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    Dr Harwood, 410cc Brazilian XHP anatomical, dual plane, Infram $9,500, 12:30pm 13th January 2012
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    5'7", 54kg, was 10C/D {never fitted properly}, now am 6G/6GG

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  1. I have had mine now for 2 and 1/2 years and love them! Mine took about 6 months to soften, and they just got better over about 12 months. I have shown all of my interested friends and family how they move and feel like they are real (they don't feel like they did when they sagged, they feel like they did when I was younger with great naturally firmer boobs - that is the best way I can describe them)
  2. Thanks Miss Mel... I have just approved your FR My pics are fairly old now and I won't be updating them as I will be deleting my profile as soon as I can work out how lol. Had a quick peak at your profile and congrats luv! Your new girls are looking very nice PS ~ EDIT: Can't find anywhere that is a quick "delete" for a profile, so I have just deleted all of my albums.
  3. Hi gorgeous ladies I haven't been on this forum for a VERY long time, but still receive many friend requests and messages. Unfortunately {actually it's good for me lol} life is very busy and I no longer have the time to maintain offerings for this forum. BUT, before I am gone forever... I wanted to answer the most common questions I still receive almost daily YES, I am still extremely happy with my boobs YES, they just get better and better. YES, they are now as soft as real, and you can only tell they are fake if you feel the edge of the implant on the outer sides {apart from the fact that they are large for my natural body frame, and are beautifully perky for a mummy of 2 lol}.. they bounce and move just like they did when I was a teenager. YES, I still love and fully recommend DR Harwood to EVERYONE!!! He and his team are amazing. YES I recommend going as large as a good surgeon recommends, and as you know you will be comfortable with {I will never regret going the largest Kim recommended: I love that they are porn-like for hubby and I for fun, but still very easy to disguise under regular clothing. NO, buying bras is no longer difficult ~ I have my favourite stores I shop with, and I generally wait for sales {which happen at least twice per year}, and because I know my size with my favourite brands I never need to worry when I buy online {recommend professional fitting with someone like Big Girls Don't Cry or Evie Boo}. Best wishes to every amazing person I have had the pleasure of chatting with here about BOOBIES I sincerely hope you are all travelling very well xoxo And best wishes to all new ladies on their journey!! ...{now, to work out how to delete my profile... anyone know??????}
  4. Dr H is only in Brissy, Amber But definitely worth the extra 45 minute drive! He shows you final nipple positioning, projection, fullness, cleavage! NO other consult did this for me, so I was rapt because you just can't picture any of this {although perhaps the 3D is pretty good too? I don't know, I didn't have that}, so it really helped me visualise my outcome.
  5. YUP I whinged so much on here about my bloating! lol Most of the girls who went through surgery at the same time as me only took 1 week!!! I took a FULL 2 weeks!! haha I even put pics up on my bloating to prove it lmao It is awfully uncomfortable... but it goes you can't be far now hun... hang in there... EVERY THING IS SOOOOOO WORTH IT xo
  6. Hi MissNewBoobies Congrats on your new girls Yes, deep breathing hurts! Everything is so tight and this is normal... it gets better and better with time. I was so tight and shiny and hunched over to help with the tight discomfort and pain. The size 12 top will fit better in the next 1 to 2 weeks once the swelling goes {expect bloating ~ like 5 months pregnant look ~ and bruising all the way down to your waist}. Link01 is right... keep those meds up! And, slow non jerky movements... happy healing
  7. I know what you mean! I have 2 kiddies and they sucked the life out of my boobs This doesn't necessarily mean your BA will be more complicated, and different doctors can have different opinions on this also. 1 doctor said I had to have over 600cc to lift/fill my boobs up, the same doctor also said if I wanted smaller implants I would need a lift. Yet my implants are 410cc and super perky thank you very much haha! If I were you, I would find at least 2 other surgeons who provide free consultations and get their opinions also before deciding if your chosen doctor is right for you/offering you advice you feel satisfied with. It's funny how quickly you learn about it all, through consults and this forum!
  8. Yes, I went with Dr H I 'clicked' really well with him! I actually saw Dr Harwood before my appointment with Dr Richardson and was ready to book my surgery with Dr H at my consult, but he insisted I should go to my consult for another opinion before my final decision. Unfortunately, I didn't feel Dr Richardson was right for me ~ I found him cold, stand offish and not very helpful he also discluded my hubby who I brought with me for support... but quite a few girls I know here have gone with him and are very happy too, so it's just a matter of personal opinion. Like Dr Harwood, I haven't read any bad reviews anywhere on Dr Richardson's work either Best of luck... hope it goes well for you too I look forward to reading how you go!
  9. Hi Kyliemarie Well, if they turn out looking "funny" or "messed up" in your opinion, the surgeon doesn't "have" to do anything. I have a lovely GF I met on here who had big problems with her implants and had to fight tooth and nail for any help at all. Last I spoke to her she was still not happy and the surgeon refused to do anything more for her {after a revision didn't work either AND she still had to pay surgery and anesthetist fees}. She was in contact with a Lawyer, but wasn't confident it was going to turn out well for her. Ask what they will do if the surgery isn't a success? Will they fix it? Would there be any out of pocket expenses for a revision? Best of luck hun! I hope someone on here can give you real first hand experience with this company and your doctor xo
  10. another 1 hit wonder?! What a shame it is actually these types of postings, where someone joins and posts to promote a business all in 1 hit and they are NEVER seen again, that ruins the reputations of any doctor/business on here... congratulations, you have just contributed to "demolish it's reputation" not people who have real experiences and feedback to share in it's entirety!
  11. Hi Amber It's also important to note your band size {which should really be about your smallest dress/shirt size you fit}. I am a 6GG, but that is also the same as a 10E/12DD... looking at your measurements on your profile, my guess is you are at most size 8 dress/shirt? Have just sent you an FR Best of luck hun xo
  12. hi Justine I am just over 12 months now from my BA with Dr Harwood and couldn't be happier with my results! Feel free to send me an FR to view my private albums
  13. Hi Miss Mel This question has been asked quite abit in the past ~ infact I think it was a question I asked when gathering all of my initial info The answer is, for me, NOPE you don't notice the weight of them at all... you more bump them on things though bhahahahahaaaaa!
  14. Agreed with all of the lovely ladies above! The sizers are a good indication of the final result sizewise. And it truly is a "look" you are going for, not a size. My cups are GG size, but I can still wear most size 8 dresses and know I would NEVER have asked to end up that cup size. I am only small frame though, so a 6GG is really the same cup volume as a 10/12DD. Also doctors aren't real knowledgeable on bra sizes {sorry, but it's true haha}... I am sure your friend means well, but listen to what you really want as you are the one that will be living with your final decision
  15. Not usually as far as I am aware unless you are ordering over the standard sizes {which I read somewhere over 1000cc?!?! ~ might have been on the US forum}. Implant brand/type pricing can vary though with the same surgeon. When I was having consults, I was advised brazilians were about $1200 more
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