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  1. So what does that mean? Do we have to have them taken out?
  2. I have 325cc, I'm happy with the size and result, I also had a lift
  3. I did mine 3 months post breastfeeding and everything is fine. Initially he told me 6 months but said as long as your milk has dried up it's ok.
  4. Hi hun, Im not a doctor but from the pics I would say you need a lift, the scars do heal, you can fr me and see my progress, my scars are healing well, Im happy they sit higher now and i think its better than getting bigger implants because if you do then you will only need a lift later on down the track, good ol gravity to thank for that
  5. I think they look great, I would wait until time and gravity take its toll further and do a lift later on down the track, right now they look awesome!
  6. Bloating is so common, give it time, Im 5 weeks post op and Im still bloated, mostly from the lipo but you get it from the boobs too, just take it easy, it will go
  7. Ps your lucky you got the cream, they didn't do that for me back then, jeez I sound old haha, and I can tell you it hurt like a b***h
  8. Haha totally normal! It will pass!
  9. Good idea Taniya. I hope you get it sorted. It's good to question it. I wish I had of with the anesthetist but too late now!
  10. I am day 13 post op and I'm still bloated
  11. Me too! I think it was the Endone because whenever I had it I got unnecessarily hungry, as soon as I stopped taking it my diet went back to normal
  12. Haha good work! I've had one for 15 years and had numerous major operations and never had to take it out, I just say " I've got a piercing down there" and they seem cool with that
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