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    Hello ladies,

    My surgery experience -

    I am a 39 year old mum of a 2 year old and a 1 year old living in Perth. I just had surgery on the 2nd December 2013 for a Breast Lift, removal of my old implants, get new implants, and lipo on inner knee, inner thigh, outer thigh & abdomen.

    The night before I couldn't sleep that well I was really nervous. I woke up at 5am to get ready and realized I was ready way too early so I did a few jobs around the house and made breakfast for the family. My husband has 5 days off to look after our 2 girls and I also have someone to come and help for a further week after that. I had booked the taxi for 6am the day before so I said goodbye to everyone and got to the hospital well in time. Did all the paperwork etc and got shown to my room at Mercy Private Hospital. Hospital is beautiful and all the staff were wonderful.

    Got wheeled on the bed to a holding area where Dr Goldman marked all over my body and we finalized size. I had been thinking very hard about whether to go with the 300 or 325 and I decided on the 325 knowing it would give me a D instead of a C. I already have 375 implants in for 13 years and they gave me a DD or E at times so every cc is noticeable on me so I knew I had to be very definite on what cc I wanted, I made the 325 decision and I'm super happy they look perfect!

    I also got overs, and I cant say enough how I think this is the best way to go, my old implants were unders and had distorted my breast shape over time, Dr Goldman said they had come out of the pockets and were under my armpits.

    The surgery took 7 hours and the anesthetist was awesome because when I woke up I didn't feel sick or anything, in fact I felt great, this feeling went on all night in which I couldn't sleep and had great chats with the night shift nurses until early morning when it started to wear off and the pain kicked in.

    I didn't have any drains, I woke up in my compression garments and lots of monitors attached to me and a catheter. The finger monitor was the most annoying, the catheter which you would think would be awful was fine. The next morning I got up to go for a wee and collapsed so that wasn't fun.

    My husband came and picked me up and I collapsed again outside the pharmacy, so annoying because I just wanted to get home and I didn't want them to take me back inside, a lovely nurse got me into a wheelchair and into the car and once we were home I couldn't wait to get into my own bed with nothing attached to me. I took some Endone and had a really good sleep. Woke up feeling heaps better but starving, I have eaten heaps, must be the drugs making me hungry.

    Today I took the dressings off my lipo wounds and put new garments on, all of which was fine. Apparently people faint taking the body garment off for the first time so knowing that I had already done a bit of that in the last couple of days I got my husband to take my body garment off while I was laying on the ground, it worked good.

    Since then I have been sleeping and eating and pottering around but not doing much at all. I'm going to the hair dresser tomorrow to have my hair washed and dried as I cant shower until Friday. I thought I wouldn't be able to lift my arms but actually they are fine. My movement is good. Over the muscle is 100 times less painful than under the muscle. So I'm feeling pretty good really. Just taking panadol and nurofen regularly.

    Overall Im very happy with my breast work, I can't really tell with the lipo yet but I'm thrilled with what Dr Goldman has done and also my anesthetist Dr Thompson. I'm looking forward to getting new clothes when it all settles down!

    And that's it! I'm one happy girl
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