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  1. It looks hot on you mamacita 😍😍😍go for it !!
  2. Thank you so much for replying, this is exactly what I thought , I don’t want to go completely smooth coz of those risks too , micro textured might be just what I’m looking for x
  3. So happy for you xx are you still considering a revision?
  4. Mine have been fine , have had no issues with them and have had them for 5 1/2 years but because of high risk of alcl I’m looking at getting a revision with either Motiva implants or micro textured mentor, leaning more toward the mentor micro textured though as they have been around for a very long time while Motiva are relatively new, in regard to weight training, I did lay off chest exercises for a long time , although I have never really worked the chest with heavy weight but I have been doing full contact karate for years and I squat very heavy weights at the gym and do loads of back , arms and shoulder work , I also run everyday so I’m extremely active and all the training so far has not affected my implants at all please do research polyurethane implants because if I knew back then what I know now I wouldn’t have chose them and it would have saved me thousands when it comes to my revision time good luck
  5. Anyone had any of these procedures with dr hunt? Any idea on pricing??
  6. Anyone had any of these procedures with dr hunt? Any idea on pricing??
  7. What type of implants does dr Dona use ?
  8. Have you tried skinnotion in Camden ?? I have heard they are good but I haven’t used them personally, I go to lca in Narellan but cosmedime ( on instagram) have a special at the moment for 3 areas of dysport for $480 which I also was looking into , it’s on special til the end of August and they are also getting Botox available in two weeks if u prefer that, the nurse actually comes out to your home and does it for you
  9. Great information, thank you 🙏🏽
  10. Hi everyone ❤️ So ive been stressing a bit over bia alcl as I have furry Brazilians which are very textured but does anyone have any idea what the lowest and safest textured implants are? I’ve been doing a bit of research and it seems the siltex brand are low textured??? im thinking about getting mine removed and replaced but I still want textured coz of low cc rate and less of a chance of bottoming out although I haven’t had any problems whatsoever, just a bit worried thanks everyone 😚
  11. Yep I have and I’m worried now , I’m thinking of getting a revision done , really looking into it
  12. I have the same implants !! Had no idea they were banned , wow ! Havent has any troubles though but will definitely keep an eye on it 😱😱😱 dies anyone know which implants gace the lowest risk in regards to cancers / lymphoma??
  13. One of my best mates went through dr Jeremy Hunt for ba and they look amazing! She had. Them done about 4 years ago and they still look awesome , she said he was an awesome doctor
  14. Has anyone tried this?? It's only $7 usd for 28 days but read somewhere that it's hard to cancel the monthly fee of $24 usd after first month ??
  15. I don't think Voluma can be injected into lips as it may be too thick
  16. Laser clinics Australia $349 for 40 units :)
  17. Have u seen any clients of his who have had it done?? I had mine done by a nurse she was great,dr should be fine though it's hard to give advice on that coz I don't know him lol,they r usually a bit more expensive than a nurse
  18. I was borderline too got away without lift and love the results! Breast fed two kids x
  19. Awwwww!! U poor thing!!all the best for tomorrow lovely !! Hope all turns out well keep us updated please :)xx
  20. Have a look at the overseas surgery threads on here, so many girls have been to Thailand and have had great results! I don't think u will get a plastic surgeon in Sydney for $7000. The breast clinic at bondi are plastic surgeons and I think they maybe $8000 plus but I haven't heard any reviews on them
  21. Ha!i think I did too!! My phone doesn't like the new psf and wants the old one back lol! I keep accidentally pressing as well :)
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