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    Dr Phil Richardson. 16th April 2014
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    167cm. 53kgs. 10B. Breast feed 2 babies. Getting 505cc MP Silimed textured round!

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  1. Hi Don. How did this go? I am sooo interested! I wouldn't even know where to start my research tho. What types of clinics would do this?
  2. Hi moan and allycat. I really like phil. He comes off a little aloof at first, but my hubby and I got along with him really well. I love my new girls. Although, I do have moments when I wish I went bigger. I have 505s but have horrendous boob greed. Lol. I am still in a compression bra tho, so I think once I can actually wear normal bras I might feel differently about the size. Happy to accept friend requests if you want to see my results
  3. Congrats liz. I am one week post op now. So happy for you that you had a wonderful experience. I have sent FR. Would love to see your result and follow your progress. X
  4. I agree with don "woohoo 800s" lol. Although, my surgeon said I am very wide too. My bwd is 13.5. I got 505 MP. I guess it just depends on how much cleavage you want being a wide set chest. My suggestion is, get a consult and have them measure you. Keep us posted though! Have sent FR
  5. FR sent babe. Would like to see your result!
  6. Just looked at your pics gecko. They're looking really good. I am so bloated too!! Isn't it horrendous! I am dead against standing on the scales for the time being! lol. As well as putting on over a kilo with my new 505s I swear I have put on more with just fluid ect. Mine are changing everyday! It's great!!
  7. FR accepted! Can't wait till the tightness and swelling goes down. Bring on nice squishy bouncy boobies
  8. Hey Annie and gecko. I got mine the same day! Have sent FR to you both. How are you feeling today? I was so sick yesterday from the endone. Not taking it anymore. Very swollen. More so in my left that my right. Frankenboob is apparent. Lol
  9. Today I still haven't been to the toilet. And I'm throwing up! Feeling worse today than I felt yesterday!
  10. So, I had my BA yesterday. Not feeling too badly considering. A little discomfort and a lot of swelling but I cam coping pretty well! My only concern is the horrendous bloating of my stomach!! What has caused it? Is it the surgery itself? Or the antibiotics or pain meds? When will it go down? All this swelling along with my bloated tummy is making me feel horrible and frumpy!
  11. Dins - my surgeon is Dr Richardson (brissie) Olive- thanks and your right!! Hope all turns out well and I love them right away like you!
  12. Good luck to you too willissk! I hope your right.
  13. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe I am one sleep away from my new boobs. I'm getting so nervous! Not of the surgery but of the healing process and the waiting for them to D&F and truly settle. I am so worried that I am going to hate them at first and be on a real downer. I understand everyone gets the case of the frankenboob and the end result will look completely different from week 1 post op. But still can't help those silly little thought of "argh they look so mongy" I don't want to hate them I want to love my new boobs!!! .... I will post pics as soon as I can! Wish me luck girls
  14. I'm having my BA done by Phil on Wednesday. 2 more sleeps!!!!! I am getting 505 round mod profile. He can come off a little stand offish (I think is the word) but he is really great. and I think it is only because he is a very successful surgeon. I'm happy to accept FR if you wanted to see my post op pics once I am done.
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