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    gold coast
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    I need removal of OLD implants, i.e. 37 years old, not kidding! There is now leakage with one, Certainly need a replacement, the mind boggles going without! And I need a 'lift' as well
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    surgeon passed away, surgery date, 1978
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    170 cm. 62kg. 12c to 10dd depending on brand
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    dog breeding psychic developement travel

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  1. Susan Walsh at Magnolia Mediclinic. She also works in Brisbane. Fantastic!
  2. i viewed the presentation from the aesthetic surgery journal in total but can't hear/ see any reference re=cosmetic surgery and the 73 % incidence of aclc ? I know its sunday am but am i asleep ??
  3. I do keep my fingers crossed lovely, as i don't want you to experience where i have been ! xx
  4. Is it helping ? (fingers crossed) !
  5. So sorry.... for you. Just hope you are still on antibiotics ?! xx
  6. WOW !! Looks great! Unfortunately I cant have anymore selective surgery, as with my breast implants, i contracted a staph infection ! ?
  7. yes, that's to be expected , and for starter's , the normal regime to follow. As a normal practice you should be on it for 3 month. My thoughts are with you , xo
  8. PLEASE stay on top of this !!! I have had a LOT of problems with this (as per my story) and now, can't have more 'cosmetic' surgery ,.too risky. But the good thing was, with my surgeon we got eventually on top of it.
  9. Yep, fully agree, i am a patient of him and admire his efforts in getting it RIGHT !
  10. Clicked on :;"here" but no comment from you Bimbs that I can find ??!! Mind you , would not travel to the usa for surgery.
  11. I went with Dr. Scamp , it was (for me ) a involved and complicated story but he was persistent and never gave up!
  12. Dr Scamp does it as well, with great result (on me) !
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