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    Breast Augmentation. I was an A cup, but after two pregnancies, my boobs have sagged and dropped. I would like to have a full C or small D cup
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    Dr Tavakoli 29.01.2014
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    158cm / 48kg / 10A
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    Mum of 2
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    Catching up with friends, online shopping, spending time with kids, working out

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  1. Woohoo!! Good luck with it all!! Let us know how you go!!xx
  2. Hi Felicity, i just got 325cc a week ago. I think I wouldn't have minded if I had an extra 25cc in each! but My Doc told me my chest wasn't big enough for it, even tho he ordered 350 and 375 for me on day of surgery. My advice is, if you can go bigger get 350cc. It won't be a huge diff, but bigger is definitely better than smaller! You can check out my pics post op.
  3. Hi Ladies, I had had my BA last Wednesday morning with Dr Tavakoli. Nicest guy! I was meant to have my drains taken out the next day at 9am at his Double Bay Surgery. But because my drains were still filling up with blood/'fluid', I had to leave it in for another day. I went back in Friday morning to see him, and he advised me he's not going to remove the drains but text him, Saturday and Sunday morning letting him know how much fluid I've been losing. I texted him Saturday morning advising him I've emptied 70mls (from 10:00pm to 6:30am) from my drains. He then replied that's ok, it will slow down. Then called me 10 minutes later and told me to go to the nearest hospital to get a blood test. So my hubby dropped me off to Royal North Shore Hospital Emergency. Stayed there for 2 hours, blood test was all normal. But Those 2 hours felt like I was there for a whole day. It was so stressful for me. I started googling possible reasons why I could still be bleeding, is there a possibility my body is rejecting the implant. I was pretty scared to be honest. This whole time prior to BA I was so blaze and happy and excited. Didn't even think about complications, and then BoOm, post BA, Dr T wants me to message him daily, so he can monitor me, doing blood tests on a Saturday afternoon in emergency. On Sunday morning, I messages Dr T again how much I had drained. Think it was still about 70mls (from 10:30pm-7:30am) he texted me back and said meet him at his surgery at Greenwich Monday morning 9am. I freaked out and thought I had to go back into surgery. But lucky I asked him, and he replied it was just to take the drains out. Phew! Monday morning 9am came, Dr T checked my boobies and said they are recovering well. But just to be safe, he wants me to do an ultrasound this Thursday. Which is today. And go see him again next Tuesday. My drains were finally taken out on Monday. I Just want to know if any of your girls have had similar experience or know of anyone with similar situation? I still don't really know what's going, but will definitely ask Dr T when I see him next Tuesday for 2 week Post Op check up. He mentioned something about my muscles, hence why he wants me to do an ultrasound. Kinda don't like the unknown feeling.
  4. I'm 158cm, and Doc has suggested 350-375cc round HP. Currently weighing 49kg and have breast fed 2 babies. Started off with an A Cup, but now I'm an A minus! Currently waiting in my room for doc to make final decision before I go in and have my surgery ! So excited! Will keep you girlies posted once I get them done!
  5. Woohoo well done Kashka!! Reading your story made me teary! Heaps happy for you! You deserve to be happy and where u r right now! Hope things will just continue to get better for you!! What an awesome start to the year!! Keep up the hard work!! k?
  6. Yay!! Glad to hear it all went well!! Rest up! Looking forward to hearing your stories soon! Xx boobies look great btw!!
  7. Love this forum!! Thanks ladies for sharing all your experiences! I just had my first pre-op appointment with Dr Tavakoli. He offered me round 300cc hp and 375cc to try. 300cc felt so normal it was like apart of me already, 375cc was pretty huge and top heavy. They didnt have any 325 or 350cc for me to try. So I chose 300cc but regret it I think now and have asked to see if I can be resized for a 350cc. Kinda confused now for which siZe i want!
  8. Awesome! Thanks for your reply! I'm definitely going to invest in some!
  9. Thanks Alioop for inviting me in! How exciting, you are getting yours next week! Just wanted to know did Dr Miroshnik recommend you to have teardrops, or you chose to have tear drops. I'm having my consult with Dr Tavakoli next week, but most mums I know who have had theirs done chose round. So I'm not 100% sure if I want round or tear drops.
  10. Love ur new girls! Just wanted to know how long you took Arnica tablets for? I'm getting mine done January 29th! But in Sydney with dr Tavakoli. Super excited reading all these stories on this forum.
  11. I'm 33, mother of 2. Have booked for 29th Jan with Dr Tavakoli! Super excited. I'm getting crease incision. But not sure about the rest yet!
  12. Hi Jamnik, how did your surgery go with Dr Tavakoli? Are you in much pain? I'm booked in for 29th Jan next year for Breast Augmentation.
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