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  1. Hey hilz, they aren't super hard just one has heaps of upper pole and the other doesnt... pretty weird looking ...
  2. just wanted to update you ladies of the lack of service from bangkok phuket hospital after my initial email and they're response I did not hear anything back from them I emailed a week later nothing now 1.5 months later I emailed to say I had still heard nothing and was posting on forums of the lack of service provided by the hospital.... I got a quick response saying the cost of the surgery was now 60,000 thb no new implant ].... WTF is the money for as the dr said he would not charge fees.... Again ladies love my dr hate the hospital I kinda wish I went to PIAC....
  3. i think it was the left side... and yes the boob is hard and has become painful at times but im getting a second opinion to ensure its nothing serious and not just someone guessing by photos... hopefully they sort out but i dunno
  4. Thanks Chicks, I will be seeing a PS here just to monitor it and did tell the performing ps this and he seemed apprahensive for me to do so and that his opinion would be the deciding factor but I thought It would be better for him and myself to have confirmation of the issue here rather then fly all the way there wasting time and money. I didnt go through an agency direct through the hospital who at the time of booking were amazing but obviously nnow dont want anything to do with me... Im not in pain sometime one boob hurts when I exercise but nothin too bad, Toniaya this is exactly why I
  5. I didn't have my boobs done at PIAC but im sure others would be happy to know that. Im more frustrated the hospital is trying to charge me full price and a new implant for siimple CC seems abit odd to me I never expected a freebie but did expect a substantial discount considering the ps told me he would waive his medical fees.
  6. Hey ladies, Just wanted to give new and old an update on my exprience with BPH. Intial treatment wonderful, began emailing surgeon to let him know i thought my tits were not quite right he said they were fine. They began to look alittle different so i emailed him again and he said he it may be CC and I would need to fly back to thailand for a replacement surgery and the HR lady would be intouch. Please not I got these tits 3 months ago and paid 125,000 Baht , when I receieved the email from HR the women said I would need to have a replacment issue and they would happy to offer me the
  7. hiiit workouts are the best and heavy weights work best for me
  8. please bare in mind i got these tits 2 n a half months ago
  9. Hey ladies, <br><br>two boobs magee here... <br><br>So i got a response back from Bangkok phuket hospital in regards to my wonky boobies which yes they believe has CC and have offered me a "generous" one new implant and a nights stay in the hospital for the low price of 70000thb which is 2300 aud but i only paid 4200 for a full set so really they havent given me a discount at all this is soo horrible right??? <br><br>And if I have to go through all that **** again and fly to F*cking thailand on my dime, plus stop working out again wouldnt they just through
  10. Hey, I waited 7 week before I started training again and I eased in by cutting my weights in half and mainly focusing on deadlifts and squats with 20kgs I slowly introduced the more cadiolike movements like burpees and such. I still havent attempted pushups but can manage planks. I only started running last week which is the 10week mark I wear 2 bras and that seems to keep them inn place. Just listen to your body and when its hurts stops for me skipping was the biggest challenge I had to listen to the boobies when its started to hurt. Happy lifting
  11. hey chick, I got dual plane mentors round ill look at ur pics i went to BPH but hopefully it will sort itself out but just to be safe ive booked to see a surgeon here just to get her opinion last thing i want is a total frankenboob. they seem a bit better last few days..
  12. thanks guys dr p has been great anwsered my email within hours and actually seems to generally care about what has happened and how to fix it. Im not sure about flights and such I dont think there was a gurantee i think thats only piac but thats ok... Illl way my option if its cheaper to have it fixed here in aus or fly back to phuket, althought i cant really afford it They're cohesive and it doesnt hurt at all i just feel abit odd having one big boob and one little ... my bf says he doesnt notice and to stop looking in the mirror but i cant help it.... thanks for the kind words makes
  13. my surgeon responded he thinks its my left one thats broken fml... so now ill need to go back in for surgery at no cost he mention although I got them done in Thailand so there getting there and all... feeling abit bummed my boobs are so noticable
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