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  1. Hey freshstart! No didn't have my crease lowered (that I'm aware of). Odd shaped nipples? How come? I will pop over to your profile...do you have before pics? XXXX

  2. Hey Hun I'm thinking of going 450-500 are you happy with 440 or wish you went bigger? It's sooo hard making a decision. Would love to see your results with the 440

  3. Hi alioop, I was just wondering did you get your crease lowered? I asked local surgeon buck about crescent lift and he said it would give me odd shape nipples. Local ps says my nipples will sit in same spot unless I have a full lift which he says isn't worth it. Might have to see another surgeon maybe

  4. Hi, may I please Fr you.

  5. Of course mumxofx3, for some reason I thought we were already friends lol! FR accepted
  6. Hey aussiechick, not sure if we are friends or not? If not send a FR and have a squiz at my albums 1-2 days post op and 5-6 days post op, then have a look at my recent pics. Mine were terribly uneven and un shapely (square) and have settled finally into 2 matching (almost) boobs! I think your furries might take longer to D&F also, so bare this in mind X
  7. Yay Don #1 Can we call you forum mum now? Lol! Wealth of knowledge and a beautiful soul to boot! Where would we all be without you X
  8. Yep I had drains. I don't think my surgeon uses them as routine, only when he thinks it will be helpful with reducing fluid. He told me he had to sculpt quite allot of my pec muscles so drains were necessary to aid in reducing the fluid and help the healing process. Don't be scared of them. They were a piece of cake and like small@thewaist said they aren't painful and you hardly feel them come out.
  9. You are quite tall and skinny Bee, 410cc EHP should look fab on you!!! With a BWD of only 11cm you will easily get to a D cup, quite possibly DD with that size! The lead up to new boobs is such an exciting time!! Try to enjoy the excitement and not let it give you sleepless night good luck with it all x
  10. You have both made a fantastic choice!! You're right Natalie he is one of THE best!! Welcome to the Dr M club lol! I am 4 months post op with 440cc mentor anatomicals. Both feel free to send FR if you would like to see my pics Natalie, mine were not as big as yours pre BA, (see my stats in signature below) but I did have asymmetry and Dr M corrected this with a crescent lift on my left breast. 12-13k all up is about right for just a straight forward BA, but if you need any form of lift you need to add aprox another $1500 or so... happy to help with any questions you might have. wishing you a speedy recovery Monix XX
  11. Hey yesplease, are you doing something different? Sleeping differently or changed bras? This could be the cause? Or your right, it could be them dropping although for me It feel more like stretching rather than tightness when they drop... Runningbare and weekiwi, you shouldn't be in pain. Talk to your surgeons about pain meds if you need to and keep them up regularly to keep on top of the pain. Icing was my saving grace and helped take the edge off the pain when it got really bad. Take care and hope you are all feeling better soon x
  12. Lol! I feel you pain. My frankenboob was terrible! I had really tight pecs and mine didn't drop for weeks!!!!! It sucked! How far post op are you mumxofx3?
  13. Alioop

    Booked In!

    I know! I've been busy. In the process of selling our house so haven't been on the forum much lately! I miss all you girls though x well you are in the hands of a great surgeon! Trust him. He's amazing keep me posted on your appointments xx
  14. Alioop

    Booked In!

    YAY Ang!! How exciting! What size/shape/profile have you decided on? July will be here before you know it
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