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  1. Hi Honeycakes. It definitely is better having someone with you. I could do most things, but after surgery the max suggested weight you can lift is 500 grams, so you would definitely need someone to carry your bags. A shame you can't have a friend or family look after your children while you and your hubby go down.
  2. I haven't has this done, but when I researched the fat transfer I read that it is a short term solution as 'apparently' the body will eventually absorb the fat resulting in it having to be done a few times over the course of my life. This is only what I read. Perhaps there are techniques where this doesn't happen. But definitely raises a question ?
  3. Hahahaha.. We just cracked up hahahaha
  4. I'm probably a little biased because Dr M was my surgeon. With such a huge decision, I think the surgeon and your current health plays the most important roles for this surgery. Dr M is a really lovely, professional person, but much more importantly, he is very particular and a complete perfectionist. My scars are only 5 weeks old and are amazing!! With the tape he gave me to put on after 8 weeks, I believe I will be hard strapped seeing the scars. Of course there are many skilled surgeons, but I have followed this man for a long time before making my decision. Perhaps it's worth just bitin
  5. Hi BoobTube... This surprises me as usually the Dr M team are really helpful. In regards to Dr M seeing your boobs in the consult, he will be looking at your actual boobs, not your photo. He needs to see them in person as he can't get a fully true picture until he has actually seen you. Perhaps you can book your surgery now and leave the required $1000 deposit and then take it from there. Im im pretty sure Dr M just quotes between $12k to $12500 for a BA... Unless you need a lift or something else?
  6. Hahaha, you look fantastic! Jees from where we've all come from pre surgery... Jealousy is actually a compliment lol. I took my girls for their debut on Saturday and what a hilarious day it was... There's guys that just flat out stare, look away, stare, look away hahaha.. Then there's those who look down super quick and look back at your eyes... One lady just flat out said "Hey you've got great boobs", and let me know that she's never said that to a woman before and burst out laughing lol. Then there's catching the guys looking as they quickly save themselves by turning their head hahahaha. Bo
  7. Letting the girls out to visit some friends today! Feeling proud!! Hahaha
  8. For just sitting around to be comfy I've been wearing those Aah Bras. They're awesome!! So comfy and pretty supportive
  9. Hi Mkav, I'm almost cringeing at one of the self righteous responses you got to your question. Usually you can ask questions on this forum and get factual non judgemental responses. The simple answer to your question is no, they don't cover for BA's for emotional reasons. I hope you don't feel deterred to ask any questions in the future. ?
  10. I had a nipple reduction and areola reduction a year before my Breast lift. Healing was very fast and didn't have any pain at all.
  11. Hahahahaha!! Well have been reading the "Health Debate" and must admit it's been a great read lol. Both will intelligent, feasible arguments. I must admit, I am not a frequent visitor of most westernised medicines and procedures, and am definitely a huge believer in treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Of course to be real, there may be incidents out of my control that may happen, but apart from cosmetic surgery, I am very happy to say that I have never needed health insurance for my 48 years on this planet. The only reason I am looking now is because I have knowingly put my body at ri
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