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  1. Hi @InsertUserNameHere how are you now with your decision to go ahead with the op, the scar and the new belly? i'm thinking about this too, but the scar scares the crap out of me.
  2. i had 350cc rounds over and they made me bigger than i was expecting. i'm a little embarrased by how large they are... i guess it will take some time to get used to them. but i was a c cup and went up 3 cup sizes, i would stick to the 325cc...
  3. Has anyone heard of injectable institute australia? they have really cheap botox prices. i was wondering if they're legit? anyone used them?
  4. i'm 6 weeks post op. but i got overs. healing was pretty quick. i was driving 5 days after surgery. now at 6 weeks i'm 98% healed, just a bit of nipple tenderness. everyone is different - and will heal at different times. just take it easy the first week. no lifting, dont do anything too exhausting... make sure you have someone to help you
  5. at the start i felt tightness and v sore, (but i was over the muscle) your muscle has been cut for your implants to go in. so you'll be in some pain. this is v normal. yes, i too had endone for pain relief - it works wonders also you can put some ice on top of the breast for extra relief.
  6. some surgeons insist on the post op bra and some use nothing. it all depends on your dr. if you're really in pain i'd suggest what ^^ said. i had discomfort at times with the bra at night and i would undo it for a few hours. it does get better, hang in there....
  7. I opted for round as i know that implants can rotate and i thought this was the better option esp if they're over the muscle and not being held down by the muscle. and knowing my luck, they will rotate but i could only go 350 cc max - any bigger and i would need a BL. cant wait to see your after photos.
  8. @JasminCraw oh wishing you the best for your op! you go girl... i'm 4 weeks post op. All i can advise is 1) wash your hair on the day of surgery (you don't wanna lift your arms post op) 2) get a post op bra that opens at the front (again, with lifting arms, i wouldn't recommend one that goes over your head) 3) when you get up off a chair or outta bed (post op) don't use your arms to lift you up (pain!) just wiggle your butt to the edge then use your legs. good luck and you'll have amazing boobs soon....
  9. @Rike i was in the same boat as you. I have 2 kids and lost a lot of weight. my breast were saggy and had lost volume. I was boarderline lift, i got 350cc, round, over - as i had lot of tissue to fill. If i wanted to go bigger then i would need a lift as my breast couldn't hold more without extra sag. i am so happy with the result. i can't wait till they're no longer sensitive and i can wear a sexy bra.
  10. it all depends on your surgeon and what type of surgery you had (unders/over?, textured, smooth? size?) My surgeon has asked me to wear the post op bra for 6 weeks. It keeps them in place
  11. I couldn't find any Heidi bras that weren't underwire. Did you get one without wire? i'm still looking for a sexy bra without underwire - it's uncomfortable atm.
  12. I am 4 weeks post op and am over the moon with them. i've got two kids and my breasts were left so deflated, now i have my volume back. i can't wait until the tenderness and soreness disappears to show them off.
  13. @Gold.KC yes, 4 weeks on friday! ...i'm not numb anymore, still sensitive (esp my nipples) and sore at incisions - but that's it. i'm just waiting for the day where i don't think about them (ie. they're not sore anymore - just feel normal again)....
  14. make sure you take the full course of antibiotics, and as for pain, i didn't feel pain but was just sore (i was overs). Panadol was enough for me. but everyone is different. as for bra, your surgeon should recommend now long you need to wear it....
  15. @Krystie i am 4 weeks (this friday) post op and i have small bruising still. My doc said it was where local anaesthetic was injected. and side boob pain is perfectly normal. my nipples are highly sensitive now, can't wait for it to go away
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