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    Decided on BA and crescent BL plus scar revision on belly button. Have breastfed two beautiful children and feeling the sag...
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    Dr Tony Connell - BA and crescent BL plus scar revision on belly button 14th May 2014
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    162cm/ 63kg / 12D (post BA) now 12E

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am sorry i haven't been on for a long long time!! I am now nearly 3 years since my surgery with Dr Connell and i haven't looked back even once! I will try and get some photo's up soon of how my ( . )( . ) look now, nearly 3 years on as i've had a few requests lately. I had a BA and crescent BL with Dr Connell back in May 2014. I do have a question for those Tony girls out there... i have got a couple of things i would like to go back to him about, one of my boobs is visibly smaller than the other and also one has a bit of a double boob thing going on underneath... Neither of the issues are something that are causing me much distress or concern, but i still feel that after paying as much as i did i should not have these issues. Would love to hear from anyone out there who has gone back to Tony with issues and what the response was like? Even with these concerns i would still suggest Tony to anyone who is looking at getting a BA or BL as i am very happy with my overall results. I will try and post some pics soon
  2. Yay, just thought I'd share how much I love looking down and seeing this!
  3. Okay thanks girls, I will see what my surgeon says but feeling a bit better
  4. I was pretty slack, i used some moisturiser leading up to it intermittently but i'm not very good at doing things all the time haha. I also found that it didn't really help me when i was pregnant so kind of lost my motivation to try
  5. I had textured, it is squishy and feels like it's the implant not scar tissue. It doesn't feel hard to touch it almost feels like the implant itself is all lumpy...
  6. Hi Everyone, I have had such a smooth journey with my surgery so far, been so happy with my results and not a worry in the world... until a few days ago. I have noticed that my left boob (slightly more fluffed and dropped than my right) has a weird bumpy consistency underneath near my crease... Has anyone else every had this or heard of this? It's not really visible to the eye, but when i lightly rub my finger along it i can feel what seems to be the implant and it feels all bumpy I have my normal follow up appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday so will be asking him then obviously but thought i would put it out there and see if anyone can shed some light on it for me
  7. Okay so finally trying to catch up on everything after being offline for a while! I've heard great things about Chan too Ljack. I know two people who had theirs done by him and are so happy with their results so i am sure you have made a good choice for what you want Usplusthree - I just got the same, one of each bra and haven't used anything else other than Vitamin E cream now i'm further along. Have we got any more new Tony girls since i've been gone?
  8. Hey Lindat, How's the recovery going! Yay you've got boooooobiees!
  9. Glad everything is going so well hun!
  10. Convinced


    Hey Hun, You've only just had your surgery right? Don't make too many judgements on them yet, they will go through so many changes over the next few weeks. Give it some time and then if you're still not completely happy you can bring it up with your surgeon. Hope your recovery is going well!
  11. That seems ridiculous to me! I went ahead with my surgery and it took about a month or more after surgery before i got approval back from medicare for my lift... I don't think you're too much different to what i was pre-surgery so don't understand why you wouldn't of been approved for both!
  12. now that's some boobs i'd stop in the street and stare at!
  13. Fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  14. Don't need to be completely upright. Do what makes you comfortable. I had really bad nausea from the antibiotics and other meds. Hope you feel better soon, once you're through it the recovery period feels like it was so short! But i remember it dragging on when i was in the first few days.
  15. Hey Boobsneeded, We are already friends, i'm about to post some recent pics now i'm 9 weeks post op. I got high profile and extra profile because i breast fed two kids. We are very close in stats so have a look and compare if you like. x
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