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    BL & BA - 615cc 26TH MAY 2014
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    Dr Eddy Dona
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  1. what bra size did the 560's give you?? they look good the size you have now i booked in for the 8th of december
  2. hi! yeah sure thats fine! i was told before surgery that i was borderline being able to have the surgeries combined and i may need revision down the track.. he said that there was a few reasons why, one being that my weight had gone up abit after surgery and he said it looked as if i had more breast tissue and i cant remember what other things he said lol mine just didnt seem to change after surgery, i just assumed i was a slow dropper lol how long ago did you have your surgery? did they mention anything about revision?
  3. Thanks girls!! I thought I'd have to have revision but I'm just glad that it's confirmed and I've booked in to have it fixed and hopefully this time I'll have good boobs! I'm still so embarrassed of my boobs I hate having to wait to have them fixed but it should come around quick! I just have to pay for the hospital and the new implants, so happy because I thought I would be paying a lot for revision. Yeah dr dona had said that if I were to go into the 800's that they are narrower or something like that and the side boob/cleavage I have now is good, and we could go another 1cm to give more cleavage etc but he wouldn't push it anymore so 750 it is
  4. So I went to my 3 month check up yesterday and I saw dr dona instead of the nurse. I told him how I was unhappy with the results He had a look, and confirmed that I would need revision He said I would need to have another breast lift and he would need to make the pocket lower I asked about going bigger while getting the revision done, we talked about sizes and we agreed on 750cc as it was the biggest I could go with that type implant/width. Has anyone got 750cc or around? I am currently 615cc I'm soooo happy with how dr dona handled everything, I can't wait for December!!
  5. Thanks for your reply They look like the implant is sitting quite high and then the bottom half of my boob is all my natural breast tissue Hoping that the implant will just drop into place however dr dona did say before my surgery that there is a chance a few months down the track I will need revision as this might happen with having the lift and implants combined. I have an appointment on Monday so I will know more then I have uploaded some photos of how they sit without a bra Xxx
  6. Hello! Thank you for your reply! ☺ And yes sounds exactly like mine!! On the side they still look like torpedoes!! Here's Hoping that we just take a little while longer to drop than others lol Have you noticed any change since wearing the strap? I have sent you a friends request Xxxx
  7. Hi girls.. I haven't been on this site for quite some time, So it's been 3 months since my combined breast lift and implants and I'm quite unhappy with my boobs so far Just wondering how long it took your implants to drop with the lift done I know it is quite early still but there has been no change in my boobs. I was informed before I went ahead with my surgery that I was just under borderline for having too much breast tissue to have the surgeries combined, and that there was a chance a few months later I would need revision.. I was given a strap at 3 weeks post op to wear and have been wearing ever since,, My last follow up appointment I was told it was still too early to tell if I would need revision, I have my next appointment on Monday. My implants are sitting high, and my natural breast tissue has dropped, my boobs look really long and my nipple is low.. It doesn't even look like I had a lift lol What is revision exactly? Is it just replacing the implant? Has anyone had revision with dr dona? Is it costly? Thank you in advance
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies!!! ? yeah I thought it was an infection - it's wheeping and my skin is very sores and the area killllsss i sent through these photos to the surgeons office, they said they aren't too concerned as it doesn't look infected just irritated but I could come in for them to check it out.. So I just thought maybe this could just be normal.. I ended up going down to doctor just to be sure and it is an infection! ? she cleaned the area and I am now on antibiotics hopefully it clears up soon thanks for all your help
  9. Hi girls so I will be 3 weeks post op on monday I had noticed that under my right boob was quite irritated, I sent through a photo to dr Dona's office and they said it looks abit irritated - as my surgical garment was super tight and I had noticed the tape had came off and it would always cut in under my boob.. But not infected and to just get a sports crop or something softer.. Anyway I was looking a little earlier today and I had pushed my boob up abit and had noticed under it is open and there's puss.. does it look like it could be infected? It is very sore..
  10. hey!! thank you heaps im 9 days post op and I'm feeling pretty good just have the sorest back and I guess muscle pain? and my boobs absolutely kill in the morning hoping it all stops soon lol oh wow a 10G!! How is finding bras for you? im hoping I'll be at least an E cup lol i was a 10C/12B will send you a friend request
  11. Oh thanks girls i got my implants done yesterday, I went with 615cc high profile. i will send you a friend request
  12. hi girls!! i am having surgery on monday with dr eddy dona ;) i am getting a breast lift + implants decided to go with 615cc im just wondering if any of yous have gone around this size and what was your pre size and what cup size did you end up with? even though i know it is a big implant size i am worried that i will come out with small boobs lol
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