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    Dr Phil Richardson. 16th April 2014
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    167cm. 53kgs. 10B. Breast feed 2 babies. Getting 505cc MP Silimed textured round!

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  1. Hi Don. How did this go? I am sooo interested! I wouldn't even know where to start my research tho. What types of clinics would do this?
  2. Hi moan and allycat. I really like phil. He comes off a little aloof at first, but my hubby and I got along with him really well. I love my new girls. Although, I do have moments when I wish I went bigger. I have 505s but have horrendous boob greed. Lol. I am still in a compression bra tho, so I think once I can actually wear normal bras I might feel differently about the size. Happy to accept friend requests if you want to see my results
  3. Congrats liz. I am one week post op now. So happy for you that you had a wonderful experience. I have sent FR. Would love to see your result and follow your progress. X
  4. I agree with don "woohoo 800s" lol. Although, my surgeon said I am very wide too. My bwd is 13.5. I got 505 MP. I guess it just depends on how much cleavage you want being a wide set chest. My suggestion is, get a consult and have them measure you. Keep us posted though! Have sent FR
  5. FR sent babe. Would like to see your result!
  6. Just looked at your pics gecko. They're looking really good. I am so bloated too!! Isn't it horrendous! I am dead against standing on the scales for the time being! lol. As well as putting on over a kilo with my new 505s I swear I have put on more with just fluid ect. Mine are changing everyday! It's great!!
  7. How are you feeling today Annie? My pain has pretty much all gone today. Still a lot of tightness and woke up with dreadful morning boob, but all subsided pretty soon after I was up and moving around... Hoping your feeling better and better everyday!

  8. After having a pretty terrible night and waking up with the worst pain yet. My day actually turned out so good. I swear all my pain went away. Just feeling tight now. It is great!! And no pain killers. I stopped taking Valium as I kept going on the nod, the endone made me really Ill and I'm not a big fan if panadine fort, I think they were kinda making me feel worse, they would numb the pain but just give me terrible headaches and feel so tired, that's no good when I have 3 kids running around. Lol. .... Oh no, not boob greed!! Remember you are still fairly early days, and I'm sure still now you will love them more and more everyday, and learn what works for you and what doesn't. I went 505 and I cannot wait for the shape and definition to fully take place so I can really see what I have!

  9. Hi sarah, how are you feeling the pain and swelling if worth it in the end.I'm at the stage I'm really wishing I went bigger,hopefully I will get passed it. Congratulations for your new girls

  10. hi sarah :) firstly how exciting for you! And yep i know that feeling, it really will get better before you know it, it feels like forever while your waiting but almost overnight i just felt like i woke up ok! I was swollen for a couple of weeks but my swelling really wasn't to bad, and i feel i am still a little swollen in my upper pole now, but i was very lucky and just didn't swell heaps. one of the things my doc prescribed was anti-inflamity (voltaran) for me to take twice a day and i took them for three weeks i think, I also took some arnica spray for a while but i didn't like it so only a few days. i think the voltaran helped and it also a low grade pain killer so thats why i kept taking it after everything else and for so long, i still take it a bed time if I've had a big day. you can get lower strength over the counter so thats all i did once my script ran out. don't take them of course unless your doc said too! i will accept your FR now hun :) xx

  11. Hey Southern Girl. I was just reading your post about being one month post op. And it gave me some hope and something to look forward too. I am day 5 now. Woke up in agony this morning. Im still so swollen. Reading your post made me feel like they really will get better real soon. I have sent FR hope you don't mind. I would like to follow your progress!! how long did it take for your swelling to start to subside?

  12. Hey Blissful. FR accepted. :)how are you finding the new girls? I am day 5 now. And woken up with them being so full and so tight. My nipples were like they were burning lastnight!

  13. FR accepted! Can't wait till the tightness and swelling goes down. Bring on nice squishy bouncy boobies
  14. Hey Annie and gecko. I got mine the same day! Have sent FR to you both. How are you feeling today? I was so sick yesterday from the endone. Not taking it anymore. Very swollen. More so in my left that my right. Frankenboob is apparent. Lol
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