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    BA - Dual plane 330cc mod prof mentor anatomic implants.
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    Dr Miroshnik 20/03/14
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    Height-169cm, Weight-55kg, Bra-10B pre-op 10C/D post op

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  1. I had my first Botox consult with Dr Sarah Boxley in her Fremantle office, it's only been one week since I had it done but I'm really happy with the results so far. I got my forehead creases and frown lines done as I'm 24 and want to use it as a preventative. I found her to be really honest she does a few of the girls I work with and they both look good too.. I was really nervous about the needle but it's not so bad it's definitely not as scary as I imagined :-)
  2. I went back to work after 1 week but I work in an office, try and take a week and a half or 2 weeks them you just have to avoid reaching up and stretching that's when I had pain from my stitches. Good luck :-)
  3. Congrats again I'm glad your op went so well :-)
  4. Thanks southerngirl I just checked your pics and yours look fantastic! Sleeping normally is great and feeling them soften up is awesome too x
  5. 3 week update I've had a big change from my last update. My 2nd and 3rd week has been a lot better than the first and I’m definitely starting to get used to the ‘girls’ I feel a lot better health wise. I have had pain from my incisions usually caused when I’m moving around and using my arms. I have also experienced a bit of the burning and stinging pain in my nipples and breasts. Breasts are still firm but the swelling has all gone down, got a bit of squish in the top. Still no morning boob and I have back to sleeping normally on my back now with just the one pillow. So yeah feeling good and much more positive than my first week!
  6. Thanks FR accepted and I hope your recover gets better too :-)
  7. So a bit of an update now I am just over a week out from surgery - I also put up some new pics. The week has been a very mixed bag, I am still happy with the size and don’t think I would want mine any bigger. At the moment I think they are hilariously hard and round I know this takes time so I look forward to them being soft and I have noticed an improvement in the top of the breast being softer. I can feel my pec muscles all the time and they feel like they are squeezing the implants which is uncomfortable but I’m doing the stretches my PS recommends and that seems to help. I didn’t feel too bad for the first few days until I flew back to Perth that really knocked me back some and I had a lot of redness and swelling. I contacted my PS and he recommended I stop taking the endone and change to the paracetamol which I did and my redness went down that day. Kept the icebacks on and lay in bed mostly for the next few days. I did a bit of walking to get out of the house. I found it really hard moving around and using my arms, my incisions hurt all the time and I still don’t feel like my boobs are part of me they feel very detached and strange. Hopefully I can ride this out and I they will eventually feel more a part of me. Sleeping has been okay I slept fairly upright in bed with 3-4 pillows under me and I haven’t noticed the mornings being especially sore so I must have avoided the much dreaded ‘morning boob’ that I heard a lot about on here. Mine just feel tight all the time I don’t notice anything different in the morning really. I'm getting lots of pain in the incisions when I'm walking around and just using my arms so I'm still taking paracetamol sometimes. Overall I have mixed feelings about the whole thing but I’m trying to stay positive and just be patient.
  8. Great to hear about your experience and I hope you have a smooth recovery :-)
  9. FR accepted :-) I just went for the biggest my surgeon recommended and I'm very happy so far although it is early days!
  10. Hi toosmall I can understand where your coming from and I wasn't too worried about this pre-surgery but now that I have had my op I am feeling very strange and like my breasts aren't really mine or connected to me if that makes sense. Everything I have read and heard says that this feeling will pass and it is a very intense time with your body going through a lot of trauma so I am just taking each day as it comes. I did watch some really good videos on youtube by a girl in the states who had breast implants her youtube name is 'Maggie H' and it reassured me that I wasn't the only one feeling like that. I hope that helps and good luck with your journey if you decide to go ahead with surgery or not
  11. Haha my boyfriend has been told strictly no chance of that happening I am way too much of a goody good I will follow the doctors instructions to the letter! Each to their own though I have let him put on some of the lotion on them and he nearly passed out he was so excited.
  12. Hey sorry to hear you're not sleeping well. I'm also on day 4 and I have had a very similar experience to you. Have you got ice packs? I have found them an absolute life saver. Also I'm not sure if you can upload photos from a tablet I had the same issue and have to do it from my laptop. Take it easy and look after yourself
  13. Just put some more pics up including some of the redness which has gone down heaps since I stopped taking endone :-) thanks for all the comments and support x
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