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  1. He was good!! I didn find him very talkitive but he gives u his honest opinion n does try his best to a compensate for wat u like

  2. Just reading ur profile have similar stats and I Have dr p also,how did you find him?

  3. Yes at the moment I am loving them mire and more every day as the swelling goes down I'm not enjoying the pain of the incision or the pressure on my chest feels like I'm constantly hunching but that gets easier to deal w every day too
  4. Yeah I got a sneak peak today they look pretty pointy ATM but I guess they will drop with time???
  5. I got high pro round ones in left 275cc n 300cc on right I have. Seen them yet I can't wait!!
  6. Hi everyone I had my ba surgery yesterday and I'm feeling pretty dam good!!! My my surgoen did mention that I had a smaller breast pocket so I tv at risk of a double bubble but I won't know if I have been effected till later down the track and it's got me really worried dies anyone no anymore about n if it's common???
  7. Hi Lover I am about to go post op shopping and was wondering if you had any advice on stuff to buy so far i have got Sports bras Button up shirts Loose pants Laxitives Bacterial soap bacterial wipes Vit E cream and bio oil Thanks hun
  8. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! so i have pretty much gathered that i need to stay healthy! (no chocolate will be the hardest part) and i think i will most defantley be walking when i can!!! did anyone take laxatives after their surgery to help them go to the toilet a few girls who have been have recommended them to me? Also being in phuket what thai food is healthy??? i am guessing just avoid carbs? soooooooo excited!!!
  9. My Surgery is only a week now and i have just so many things running through my head i am a fitness freak and i love to run i have been doin so for 5 days a week for the last year and worked very hard for my body to look the way it does now my worste night mare is gaining all my weight back! so i was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my situation??? WHOOOOO 7 DAYS!
  10. so its about three weeks to go now till i go to thailand for my op does any body have a list of things i should take e.g laxatives bio oil etc? or any advice on what to take? Thanks
  11. Flights and accomendation are booked and its all starting to hit me now that this is really happening and im getting so excited and nervous i thought this day would never come! Did anyone have any advice for me at all for before and after the surgery to help prevent invection or just any general advice? Thanks
  12. Thank you so much for your post i am booked in with Dr Piyapas next month and you have helped prepare me much appreciaed!
  13. Hey Guys Im a 2014 boobie girl my surgerys on 31st jan with Dr piyapas at Bangkok hospital so excited scared and nervous!!!!
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