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  1. So I've been doing some research and I've found some relevant information here... http://jilltomlinson.com/index.php/body/labiaplasty It seems to be current and relevant, and there's a different item number again...
  2. Hi Rachel89, I wondered this myself just a few months back. I'm with BUPA, I called them to ask but they told me they needed the procedure number (which I'm guessing is what you have written in your post). I didn't have the number at the time and meant to call the surgery that I had booked a consult with but didn't bother because I changed my mind on that surgeon. I don't think you'll find too much on the net unfortunately. You may have to make some phone calls to various health insurers and ask them. I'd be interested to know though, and now that you've provided this number I may even follow it up myself with BUPA. If I do that, I'll definitely let you know. I'm off to Japan tomorrow so it'll have to wait though. Hmm... I wonder if they do cheap surgery in Japan.... Raychel
  3. Hi MaryJane123, I've researched this a bit and actually made an appointment not so long ago to have a consulation with a surgeon. I live in Cairns and there's a guy based in Perth who visits here regularly. I cancelled that appointment based on the fact he told me he couldn't provide me with testimonials or before/after photos during my consult. He said that was due to the delicate nature of that procedure. While I respect that, I'm not paying a consult fee and pretending to be interested in a surgery just to check out pics of other ladies' private bits... I'm doing it because I genuinely am interested in the procedure myself. Any lady who lets a surgeon take a knife to her most intimate area without seeing photos of previous work would be a deadset fool... I haven't investigated any further but to be honest, as much as I think I'd rather keep my surgeries in Australia, I wonder if going some place where everyone is having a sex change and there are heaps of lady-boys might be a better option. Say Thailand or something like that? Not sure...
  4. Dear Newyearsboobies, You seem to be very concerned about what other people think of your choice to have surgery and what they think of your boob size. Here's my advice. Firstly, I know it's sometimes easier said than done but honestly, you shouldn't let what other people think (or what you think they think) bother you. Chances are they aren't being as judgemental as you think they might be. I really hope that you chose this surgery for YOU and ONLY YOU, so remember that when you're feeling down Secondly, it's still early days Babe. I know it's hard to have patience when all you want is for your boobs to finally heal and settle in, but that does take time. I hear plenty of people say it takes a good 12 months for the furry brazilians to truly settle in (my surgeon also told me this) but honestly I don't think it took quite that long. It definitely took a few months though. If you'd like to send me a FR and check out my progress photos you're welcome to. If you're doing weights, your muscles are probably constantly tender which will be inhibiting your breasts from making a fast / full recovery. You should give your pecs a chance to heal. My righty took longer to heal than my lefty, purely because of how much I use my right arm for things like carrying bags, opening doors, etc. etc. Don't give up hope yet. I know that some girls do end up unhappy with their size and wishing they went bigger, that's a reality. But please give them a chance to heal and become a part of you I told my surgeon straight up, that I wanted the biggest that I could go while remaining safe and looking believable. I wanted bigger boobs, but I didn't want huge boobs and I didn't want them to look fake. I'm 5"10, weigh 62kg and a size 10. I was a B cup and with 435cc high profile furry brazlians, under the muscle, I ended up a 10DD (on average, depends on the bra of course) but honestly they don't LOOK like a DD. They look like more of a C cup in my opinion. My display pic was taken about a fortnight ago. I had my boobs done on 13 January 2014, so 13 months ago.
  5. Hi there, I'm sorry I haven't read all the comments on this post, but I have teardrops and love them. The upper pole isn't too full, I think it looks natural but I can easily put on a push up bra and they look a million bucks I must say I'm surprised you're struggling to find photos of teardrops... Here is a link to my surgeon's page of teardrop implants http://www.rejuvenationclinics.com.au/tear%20drop%20implants.htm. Depends on what you want obviously but if you get the furry Brazilians there would be much less chance of rotation. I’ve had mine for about 2 ½ months now and couldn’t be happier J
  6. Hi Popsicle, I'm about 6 1/2 weeks at the moment, I'd say by 5 weeks I was feeling pretty okay, my surgeon said I could wear a bra at about one month post op as most of my sensation was back by then. I do still wear a singlet to bed but only because I rub cocoa butter and stuff all over my boobs and want to keep that inside the singlet and not all over the sheets I still haven't gone back to working out but that's just because I've lost my motivation. Let pain be your guide
  7. That sounds like a bit of a sticky situation. I know some couples do talk about getting married and the future etc and if those conversations go well then that should surely give the guy the confidence to ask and know you’ll say yes. After six years, he should be ready to take that step with you (if he believes in marriage) or stop wasting your time. Maybe he really just doesn’t know what he’s doing (assuming he’s never done it before) and the fact that he is coming to you with his worries sounds like you have a good relationship, but I’m sure every guy wonders all these things when they think about popping the question. Surely most of them figure it out on their own or ask their mates/their dad? Maybe spontaneity just isn’t his strong suit, but despite his imperfections, clearly you do love him  My hubby and I (and maybe don’t take relationship advice from me, I got married less than a year ago and it’s now falling apart…) had discussed rings and then I went into the store and tried some on and the lady wrote down the product codes on a card (I think we wrote three down) and also wrote down my size, she also gave me a little catalogue of engagement rings. Maybe it’s cheeky but I put them on his pillow and when he saw them he was like “what’s this?” and I said “that’s for when you’re ready so you don’t get me some ugly ring”. I made it all light hearted and joking. I had a dream ages before all of this that he proposed to me with a yellow gold (yuk!) ring with a pearl on it and I had told him about that and joked that I would say no if he gave me a ring like that. He kept that stuff in his bedside draw and proposed about a year later, with the ring I wanted  If I were you I would try not to be so concerned with the proposal. Maybe go and get the information on three rings that you like, leave it out for him and if he has half a brain he will buy you one of those. Try to be more focused on the married life you will (hopefully) have with this man and not so concerned with the proposal… The wedding planning alone will probably drive you to want to pull your hair out (or a certain person’s mother’s hair out, haha). Don’t sweat the small stuff! XO
  8. I have teardrops and so far I love them - but I have the "furry Brazilians" and have only had them for 6 weeks. As Hanniepie said, it depends on what look you're going for. Either rounds or teardrops, either under muscle or over muscle, will give you a different outcome. I got teardrops under muscle and they look so natural. If you wanted them really fake looking, go for round overs - then there are all the other combinations too
  9. I've always wondered about cosmetic tattooing but haven't been too keen on it because of all the old ladies you see with terrible jobs. Katvo do you have any photos you can share of yours?
  10. I took it easy for a week but found after about day 5 the pain significantly lessened. I still would have been able to make a bed / do washing during the first week but chose not too. Even at 2-3 weeks post op I found that things such as walking around the supermarket with a heavy shopping basket (that moment when you realised you should have grabbed a trolley) did make me feel like I was pushing myself. Also when mopping the floor (I use a steam mop) after a couple of minutes I felt like I was giving my pecs a bit of a workout that it wasn't quite ready for. My second job is at a sports club which involves working in a bottle shop sometimes. At 2-3 weeks I found by the end of the day the constant picking up of a six pack to bag it took its toll and my righty would feel quite sore by the end of a long day... If you're concerned about your own housework a week should be fine, but if you're doing anything at work that uses your pec muscles constantly, you might be better off having 2-3 weeks and really relaxing to get them to heal quickly. Having said that, I went under muscle, apparently over muscle heals quicker, which makes sense.
  11. Hi, You won't be able to wear a regular bra for approximately 6 weeks so don't bother with one of those. For the first week you'll need a compression bra - a lot of surgeons will give you one on the day of surgery so maybe just check with them. If not, you'll definitely need to buy one before your surgery. After the first week you'll be in crop top type bras until you've completely healed (typically 6 weeks). I bought a handful of "venus bras". They are the $4 equivalent to the "Ah Bras" you see on tv. They're great, so comfy, hold your girls in but they're not too tight as they stretch well to any bust size. A lot of girls buy crop tops from Kmart and those sorts of places and they probably work just as well. I would not buy a regular underwire type bra until you've healed because there's no guarantee of what cup size you'll be and you don't want to waste your money. Even if you do get the right size, you mightn't like how the shape of it sits around your new boobs once they've settled and you've tried it on. Buying bras is exciting (today is my first day wearing a pretty bra - I'm at 1 month and 1 day and my surgeon said yesterday I'm okay to wear them now cos I've healed enough) but you don't want to waste your money on something that might not fit the way you wanted it to.
  12. Hi ABOOBIES! I went with Dr Kim Harwood. He is in Spring Hill, Brisbane and charges $9,750.00 which includes your post op bra and medication. He is an amazing surgeon. I had a great experience with him and found him to be very knowledgeable, thoughtful with respect to his recommendations for you etc. and a really kind and genuine man. I'm one month post op today and I absolutely love my new boobies. They are exactly the size and shape that I wanted. They haven't completely healed yet but they're healing very well. Feel free to send me a FR if you like, I uploaded some new photos today that were taken last night EDIT: During my million question consult with Dr Harwood I asked him how many sets of implants he had done in the last year and what other procedures he does. He said he had done 270 sets in the last 12 months and does no other procedure at all - just implants.
  13. For sure babe, if you have the hips and booty to go with it, you'll need the bigger size to feel balanced properly. My surgeon looked at me from every angle when I had the sizer implants in the bra. He took into account my frame, shoulders, hips. bum - all of it. I think any good surgeon will want you to look the best you can... because it also looks good for them!
  14. Hi, I don't have rounds so I can't speak from personal experience there. I have teardrops under muscle (which I love, they look totally natural!) and it's my opinion that if you don't have much breast tissue to begin with, the teardrops would help you achieve a more natural look? I think some girls with more tissue to start with can get away with rounds as their tissue and muscle covers the top edge of the implant. This is just my opinion of course, see what other girls have to say but I think it’s important to trust your surgeon J
  15. Hi Dreamy, I'm a bit taller and heavier than you but also quite petite so possibly the same proportions. I went with 435CCs, with Dr Harwood. I just told him "as big and as natural and as safe as I can". Via phone and email consults he said I shouldn't get my hopes up for more than 315CCs but face to face once I had the sizers on he looked at me carefully from every angle and we went with the 435s. The next day at my follow up he said "I'm glad we didn't go any smaller!". I trusted his judgement and I'm so happy I did. I absolutely love them. I just uploaded some new pics today that I took last night (1 month post op today). I'll send you a FR so you can look if you want to.
  16. I'm a Dr Harwood girl hands down. I wanted a consult with Dr Szalay as well, as they were my top two choices, but I tried for a couple of weeks to contact Dr Szalay and just couldn't get through. I called them about 6 times (lunch times/during the day etc) and couldn't get hold of them, then one day I finally did. I also sent several emails and never received a response. Maybe that's just me and I had bad luck because I have read reviews that he's very contactable..., but my experience with Dr Harwood was that they answered the phone first up, were always really friendly and I had a phone consult within 2 days. I was happy with that consult so gave up on Dr Szalay and went with Dr Harwood. I'm very happy with my new boobs, they are 1 month old today, still healing but I absolutely love them. My friend who flew down with me is now booked to get hers done in a couple of weeks because she was there when I first met him and had my face to face consult right before surgery, and also there for my follow up consult the day after, and her sister-in-law used him too
  17. I went with Dr Harwood. He was amazing and a really nice man too I personally think that DD is a good size in proportion to most women but of course that is just my personal opinion and it's really more about what you want personally and also what other curves you have. If you have some curves, DD is really not that big. Once you put a bra and a top over them they just look regular sized. I haven't really worn much yet to flaunt them and they're still too tender to put into a proper bra let alone a push up bra, but I'm guessing I'll be able to make them "pop" quite easily with the right outfit. I think if you are stick thin with no bum or anything, a DD might look a little strange. But this is just my opinion, you go with what YOU want and don't worry about anyone else
  18. Damnit, Lover I just read your comments. I really hope mine don't change because I really like the bra I bought... also I think 10DDs are easier to find than 10Es and if I do change at all it's probably going to be up to an E....
  19. Hey Babe, I'm a bit taller than you but got measured yesterday as a 10DD (I know I jumped the gun by 2 weeks cos I'm only 4 weeks post op, but I'm impatient like that... hopefully not too many more changes!). Anyway I don't have any photos up at the moment with clothes on but as I'm sitting at my desk at work currently in office clothing, I can honestly say they don't look very big. They don't really look much bigger than what they used to when I wore a really padded bra. A fake DD really isn't that big once clothed!
  20. PS, your surgery date is on my birthday! Woohoo!
  21. Hi, it's hard to know how many CCs you would need without knowing if you have a narrow or wide frame, exactly how much breast tissue you already have, etc. I was unsure of size too and I think a lot of girls are but if you trust your surgeon (and you must, that's why you chose him!) then let him be your guide. Honestly they do know best I was a 10B and wanted to go up to a DD (maybe an E, I said). He offered me 435cc teardrop under muscle (I already said I wanted teardrop under muscle) and he said that size should get me a good DD, but he couldn't guarantee an E. Well I tried some bras on at lunch time today and yesterday (I'm only 4 weeks post op so it's actually too soon for me still, but oh well) and I fit into a 10DD bra perfectly. I have an average/narrow frame but am tall and have bum/hips etc so I wanted them big to proportion me out. I think they're the perfect size. When I tried a pretty bra on today I kind of spun out and thought maybe they were too big, but that's just because it was so strange seeing myself wearing a huge bra and filling it.
  22. I'm sure if you go big enough you will not feel as though nothing has been done! I more or less sais to him "as big and as natural as you can please!". Personally, I am thrilled with my results. I'm only one month post op so they are still settling in, but in a low cut top they look natural. Out of a bra sure they do look a little fake (they're too perky and round to be real) but they do look great, plus I'm hoping they might weigh themselves down/become more natural looking over time.
  23. Hi Sapphire Welcome to the forum. Firstly, I think most girls on here went for/are going for the big natural look. I told my surgeon I wanted to go as big as I can for my body while being safe and still looking natural/believable. Feel free to send me a friend request and look at my pics. The latest pic up is at 20 days post op and I'm very impressed with them. Unfortunately, I cannot give any suggestions for Perth but my surgeon is in Brisbane. Plastic Surgeons require more training in order to get that qualification as opposed to a Cosmetic Surgeon, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are better. My surgeon is a CS, not a PS, but he now ONLY does breast implants - no other procedure at all. In my opinion and I'm sure in the opinions of many others, he is the best at what he does. I'm not dissing any other surgeon, I was just so happy with my experience and outcome and from what I've read online, so was every other lady who chose him. Best of luck with your journey!
  24. I used a button up top because I thought it would be easier. Luckily it was a fairly loose fitting one so stretching my arms back to get them in the armholes (one at a time) wasn't too much of a drama. I think if you're opting for the button up, you do want it loose fitting. First arm is easy, second one you do need to stretch back a bit to find the armhole and you feel a little gumby doing it. If it's lose, I don't think it'll be a problem but the smaller/tighter it is, the more you're going to have to reach your second arm behind your back to get your arm in. In the days post op I wore the spaghetti strap singlets around the house and honestly, stepping into something small and stretchy and then pulling the straps over your arms probably is the easiest thing you can do.
  25. That seems like a ridiculous waiting period to me. Are they really THAT busy or do they think that creating the illusion that every female in the city must be using them will make you want them more (you know, you want what you can't have...) I got phone and email consults with my surgeon within two days of asking for them. I then chose to go ahead and initially pencilled in my surgery date about 6 weeks out, but then they called me back on their last week before closing over Christmas and said they had a cancellation on their first day back in the new year so I took that instead. So I waited only about a month or so anyway.
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