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    Brisbane, Queensland
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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Harwood, 410cc Brazilian XHP anatomical, dual plane, Infram $9,500, 12:30pm 13th January 2012
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    5'7", 54kg, was 10C/D {never fitted properly}, now am 6G/6GG

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  1. Hi Mrs B, thanks for your encouragment for my surgery. I'm feeling loads better today, though still stooped over like an old lady! I'm expecting to be more mobile next week. Have quite a bit of swelling at the moment, think I put on 4 or 5 kg!! Once I get walking more that should go down, and I'll load up some photos. It's looking pretty good at the moment, but still hard to tell exactly how it will look. So glad your happy with your girls, I just remember laying in hospital dreaming of when I will get my BA done....(think the pain killers had made me a bit happy)...sucker for punishment I guess LOL chacha

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