12c ATM in push up bras but I'm sure I could fit into an a cup

  6. Oh I soooooooooo wanted to get my BA when my son was very little, to be very honest with you, and I so hope I don't disappoint you too much, but I am soooooooo glad I waited. You will be spending a lot of money and you will not want anything to jeopardise your new set of girls! My son is 8 this year so way past the picking up stage, I think I waited too long tho, depending on your children (you know their needs best) you might be able to get away with doing it now with a good 3-4 weeks of full time help required so you don't do any damage picking up your child. Although you may be able to pick your bub up early on, in my experience I found it won't be so much the weight of your bub as at 5 months old he/she would only weigh around 6 or so kilos, but it would be more the bending over the cot and picking up and having to pick your bub up very suddenly or run to grab your bub etc, I found that sudden movements were something I couldn't do for first 2-3 weeks, like I had to brace myself before I could pick up a pot of spaghetti to drain, and I could only feel safe doing that from 4 weeks. I was able to do it but it didn't feel right. Everyone is different though, good luck!! x
  7. Wow Aussiechic I have def heard of BA's messing with hormones or in your case balancing your hormones! That's a great side effect, hope it stays that way for you!! I just got a shock with my morning boob re-appearing, they were pretty damn tender this morning!
  8. Hahah cool Convinced please do!! Aaahhh ok cool PlayboyBunnyBoobies! come to think of it I probably always got tender boobs before but cos they were sooooo teeny tiny I never noticed! now with these lady lumps you can't miss the feeling haha!
  9. That's awesome!!!! He is a wonderful guy hey, and yes his staff are just AMAZING!! you're gonna get such a great result. x
  10. Am I the only one with extra tender boobs when on period after augmentation???? my boobs were never this tender pre-op and they have settles down heaps with swelling/tenderness/morning boob last couple weeks. I hope it's still because I am early days...
  11. How is everyone's period after their BA? I have had mine twice now, first was 4 days after surgery and OMG BOOBS were swollen as hell, and again now. I have noticed that my breasts get so tender now and it's like 'morning boob' comes back. Just wondering if other's have experienced the similar? My leftie (with bigger implant) is still slightly tender and it's the sorest with my period. My right breast is perfect and no tenderness. Boobs really are 2 different surgeries, healing differently! Looking forward to hearing other's experiences!
  12. 300cc should definitely get you to a D cup if you're already a C cup, even bigger I think!! :) If you only want a D cup then stay the 300's I think. So exciting good luck!!!! xx
  13. Hey Dreamboobs, I don't mean to down play how you are feeling, I know all too well that this is such an emotional rollercoaster and wanting to make sure everything is perfect!!!! So in saying that I have checked out your pics and I honestly think your boobs look great for 3 weeks!!! They do not look ridiculousy high at all!! I have seen loads of boobs like yours and after 6 months they settle wonderfully, I know it's so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but be patient. I have my old crease showing up at the moment and was stressing, then found out it's normal and in time will settle and my boobs will round out down the bottom. Some great advice I read from a surgeon was to get rid of all your mirrors for the first 6 months (like I was going to do that hahaha!) but I knew what he was saying, as this is how long it can take before your boobs settle properly, even longer in some ladies, 12 months! Relax babe, we have to be patient, I am relaxing too now after looking at my old crease and watching my new crease form and hoping and praying I have no complications, like constantly checking for fricken bottoming out and CC....driving me insane!!! So how about we chill and go make a cuppa with honey and enjoy the process that is involved in your body accepting these implants, muscles relaxing and implants settling, our bodies are probably thinking, WTF are these things you've put inside me??!!! Loads of positive thoughts, your boobs will settle perfectly xxx
  14. Following as I would like to know too!
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