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    Breast augmentation and LASIK eye surgery - Bangkok Hospital Phuket December 2011
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    Dr Pongsatorn (Jib) 8th December 2011
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    Height: 162cm Weight: 53kg Bra: 10B hoping for large C
  1. I am 100% happy with the result. They were exactly as I imagined they would be. They haven't dropped yet of course but you can tell they are going to look good. The stitches are perfect and so small. Dr Jib was a really proffessional doctor. My right was always smaller than my left and now they are identical. Go for it! You won't regret it.
  2. Thank you I had bandages come off yesterday and couldn't be happier. Incisions are tiny! Learnt how to do massaging. how long did you ladies get told to massage for? I've been told to do it 3 times a day for 30mins.. which I thought sounded a bit excessive. My arms get tired after 10 and I have to make my boyfriend do the rest lol. I know what you mean about weird feelings ! Especially those bubbly ones haha. I stopped taking pain killers, didn't feel as though I needed them. Also able to shower and wash my hair which felt great ! Have managed to spend half a day shopping.. Still can't believe how easy this has all been! X
  3. Hey girls, thought I would share my story with you so far. I Arrived in Phuket on the 7th December with my boyfriend and sister in law. My sister in law was booked in for breast lift &implants with Dr P $ I was Booked for implants with Dr Pongsatorn (jib) on wednesday 8th December at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.* We organized the trip directly through the hospital. This did work well in the beginning but within the last couple of weeks we were having trouble getting any answers from Jason (I have read on a couple of occasions he is useless & to email Mark instead) I found that once I got to the hospital he was doing his part (as I am also booked for LASIK next week and wasn't sure if it was booked) But all the information regarding my LASIK was with the hospital. So we were picked up by a hospital Driver from our private villa in bangtao beach at 7am day of the surgery and arrived at the hospital at 7:30am From the get go I was amazed at how efficient everyone *was.* We arrived and after filling out paperwork were escorted to have blood pressure, blood tests (I'm a sook when it comes to blood tests i tend to faint! But the nurse was so gentle and I didn't even get dizzy) x-rays & heart check. After each section the same lady Was there waiting to escort me to the next section. This all went by in such a flash, the only waiting I had to do was for all the test to come back ok so I could go for consult with dr Jib. There were so many girls in for their checkups. It's amazing how many people are going through Phuket. My sister in law went for her consult first, when she came back she was practically jumping for joy! She didn't need a lift afterall which is great because it pretty much halved the price of the surgery. After discussion with the doctor he said she could fit between 300-350 mentor silicone gel high profile but he will have a look once she is in theatre. Her implants were going to be placed below the muscle & the incision under the breast fold. She originally wanted 400 but was happy with his decision. She told him you have a great reputation and I trust you! But stuff as much as you can in there haha. I had my consult with dr jib. He said I could fit between 275 -300. I settled on 300 (which is the number I had in my head anyways) & being that I have one breast smaller than the right, dr jib said he would play around with sizes to get them matching. Mine were also being placed under the muscle with incision under the breast fold. Dr Jib answered all of my questions before I got a chance to ask them. Once we have our consults we paid for the surgery & were escorted to our presidential suite. We were upgraded at no extra cost because we had asked to share a room. (There is some construction going on across from the presential rooms which probably didn't stop till 9-10pm that night. It wasn't too bad though. But this is till end of March 2012 for anyone heading over) We Then changed into our gowns and had IVs inserted. We were wheeled down from our rooms to theatre at about 11am. we were finally separated for the op. I layed in the blue theatre room that everyone on here has mentioned. It *was good remembering the little things girls have said to make you feel safe. I watched all the nurses prepping. my *anesthetist came and talked to me.. And dr jib was holding onto my hand comforting me, then next thing I know I was asleep. Up to this whole point I was completely calm and not worrying at all. If anything I was just excited I was expecting I would have some sort of freak out moment but it never came! I think the only time i was like omg i cant believe I'm doing this was when i first booked my flights 3 months ago! I think its the amazing staff that make you feel safe and are great at keeping you calm. Along with all you girls wonderful stories on this forum. So I awoke in recovery with surprisingly little pain & just felt pressure on my chest. I woke up with one of those electric blankets on me. I was so comfortable and snug, my back wasn't sore from the operating table. All in all I felt pretty good. I stayed in recovery for another half hour, and it wasn't till they were about to take me back they put morphine in my drip. I kind of felt like I didn't need it (and didn't want to run the risk of feeling sick) but decided nurse knows best so just went with it! Dr Jib came and told me he successfully fitted moderate plus profiles 275 in my left and 300 in my right. I was wheeling back to my room where my boyfriend was waiting. He told me after it was hard to see me with drains and tubes, drips coming from everywhere. I managed to drink a bottle of water within the first hour of being in my room. My sister in law then arrived. She was in a lot more pain and was very sleepy. Dr P made her take a sleeping tablet before surgery. She had never had 1 before so she was knocked out till later that night. She also requested pethadine as she has had it before. *while she was trying to not throw up I managed to eat like a horse! Although every time I ate I got the hiccups.. That was painful. I managed to go to the toilet on my own by the end of the night. The nurses have come in to help my sister to the toilet, give us sleeping tablets, take temperatures & refill drips etc. to this point my bf has been an angel. Helping both me and my sister with anything we ask. We wouldn't have been able to do it without him here.* My sister ended up with a 400 high profile in 1 side and 375 moderate plus in the other. We were a bit shocked at this but they look identical now. Dr P said she had 1 that had little sag. So now We are back in our hotel.*I am so surprised as to how good i feel. Yes it hurts a little when you get up and move around but it is really bearable pain.* So to girls out there who are sooks when it comes to pain, you have nothing to worry about. I am a sook and have not complained once at the little pain I have gotten. And trust me, when you look down and see cleavage sticking out of your bandage. You know the whole thing was worth it *
  4. Yes please let us know how your going I'm booked in with Dr Jib start of December so will be hanging off your every word ! Hey does anyone know If Dr Jib recommends arnica 2 weeks before surgery? I've been having trouble getting in contact with hospital!
  5. Hey! I'm also booked in with Dr Pongsatorn early December.. Let me know how it goes Does anyone know where I can find before after pics for Dr Jib?
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