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  1. Congratulations!! Thanks for posting your story, i'm having a BL & BA in 13 days! So excited and nervous. How has the recovery been? Sending you a FR as I would like to see your before and after pics if you don't mind
  2. Hey Hun we are both in July would love to follow your progress :)

  3. Fingers crossed on the day he will give you a little bit more!! I'm only getting 200cc which should give me a D cup. I would probably get a bit more but I'm too scared of bottoming out!!
  4. Brunettie, would like to know the answer to that as well. I thought I had to stop lifting weights at the gym and avoid chest exercises for 4 weeks but apparently I don't :/
  5. Lift with small implants!! Yayyy!!! So excited, just waiting for the board to approve the lift! Starting to feel real now :)
  6. Definitely counting down too! Got my final consultation this Wednesday so I'll finally find out what I'll be getting, breast reduction or lift! Can't wait :)
  7. I'm exactly the same! Googling before and after pictures every day haha Thanks for starting the thread
  8. Boobsneeded - I knew as soon as I met him he was the right surgeon for me! I've never felt so comfortable getting my boobs out haha! It feels like a long time but I booked mine in December and time has flown by...
  9. Hi ladies! I'm booked in for 22nd of July with Dr Layt for either reduction or lift with implants... Hoping for the second option but won't find out until my appointment in May! So excited!! Boobsneeded - same surgeon, possibly same procedure and only 8 days apart
  10. Hi Ladies, I'm new to this site and have been reading the threads. I had my consult with Dr Layt a few weeks ago and I'm due to have my surgery in June/July. I'm currently losing weight so we're not sure if it will be a reduction or a lift with implants until I'm at my goal weight. Would love to hear from anyone that has had either of these done by him and would love to see any before and after pics if anyone has them!! Thanks in advance
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