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    gold coast
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    I need removal of OLD implants, i.e. 37 years old, not kidding! There is now leakage with one, Certainly need a replacement, the mind boggles going without! And I need a 'lift' as well
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    surgeon passed away, surgery date, 1978
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    170 cm. 62kg. 12c to 10dd depending on brand
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    dog breeding psychic developement travel

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  1. Yep, fully agree, i am a patient of him and admire his efforts in getting it RIGHT !
  2. Clicked on :;"here" but no comment from you Bimbs that I can find ??!! Mind you , would not travel to the usa for surgery.
  3. I went with Dr. Scamp , it was (for me ) a involved and complicated story but he was persistent and never gave up!
  4. Dr Scamp does it as well, with great result (on me) !
  5. yes, i have had it done 3 times (on my R. boob) on the gold coast Going well thank you, however i still needed a small implant as the loss of fat is rather a lot and unpredictable. Hence i would never have it done on my face for instance , and it is expensive. I had no option though, if i had..... i would not choose this procedure.
  6. yes, i have had it done 3 times (on my R. boob) on the gold coast
  7. same here! But at times ,,, hard to buy!
  8. sorry cant help you with that, as he is a man of VERY few words, but it was VERY slow as my goo side is a D size. It also depends on your donor site, and if he would inject too much your existing tissue can die. But perhaps, i went from B to C ???
  9. I am with Terrence Scamp on the Gold Coast.
  10. Had my implant (1) done 6 weeks ago and very happy with it thanks 😁 He used 160 mls.. And this time ,,,, no problems. Still cautious, not celebrating to early !
  11. I have been through 3 fat grafting procedures with good result. You need more then 1 procedures due to 50% absorption rate, which makes it a rather expensive road to travel, however i had no other choice. I still needed a small (motiva) implant to match my other side.. Hope this helps? ☺️
  12. I recently had a small motiva implant inserted with great result!
  13. I have a incomp. mitral valve with palpitations and undergone numerous G A 's without any problems, however do express your concerns with the anaesthetist. Good luck :-).
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