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  1. Hi girls, im just wondering what exercises you were all doing at 5 weeks, if you were picking up young children and I was told singlets for 1st 3 weeks - when did you start wearing no singlet s in sleeping through the night without one. i feel I'm being too careful and even stress when my children cuddle me hard. I guess I'm just wondering what everyone else was doing around 5 weeks?
  2. Hi Ottie, my BWD was approx 13.8 so quite wide. How are you going with your decisions?
  3. Hi Ottie, i am 2 weeks post op and had my BA with dr rastogi, I have 420 hp. Weight 58kg height 164. My bwd is approx 13.8 and dr rastogi said 420 was the smallest he would go due to my BWD and hat he needed to fill (deflated b cup). Also he told me the brand of teardrops he uses the hp can be compared to other brands mod profiles.
  4. Hi Ms VonTeese, I can relate to your feelings somewhat. I had my BA on the 24th Jan so Im only a week out. I felt sick for at least a month before, didnt want to eat, was very snappy at my children and hubby. Would take myself off to bed early and just google for hours, I became quite secretive and didnt want to tell my hubby what I was looking at or how I felt. I didnt tell anyone, it was making me sick esp that I hadnt told my mum. I did tell her a bout a week before and she was shocked,I was so upset thinking of cancelling. Then on the morning of surgery whilst being drawn on by the Dr, I thought i was going to pass out. I told him I think I had made the wrong decision. We sat down had a chat, then I said no lets do this. I was so worried about what I would look like after. For the first few days after I was so nervous thinkg WTF have I done, but now I \m feeling great about myself and even put some before and after pics up.yesterday. I now look and think all that stress for nothing. My mum thiks they are great and Im really starting to feel good. But only you will truly know if you are ready. Good luck and ask if you ever need to know anything. x
  5. Hi, I just got 420 high Profile teardrops. At first my Dr said 375 but after a 2nd consult he said 420 would fill me better. My BWD is approx 13.8 and Iam shorter (162cm) and they dont look out of proportion. The implants have pretty much filled my saggy B/C cup and they are just full now. No one has noticed my BA yet. My mum said she couldnt even tell. x
  6. Hi beachgirl32, Have a look at dr Rastogi. Like Sapphire19, I had my BA 6 days ago. They are starting to take shape, I guess they will only get better. He focuses on a very natural look and spends a lots of time on your body shape/size to find a implant that is perfect for you. I was very clear in my consult that I wanted a natural look - I think my actual words to him were "so natural that my MIL and SIL never find out". Good luck
  7. Hi, I can't speak for everyone, but personally I did and still have. I has my BA last Thursday. Hoping it goes soon. x
  8. Thanks Kazza, square boobs is a perfect way to sum mine up at the moment. and omg Lover you look so awesome in that orange dress! Thanks inde12, I guess I'm just stressing and expecting to see results straight away, oh the pain of waiting ?you have all cheered me up. x
  9. Thanks girls. I'm just so impatient. I hope you start to feel better pain wise playboybunnyboobies. Just keep on top of your meds. X
  10. Hi, I had my BA on Thursday. I did feel sore Friday and Saturday so took panadol in the morning and a vallium before bed . Starting feeling much better yesterday, just stiff in the morning and finding it uncomfortable to sleep on my back. I must admit I am tired by 3pm and have a nap (I have never had day sleeps before) Off my pain meds, just taking the antibiotic and anti inflammatory prescribed now. Still swollen and bloated though. I've been able to wash my own hair, shave my under arms and put clothes on with minimal discomfort. Funny though I cant unscrew bottle tops. Today's the best I've felt pain wise, I'm actually sitting under an umbrella at the beach with my kids. (Fully clothed mind you). Good luck next week. x
  11. So I'm feeling pretty down right now. I have just spent over an hour trying on my entire wardrobe and everything makes me look big and square up top, I feel like I'm so heavy up top with just no shape. Thus was not my expectations for the past year. I'm not tall and don't really have much shape anyway and thought that my BA would at least give me a bit of shape through my middle. My pre BA stats were 162cm 57-58.5 kg, saggy b. I go to the gym 5 days a week and do circuit classes and weights. I walk on my none gym days. So it's not like I'm not fit. I've always had a tummy as I do love my wine. Now I feel chunky, unattractive and just depressed. Did many of you girls find you had to change you dress style after a BA. I want to post some photos of before and after but I really feel ridiculous compared to most of you girls who look just so fantastic so-soon after. Any tips much appreciated. I just want to feel womanly and hot for once in my life.
  12. Hi girls, I have had a pretty easy recovery so far, but thus morning when I looked in the mirror I noticed I'm quite swollen on the right side in the rib cage area, not near the boob it seems to be more directly in line with my arm pit but down near my ribs (above my waist) kinda hurts to touch like I've coughed way too much and bruised my ribs. Does this sound normal? I have no brusing in this area. I am quite bruised in my crease lines. Does this sound normal?
  13. Thanks Lover, I still have the anti bac wash I used pre op so will start using that again. By the way you have amazing boobs already. x
  14. Hi girls, I can't seem to remove the purple pen markings from my op? What did you use, plain soap is not working but don't want to use anything harsh near my incisions? Thanks. x
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