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    Spring Hill QLD
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    BA 390cc nuance tear drop XHP Brazilian dual plain
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    DR Kim Harwood 9/12/2013
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    173cm 68kg 12A now 12E

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  1. Great thread..3 years today ?
  2. I'm a Harwood girl, 390cc Brazilians nuance dual plain December 2013 love love my boobs now, but I'll tell you it took a long time prob about 15 months for them to soften and feel like apart of me, the best thing I ever did. Good luck and be patient.
  3. Oh don yours is a little sports car so much lighter car and heavier on the foot lol
  4. It could use more diesel if the car is heavier I guess..but it's about 10c cheaper and a full tank is suppose to last longer..
  5. How many litres was the Captiva?
  6. I've only heard good things about diesel Engines they are cleaner and more fuel efficient..the car I'm looking at is turbo diesel 2.2l so will have more power.
  7. I think I'm sold on a Diesel engine will lasts longer..yeah don I would love to own a bmw but the x5 is my dream car ♥️♥️♥️
  8. This is so off topic..but anyway I'm looking a buying a new car..atm I have a 2005 lancer and wanting to upgrade to a new Honda CR-V diesel.. any one own this car? I've looked at all the small SUV's and I think the Honda might be the best for the price.. Tell me girls with SUV's what you think
  9. I hate Telstra also, they have overcharged me many times over the years lucky for me I have always picked up on it but what about all those people out there that they rip off and telstra don't sit on the phone for an hour or so to fix it ha I say keep the phone say nothing and let them chase it up haha
  10. Congrats chicky I'm glad your home safe and sound and feeling much better x
  11. KatvonDj


    Chicky don't delete your account, you have been through so much no one is judging you at all, everyone just wants to know if your ok sending you big hugs x
  12. Vikings is pretty good one of the chicks in it is from brissy
  13. I love him also, he is an amazing man and surgeon you won't be disappointed you can friend me and see my pics if you like
  14. KatvonDj


    Hey herveybaymummy I just had a total abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago..I had fibroids and adenomyosis..the best thing I ever done no more bleeding and pain..
  15. Really!!! My Surgeon is COSMETIC and I can tell you my boobs are amazing and so are a lot of girls on here..so maybe it's you that needs to do the research.
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