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  1. What about we make it 1.30pm hopefully someone shows up I'm on my way I have a black dress on with flowers on it and wearing black sunnies my hair is down and wavy blond and my boobs are out fir show lol
  2. The bigger you go the more risk they need to tell you this and it can happen. I was scared of it happening aswell but ATM I'm 6.5 weeks post op all good hopefully your recovery is smooth don't worry unless it does happen enjoy your new boobs
  3. How many girls are actually attending ?! And we ok with venue and time?!
  4. Keep it as is I think and we can move venue when everyone comes? If needed
  5. Yep. I had a lot of brusing on my sturnum it had it hard to breath in deeply it gets better after the first week
  6. Wait a month and when you put a bra on you will look even more amazing !
  7. We can meet there and work out where to go? Or can organise something else? Or anyone else have any other suggestions?
  8. The rice isn't that good. Implants inside feel nothing like it lol! Go the bigger implant it looks smaller once it's inside. Try on the implants at the surgeon and get them to take photos. I got the 325cc and mine look natural I wish I went a little bigger! But I went bra shopping and let me tell you it is easy but bras now. I'm a 12dd in play boy brand and 12d in normal bras but only curtains ones fit now.
  9. I tired on play body in 12dd and the normal ones I'm a 12d who would of thought! God bra shopping was a night mare! Looks like a good turn out for next week!
  10. I went bra shopping Thursday it was a night mare. !!! Only certain types now fit me. ! And I'm different sizes in different bras! So I suggest you try first before buying on line
  11. The first week was the hardest. Day 3-6 I was in so much pain my chest felt like someone was digging knifes in it everytime I went to move. I couldn't really look at myself naked and she I did I felt like a freak I hated the way I looked. Each day gets better! I just got my 5 week check up everything is good and I can wear bras now. I even sleep on my stomach. The look natural and feel so soft! It's amazing how guys look at me differently now! Wait a month it will be worth it. Take photos and it will help with seeing your progress I'm sure every girl on here has felt the way you did I know
  12. Mine felt like that for only one week. I got off the meds with in a week cause I was getting too bloated. Have you tried icing them? A little soft massage? I'm 5 weeks post op now no pain and am sleeping on my stomach. My boobs feel so soft too. Have you contacted the surgeon ? But you are right you might be healing differently. Also I was taking and still do Swiss hair skin and nails to help healing
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