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  1. Hi there - i noticed this thread and wanted to see if i could possibly ask you a few questions about this? Im wanting to get liposculpture/suction as well but not finding many people in Australia.. do you only suggest the states? any other countries closer to Australia? thank you!
  2. Hi Tashaq Did you end up getting it done? I want to get this done too - how did it go? Please PM me pictures if you have any! Has anyone else has this done? Seems scary, want to know how everyone else went! Thanks
  3. hey thanks jaddles i actually wouldnt even care if i had a flat chest, i mean ideally id have something but how i am now is horrible, i feel deformed what did you do to assist in the fading process? what products/treatments did you apply? thank you!
  4. Hi RachaeG Did you end up getting your lift done? I want to get a lift too, excess skin from weight loss how did it go? thanks! all the best
  5. thanks Peachesncream I actually dont want implants but it seems like thats what most people opt for. generally, how much is it to get first consultations with surgeons? I want to find the best one but am worried if i shop around it will cost so much even before ive begun! i couldnt claim it as its purely cosmetic
  6. Hi guys I lost a lot of weight at about 16/17. I had size E breasts from an early age but lost them almost as soon as I got them. Im now 27 and have always had excess skin. Its embarrassing and when I am with anyone I will hold my chest to hide my bust and I never go naked, wear revealing tops or publicly swim as a consequence. I am getting on and sick of this kind of body hate and want to get surgery on them finally. I am a size D or C now but have been loosing weight again recently so they keep getting smaller - and with more weight loss comes excess skin. Its so bad at this poin
  7. Thanks everyone! I am yet to get it done but will soon, i think at a clinic near Essendon (northern Melbourne suburbs) Any other advice is appreciated
  8. Hi there Sorry to message you Im a total newbie here I tried to private message you but couldn't - I just saw your post here and thought I might ask as I know no one who has any experience with injections! I am from Melbourne, am 27 and just want to get the area between my brows done - the glabella I think it is called. Anyway, can you recommend anyone? It would be so helpful! Im very scared of bad side effects... :3 Anything you could forward me / or advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  9. Hi all, I'm from Melbourne wanting to get botox for between my brows but have no idea where to go and am scared of the possible side effects .... the internet is full of horror stories. ANY help or experience or links would be excellent. If it helps..im 27 and have had nothing done previously. I booked appointments but chickened out as I am scared! Thank you to anyone who/if replies! Cheers
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